A solitaire diamond engagement ring means the main diamond is set prominently on the ring setting to showcase its beauty and draw the eye. (There is no halo of diamonds around the main diamond.)  Even if the ring setting incorporates other stones, the center diamond is set in a way that it remains the main focus of the design.

Solitaire vs. Pavé Solitaire

Solitaire = Smooth, Plain Band 

Pavé Solitaire = Diamonds On Top Of The Band


The beauty of a diamond solitaire ring is found in its simplicity and its elegance.

The diamond solitaire setting is one of the most classic, timeless engagement ring settings. For this setting, the most popular diamond cut is a brilliant cut diamond like a round brilliant, or in the diamond in the video, a cushion cut solitaire. But any exquisite diamond will look stunning in this setting.

As you can see, the benefit of the solitaire setting is that the primary feature you notice is the main diamond itself. This is for the woman who values simplicity and elegance.

Watch the video below to learn the exact techniques

I use to make this pavé solitaire SPECTACULAR:

Pave Solitaire Diamond Ring

An example of a perfect Round Cut pavé solitaire ring:

Diamond solitaire rings have been used as engagement rings for generations. The ring is more than just a gift in a proposal for marriage. It’s a symbol of the beauty of your love, your commitment to your partner and the special bond that the two of you share.

It only makes sense then that you’d want to give your partner a ring that’s as special and beautiful as she is. But with so many styles of rings to choose from, and places to buy them... How do you know which one is right for her?

How To Obtain The Most Stunning Diamond Solitaire Ring

Make sure it’s the most beautiful ring... to her.

Obtaining the most beautiful diamond solitaire ring in the world is a matter of finding a ring that’s the most beautiful to her. Some women prefer a giant diamond; some want something more modest. Some want the look of an antique, some want it to be modern. Your job is to determine what styles and features she likes, so that the ring you choose WILL be the absolute most beautiful ring she’s ever seen. That is what matters most.

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