Pros and Cons of Bezel Settings

Picking out an engagement ring is something that is not, nor should it be, quick. There is no one-size-fits-all setting, especially when you consider that there is not just one factor you have to consider. Beyond just having to pick out the gemstone you use for the engagement ring, you also have to be mindful of the kind of setting that you use. There are a variety of settings, one of which is the bezel setting.

bezel solitaire setting

Bezel settings are a fairly common type of ring setting, having been used in jewelry for longer than most ring setting types. One of the big benefits of a bezel setting is its security. A full bezel setting wraps around the gemstone, ensuring that the gemstone is less likely to pop out of the setting. It also reduces the likelihood of damage occurring to the gemstone. This kind of setting is perfect for someone who works with their hands a lot and thus risks damaging their gemstone. This benefit, however, is not without its drawbacks. What you gain in utility and security, you lose out with presentation. Because the gemstone is partially obscured by the bezel setting, it means that you will get less surface area to dazzle and seems smaller than it actually is with a full bezel setting.

This problem is reduced with a partial bezel setting, adding more surface area to dazzle. However, this then increases the chances of damage or dislodging. It can even benefit as far as hiding damage on the side of the gemstone, though damage on the top of the gemstone may be emphasized as a result. Bezel settings are, unfortunately, not nearly the cheapest setting. Bezel settings require a fair amount of skill; in turn, you are going to be paying them even more. However, if you want to keep your gemstone safe, it may very well be worthwhile.

Yet, that is not the only thing that needs to be considered. After all, it’s not whether the setting is just good or bad for you – it’s also whether it’s the best for you. There is more than just one setting for a ring! For example, a person may find a prong setting more to their speed. Prong setting are the most common type of setting. The big advantage of the prong setting is that it is designed to show off as much of the gemstone as is humanly possible. This, of course, means that more is exposed, and is thus at greater risk of damage. Most cuts support the prong setting, while pretty much any cut can fit into a bezel setting. However, the prong setting is cheaper. There are other setting options that you can look into further.

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