Engagement Ring Side View: Features To Consider

The first step in creating an engagement ring that reflects the personality and taste of your loved one, is to compare various engagement ring settings. With a wide range to select from, this may be the hardest part.

Knowing exactly which one will best may seem overwhelming, but a custom jewelry designer would be happy to assist. Here are some design features to consider:

Side View Options

Below, we'll cover both a Solitaire ring setting and Halo ring. First, let's start with the Solitaire.

SOLITAIRE – Cathedral vs. Full Circle:

If you're considering a solitaire style ring, you'll need to consider if you wish for the side view to look like one of these two options:  Cathedral vs. Full Circle.   (Examples are shown below)

Now remember, there are a variety of ways to design a solitaire, so the specific features may vary, such as whether or not to add diamonds to the support bar, or if the diamonds extend halfway  or 3/4 down the shank. However, whether or not the shank reaches up to the center stone or is fully round is something to consider.

Which is Better?

From the top view, they look exactly the same. 

Option A:  Most popular since it adds a sense of stability/balance on the finger by connecting the band and main prongs together.

Option B: The traditional full-circle style.

Option A will "catch less" on things because it is one solid piece without the center sticking out, but some people also prefer the traditional round look of Option B.

We do many versions of both though and they are also both structurally sound, so ultimately it's your personal preference.

Cathedral Style

Full Circle

Halo Side View Options

CATHEDRAL – Negative Space vs. 4 Curved Bars

If you're considering a halo style ring, you'll need to consider if you wish for the side view to look like one of these two options shown in the image below.

Option A:  Nothing under the halo

Option B:  Bars under the halo

Both of these styles allow a wedding band to sit flush with the engagement ring, however if that is not a priority, there are even more side view design options.

Now remember, there are a variety of ways to design a halo, so the specific features may vary. For example, the bars could be straight, or we can add a special personalized touch such as anchors or horoscope symbols, or we can add a peekaboo gemstone on each side.


If you prefer that the top of the band doesn't reach up to touch the halo like the images above, the alternate option would be to keep the band fully round.

Note: These rings below show diamonds on the bars underneath the halo, however this will put more of your budget into the setting, so we can also make them smooth if you desire.

Diamond Shank Options

Diamonds Extending Halfway vs. 3/4 down the shank

The majority of rings have diamonds halfway down the shank because when seen from the top, it appears that diamonds go all the way around.

Adding diamonds 3/4 down the shank is not necessary for an incredibly sparkly ring, however, it will allow you to see diamonds whenever the ring tilts side-to-side on the finger (which it will).

Checkout these additional Guides below to help you select the right ring setting for you.

Are Designer Engagement Rings Preferred?

Jeweler working on custom engagement ring setting

A 'designer engagement ring' often refers to rings from a collection that you cannot customize. However, when you choose to design your own ring with a custom jeweler, you have control over every aspect, from the metal used, to the diamond size/shape, the setting features, and the overall design. Custom engagement rings allow for more individuality.

Consider something very unique such as incorporating your birthstone along with the birthstone of your future spouse on the design. This ensures the ring reflects the love you and your spouse share.

A Good Place To Start

Are you completely lost as to where you should go with this ring?  The easiest way is to browse rings to determine what styles your future spouse likes. If you see a setting that you think she would prefer, make a note of it. 

Having this information when you work with your custom jewelry designer makes it much easier to show him or her what you're looking for. 

An Award-Winning Ring Designer, Vanessa Nicole, Is At Your Service!

Custom design engagement ring that a couple are smiling about.

The key to creating a unique engagement ring is to really consider what your future wife loves in her jewelry. The engagement ring is meant to be worn a lifetime so you don’t want to make any mistakes here.

Make sure you choose a designer who is willing to work with you until you get the ring just right. Consider contacting Vanessa Nicole Jewels, as Vanessa is very willing to collaborate with you to ensure you receive exactly what you want.

Her incomparable service and expertise as a master diamond setter reflects in all of her work. You will find your wife feeling ecstatic when she sees a superior, truly one-of-kind engagement ring that will last forever.

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