Pros and Cons of Bezel Settings

A ring with a bezel setting is ideal for someone with an active lifestyle looking for a classic, simple design. But there are many things to take into consideration when you're shopping for a bezel setting.

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What is a bezel setting?

A bezel setting is a type of jewelry setting in which a metal rim surrounds the diamond or gemstone. The word "bezel" comes from the old French word for "ring," which refers to the metal band or rim that encircles the stone. Bezel settings are a popular choice for engagement rings, as well as many other types of jewelry, such as pendants and earrings.

The Pros and Cons of a Bezel Setting

A bezel setting is popular for engagement rings as it offers a modern, clean look. Bezel settings securely hold the diamond or gemstone in place and can provide some protection from everyday wear and tear. However, there are also some disadvantages to consider before purchasing an engagement ring with a bezel setting.

Pros of bezel settings:

1) Enhanced security - One of the most significant advantages of the bezel setting is how secure the stone will remain within it. The metal wraps around the gemstone or diamond making removing it almost impossible without damaging the setting or the stone itself. This setting makes it ideal for those who are active and may expose their ring to more wear and tear than usual.

2) Simple and modern - Bezel settings are simple enough to work with any style of diamond or gemstone, making them highly versatile. 

3) Larger appearance & Low profile - A bezel setting allows a smaller stone to appear larger than it is.  Also, it can be set low to the finger for practical purposes if you work in a field where you wear gloves or are rough with your hands.

Cons of bezel settings:

1) Maintenance- Because more metal is visible, you may notice more dents and scratches on the once perfectly smooth circle of metal. You would need a professional jeweler to re-polish it to be smooth & crisp.

2) Limited visibility - The downside of having a ring of metal around the center stone is that it can reduce the visibility of your diamond/gemstone. It can also make cleaning more difficult as dirt and debris may accumulate between the metal and stone.

Bezel vs. Prong Settings

Bezel and prong settings are two of the most popular engagement ring styles. Both offer unique aesthetic qualities that can help create a beautiful piece of jewelry. Still, they have some differences to consider when selecting an engagement ring.

The bezel setting is one of the oldest methods of securing gemstones in jewelry. It involves surrounding the stone with either a metal rim or a thin band, which keeps it firmly in place while making it appear larger than its actual size. It also helps protect the diamond against scratches and other types of wear and tear. The bezel setting offers a modern look that is perfect for expressing your style on your special day.

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On the other hand, prong settings feature four or six metal "claws" that grip the diamond securely in place. This setting allows maximum light exposure, making the diamond appear more prominent and sparkle more brightly. Prong settings are a timeless classic and can be customized with different metal colors to create unique looks.

When choosing between these two styles, consider your lifestyle and personal preference. The bezel style is perfect for those who lead an active lifestyle since it helps protect against wear and tear from daily activities. However, people with active lifestyles may better suit prong settings for those who prefer a more traditional look. Ultimately, it's essential to select one that reflects your personality and tastes so you can enjoy your engagement ring for years to come.

Where To Buy A Bezel Setting Engagement Ring

Option A: Online Jewelry Stores

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If you're looking for a bezel-set diamond engagement ring, you can start your search online. Online vendors offer beautiful settings in various metals, stones, and designs. You'll get a good idea of what styles are available.

While big online jewelry retailers offer a wide selection of inventory, they are resellers and not necessarily artists/designers such as a boutique design studio like Vanessa Nicole.  

Some rings may have better quality than others. With a bezel setting, it must be manufactured with the highest level of craftsmanship, or you may run into problems down the road.

Option B: Neighborhood or National Chain Jewelry Stores

Another option is to look for a bezel-set engagement ring at your local jewelry store. Many brick-and-mortar stores carry a variety of engagement rings with different settings, including bezels. The advantage here is that you can try on the engagement ring before making your purchase, so you'll know exactly how it looks on your finger. You can also speak with a salesperson who can show you all the available options and help you make the best decision for your special occasion.

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The downside of these retail jewelry stores is that most don't have expert jewelers. Instead, salespeople have incentives to sell you the most expensive piece of jewelry.

The jewelry store has high retail rent on top of large commissions, so the ring you buy has a huge markup. 

Option C: Second Hand Jewelry Stores

Second-hand stores often carry used, or vintage pieces, including some stunning bezel-set engagement rings at a fraction of the cost of buying new. However, remember that these pieces often sell as-is with no guarantees or warranties, so it's essential to scrutinize them before making your purchase.

Option D: Custom-Made Bezel Engagement Rings

This can be done both online OR locally. We are biased, but we highly recommend having a bezel-set engagement ring custom-made. Not only is it a unique way to express your love and commitment, but you also have control over the materials and design.

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By having your engagement ring custom-made, you can get what you want without having to settle for something else. You can work with an experienced jewelry designer and master diamond setter to create a stunning piece that perfectly captures your style. Plus, because the ring will be made just for you, it should last for generations without any issues. Because a bezel set ring requires excellent attention to detail, you should take time to inspect the ring if you leave this up to mass production.

A bezel setting, like many settings, can be tricky to pair with a wedding band. A good jeweler will keep this in mind and create a perfectly matched set. 

A custom-made ring may seem like the most expensive option. Still, you are eliminating the cost of high sales commissions, high rent, and keeping inventory on hand. In reality, you are getting high-quality craftsmanship and an expert in ring design.

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Consider the overall design, craftsmanship, and materials when shopping for bezel settings. The metal used should match the quality of the stones as well as other pieces in your collection. Pay close attention to how securely the stone holds in place. Look for thick walls around the edges or any signs of wear on claws or prongs that could indicate poor craftsmanship or low-quality materials. 

If you're considering a custom-made engagement ring, consider booking a consultation with master diamond setter, Vanessa Nicole. She has created thousands of custom engagement rings and has a 100% happiness guarantee.

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