Gold Engagement Rings – What to Know And How to Choose

Gold Engagements Rings continue to be one of the most popular choices for men who are preparing to propose. The main consideration is which gold color to choose from: White, Yellow or Rose.

While Gold Diamond Ring

White Gold Diamond Ring

Yellow Gold Diamond Ring

Yellow Gold Diamond Ring

Rose Gold Diamond Ring

Rose Gold Diamond Ring

When shopping for gold rings – or any jewelry – it’s important that you understand that you have many different options, and you should take the time to learn about each one before you make a decision. 

By doing a little research, and putting some thought into your purchase, you can surprise your bride-to-be with the ring of her dreams. Use the tips below as a quick guide to getting started.

Choosing Gold Engagement Rings

– Consider the color of your ring.

Remember that gold engagement rings don’t have to be the traditional yellow gold color! These days, white gold and rose gold are  popular alternatives to traditional yellow gold jewelry. White gold is made by mixing gold with another metal, such as palladium or nickel. As a result, the gold is more of a nickel/silver color, rather than yellow.  And rose gold has copper mixed in to give it a soft pink color.

– Watch out for “gold plated” jewelry.

If you think you’ve found an amazing deal on super cheap gold rings, think again. If the price seems too good to be true, it’s probably not gold – it’s gold-plated. This means that only a thin layer of gold is covering another type of material. Thus, the value of this type of jewelry is far lower, and over time, the gold plating will likely wear away.

– Carats = purity.

When shopping for gold engagement rings, you’ll need to choose how many karats the gold is. This reflects how pure the gold is. The higher the karats, the more pure it is. As a point of reference, 24K is pure gold, while 14K is about 58.3% pure (mixed with other metals). Keep in mind that this is different from the Carat weight of the diamond in your ring, which is a separate consideration you’ll need to make.

– Avoid the typical jewelry stores.

Traditional jewelry stores (especially the big franchises) get their gold engagement rings from overseas factories, where machines and low-wage workers pump out thousands of the same rings, over and over again. There are several problems with this:

1) The quality of this jewelry is often very low;

2) The prices are heavily inflated;

3) Thousands of other women could have the exact same ring!

Not to mention, these jewelry stores are typically staffed by pushy salespeople who are just trying to make a commission on your purchase.

– Consider having your ring custom made.

More men and women are choosing to have their gold engagement rings custom made. This allows them to get the exact ring they want, while ensuring superior craftsmanship and a finished product that is truly one of a kind.

Rose Gold Engagement Ring

ROSE Gold Engagement Ring Custom Made By Vanessa Nicole

White Gold Engagement Ring

WHITE Gold Engagement Ring Custom Made By Vanessa Nicole

Yellow Gold Engagement Ring

YELLOW Gold Engagement Ring Custom Made By Vanessa Nicole

Want To Custom Make A Gold Engagement Ring?

Your final choice of ring should depend on what SHE wants – the type of setting, the style, the size of the diamond and other factors.

At Vanessa Nicole Jewels, we can help you create the ring she’s been dreaming about. Based in San Diego, we create stunning, custom-made engagement rings for clients nationwide, as well as internationally. We use only the highest quality materials, making each ring one at a time with meticulous attention to detail.

To see how easy it is to WOW her with a custom ring, contact Vanessa Nicole today!

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