Engagement rings and wedding bands worn daily are subjected to substantial wear and tear over time. As a result, your diamond ring can look less sparkly as the days go by. Soap suds, grime, dirt & dust can get under the diamonds leaving a white film underneath, which makes it sparkle less than it used to on the first day you got it.

Just as the finest cars retain their beauty and value longer with proper care and maintenance, rings require the same care. Below are procedures on how to care for your engagement ring.

Micro Pavé Diamond Engagement Ring

Micro Pave Diamond Ring For Women

How to Clean Diamonds and Jewelry at Home


Amazon & Target have ring cleaners that work to bring back your sparkle. As long as they say they are suitable for the precious metal of your ring, that will work fine. If you prefer to care for your engagement ring or jewelry at home with products you may already have, read below:

• Small dish of warm water

• New, soft bristle toothbrush (If it has any remnants of toothpaste, it will scratch the metal

• Mild dish washing detergent

• Wooden toothpick, if necessary

• Lint-free cloth (similar to one used for cleaning a camera lens or glasses)

• Jewelry polishing cloth


*** Make sure to plug the drain if doing this over a sink ***

1. In a small dish, soak your diamond ring in a warm solution of mild liquid detergent and water.

2. Use the toothbrush to gently brush away any dirt or grime.

3. Use a wooden toothpick to very carefully push dirt away if the brush doesn’t do it.

4. Rinse in running water or fresh water and frequently change angles to remove all cleaning solution.

5. Dry the ring with a clean lint-free cloth.

6. Rub a jewelry polishing cloth gently over the metal surface.

Best Practices For How to Care for Your Engagement Ring

1. Don’t put your ring loose in a pocket. There have been too many, “I put it in my pocket and now it’s gone” stories.

2. Keep your platinum separate from gold and silver—these metals can damage each other.

3. Jewelry should be removed before applying tanning lotions or sprays (basically anything that has a chemical in it).

4. It is advisable to wear a CZ engagement ring when on vacation, depending on the destination. If you decide to take off the ring to go to the pool or spa (which is advisable for white gold), consider leaving it in your room’s safe.

5. Some women insist on taking their rings off when applying hand lotion. Just remember: every time the ring is off your finger there is a chance it will be misplaced. Make sure to have 1 distinct place for your rings that never changes. Many women often get very skillful at applying lotion on their hands without touching their engagement ring.

6. Take your ring off during active sports to avoid possible injury to yourself or other players.

7. Take the ring off while lifting weights, or at least wear gloves so the metal bar doesn’t scratch the metal.

8. If you must take the ring off, always put it in the same place each time to avoid losing it.

9. Treat pieces with small pavé diamonds with extra care. There is less metal protecting these stones. Take them off when going to the gym, swimming, or any other strenuous activities.

10. When it comes to your center diamond, every once in awhile, check to make sure it’s tight in its setting by tapping with your finger to hear if it wiggles or tapping a toothpick on each edge to see if it wiggles.

11. We always recommend having jewelry insurance for your engagement ring. 

Cleaning Your Diamonds Professionally

You can also take your diamond rings to your local jewelry store for a deep cleaning, polish & rhodium plating (if it’s white gold). Vanessa Nicole Jewels is always available to clean our clients’ rings with our Sparkle Restoration™ service. (Out of town clients are responsible for R/T shipping.)

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