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Engagement Ring Settings

Engagement Ring Settings: Things To Consider 

It possibly took you years to find the perfect girl, one you would like to spend your life with, yet, with the wide range of engagement ring settings to choose from, finding the perfect ring doesn’t have to be this hard.

Choosing Engagement Ring Settings

The first step in creating unusual engagement rings, ones that reflect the personality and taste of your loved one, is to compare various engagement ring settings. With a wide range to select from, this may be the hardest part. Knowing exactly which one will best complement the selected gemstone may be beyond your ability, but the custom jewelry designer will be happy to assist.
Here are some you may wish to consider:

· Pave
· Bezel
· Flush
· BarGentleman Doing Research On Laptop On The Phrase Engagement Ring Settings.
· Prong
· Cathedral
· Tension
· Channel
· East West Marquise

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Selecting the right type of metal

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Are Designer Engagement Rings Preferred?

Award Winning Designer Working In Design Studio On Engagement Ring Settings.Many assume that designer engagement rings are the best, yet are they really? When you choose to design your own ring, you have control over every aspect, from the metal used, to the stone, the setting and the overall design. Unique designer engagement rings allow for more individuality.

Consider something very unique, such as incorporating your birthstone with the birthstone of your future spouse before incorporating a diamond or other gems. This ensures the ring reflects the love you and your spouse share.


A Good Place To Start

Are you completely lost as to where you should go with this ring? It’s not as hard as you may think. The easiest way is to browse rings to determine what it is your future spouse likes. If you see a setting that you think she would prefer, make a note of it. Do the same with the metals, the stones and the design.

Having this information when you work with your custom jewelry designer makes it much easier to show him or her what you are looking for. Although your preferred combinations may not be possible for any number of reasons or you find you hate the ring when these criteria are sketched in one design, your jewelry designer will be able to help you make the necessary modifications to create the perfect ring.


An Award-Winning Ring Designer, Vanessa Nicole, Is At Your Service!

Engagement Ring Settings That A Couple Loved!The key to creating a unique engagement ring is to really consider what your future wife loves in her jewelry. The engagement ring is meant to be worn a lifetime so you don’t want to make any mistakes here.

Make sure you choose a designer who is willing to work with you until you get the ring just right. Consider making use of Vanessa Nicole Jewels, as she is more than willing to work with you to get exactly what you want and need at every stage of the process.

Her incomparable service and expertise as a master diamond setter reflects in all of her work. You will find your wife feeling ecstatic when she sees a superior, truly one-of-kind engagement ring that will last forever.

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