Are you thinking of ways you can add an extra level of sparkle to your engagement ring? The double edge halo engagement ring is an excellent way to add more incredible sparkle!

Double Edge Halo Engagement Ring

Watch this video below to learn more about it:

What is a Double Edge Halo?

A Double Edge Halo is when you have diamonds on top of the halo and diamonds on the side of the halo.

Traditionally, halo diamonds are seen only along the top, but some people like that added level of sparkle when they tilt it to the side so that they also see diamonds from every angle. This extra row of diamonds adds additional sparkle, making the ring and the center diamond pop beautifully.

What Makes a Double Edge Halo Ring Gorgeous...

#1 Setting The Diamonds Close Together

It's important that this kind of engagement ring have diamonds set close together so you don't see dark gaps between the small diamonds. Ideally it looks like seamless sparkle between the diamonds, as well as on the transition between the halos.

Another important thing, is to shape the small prongs holding in those diamonds to mini claw prongs because this will blend in with the facets of the diamond rather than look like large round blobs of metal. Even though it takes extra time, it's one of those things that really is nice because your eye doesn't focus on the prongs. It really focuses on the sparkle of the diamonds, which is the whole point.

#2 Setting The Center Diamond Low Next To The Halo

To remove any gap between the center diamond and the halo, you want to set it low right on top so all your eye sees is white shine.

If the main diamond is raised up high, your eye will focus on the dark gap, which will make the center diamond look smaller.

Example of a well-made double edge halo:

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