What is it?  Watch the video below:

It drives me crazy when I see a halo ring with a big gap between the halo and the center diamond because your eye focuses on the dark gap. You'll see a beautiful halo, a dark ugly gap, and then the beautiful main diamond.

I like to eliminate that gap altogether, and one of the ways we do this is creating a custom ring. By making the halo match the exact dimensions of the center stone, no matter what shape it is, whether it's a round diamond, a cushion diamond or a pear-cut diamond, the halo will beautifully hug it from every angle. When you turn your ring from side to side, you won't see a big dark gap. But not every custom ring is alike...

Below is an example of a Chain Store Halo Ring vs. a Vanessa Nicole Halo Ring:

traditional halo ring vs. seamless halo ring

(Quite a difference when it comes to that gap around the main diamond, right?!)

The reason is because it takes more time to get the fit JUST RIGHT. Some stores will claim a ring is custom when they have to "custom order" a pre-made ring they don't have in stock, and then "custom set" the center diamond you choose.

That's not true custom work.

This video below explains the importance of setting the center diamond low on a halo engagement ring to ensure seamless sparkle:

What about those rings that look like there's no gap from the top, but you still see the gap from the side view? (Example below)

You can still technically have a seamless halo from the top view, but when you tilt it to the side, see a gap on the ring.

This is very common because in chain stores, you'll see the mass-manufactured pre-made ring sitting in the case, and then a jewelry sales clerk will put the diamond on top. From the top view, you don't actually see any gap, but once it's set, it's still set high above that halo because it wasn't actually made to properly fit that halo. That's not considered a seamless halo or a zero-gap halo.

You want to set that center diamond right against that halo if you want that seamless sparkle look and I absolutely adore making that type of ring for clients. That's pretty much all I do with halo rings, unless requested otherwise. It's also more practical because that diamond is then protected by the outer halo of diamonds.

Examples of a Vanessa Nicole Seamless Halo Diamond Ring

Here's a closer look at Seamless Halo Engagement Rings by Vanessa Nicole. They feature diamonds set closely together to maximize brilliance, and no gap between the halo and center diamond, creating a seamless effect of sparkle.

The scintillation & fire of a beautifully cut Diamond like these ensures that it has INTENSE SPARKLE, which is one of the special features that make these Diamond Engagement Rings on the finger really pop.


If there were 100 stars here Vanessa would get every single last one! The whole process was just so incredibly non-stressful. Everything from shipping the diamond, helping us decide on a style, the computer generated pictures to help us visualize, everything was just perfect!!

~ Michi Rives (Amherst, New Hampshire)

I tried big box stores, Tiffany’s, high end retailers, antique jewelry shops, and more. Enter Vanessa Nicole Jewels. Vanessa was responsive and accommodating from the very beginning, and she worked with us to ensure the best value for the money we could spend.

~ Lauren Bergeron (San Francisco, CA)

It sparkles like crazy!!!!!!!! I really am speechless! Our friends are also amazed. (They fell in love with you, hehe.) Thank you so much for the greeting card too! I melted when I read it! It’s so personal and I really appreciate it.

~ Elizabeta Masic (Stockholm, Sweden)

All you men out there contemplating going with someone else‚ you should think again!!! VNJ is the ONLY WAY!!! And this is coming from a pretty picky girl.

~ Megan Metts (Moncks Corner, SC)

Of course I had my reservations because I live across the country from Vanessa and did not know what to expect from the whole process, BUT Vanessa was unbelievable!!! I cannot begin to tell you how easy it was from beginning to end. I had a lot of questions, and she happily answered all of them. If you are considering having your ring custom made, I would not hesitate to call Vanessa.

~ Robert Vargas (Florida)

Vanessa’s customer service is fantastic and the speed at which she responded to my many emails was amazing. She helps remove the fear out of making such a special purchase, and her honesty is something I really appreciated. Vanessa’s attention to detail is perfect.

~ James Cull (Mid-Levels, Hong Kong)

I live in Seattle and my fiancé lives in Oakland. I just proposed to my fiancé with a custom engagement ring designed and built by Vanessa Nicole. I could not have been more ecstatic with the entire process.”

~Blake Bidleman (Seattle, WA)

The ring is absolutely GORGEOUS! The final product was so much better than I could have ever hoped‚ every other ring in traditional jewelry stores look like cheap toys in comparison!”

~ AJ Woods (US Marine Corps)


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