How to Care For Your Rings On Your Wedding Day

Wedding Ring Care Before and On Your Wedding Day

Let’s set the scene. It’s your big day, and you’re standing up there in front of all your friends and family. Everything is perfect, and then the officiant asks for the wedding rings. You turn to the best man, who has his pockets inside out and is desperately investigating the big ring-sized hole he’s just found.

It’s a nightmare come to life, bent on the destruction of your big day.

How do you make sure your rings are safe leading up to their time to shine?

Caring for Your Rings Before the Big Day

It’s not necessary to hand your rings over to the person who will bring them to the wedding months or weeks beforehand.

The longer they are out of your reach, the greater the chance they could be lost. The night before the big day, hand your rings in their original box or the box you want seen during your ceremony to someone you trust implicitly to get them to the wedding.

Plan How You Will Receive Your Rings

Who Will Carry Your Rings?

Carrying your ring is an important task. Consider who of your family and friends will do this. There are some common traditions you can follow, or take this opportunity to switch it up if there’s someone else special you want carrying out this task.

Best Man

The most common tradition is having the best man hold onto the rings before the ceremony, where he will hand them to the officiant when called upon. Of course, if your best man isn’t the most reliable guy in the world, there are alternatives.

Ring Bearer

Another common tradition is to have a young relative, such as a nephew a cousin under the age of 10, carry your rings down the aisle fastened to a pillow. While this can look absolutely darling on your big day, if you’re concerned about your best man’s reliability, a toddler is a (moderately!) more risky proposition. Make sure the rings are secured tightly to whatever the ring bearer is carrying so they won’t fall off.

Or, a more likely choice is to give the ring bearer fake rings to carry up. They can still feel special and look cute in your wedding photos, and you can have peace of mind your rings are safe from being chewed on or lost.

Pastor or Officiant

Having the pastor or officiant carry the rings is another option. If you are at all concerned about offending the best man or your little nephew, your officiant is a neutral and responsible choice.

… Or Anyone you Trust<

It all comes down to who you trust. Who in your life do you know to be the most reliable? Do not worry about hurt feelings. This is YOUR and your partner’s day. It could be your mother or father, a trusted aunt or uncle, or a trusted work colleague who never forgets the coffee!

How Will Your Rings Be Carried?

The most practical method of carrying rings is to keep them in the box they originally came in. Avoid wearing them or touching them as much as you can before the big day so they keep their sparkle. Give the box to who you have chosen to hold them on the big day. A ring box is a much easier thing to find than a ring, and much less likely to slip through a pocket!

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What do you do With Your Engagement Rings on Your Wedding Day?

So, you have dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s. You’ve accounted for everything. And then you realize you’re still wearing your engagement ring!

Your wedding bands aren’t the only rings you need to worry about on your wedding day. It’s important to decide what you’re doing with your engagement ring beforehand.

Wear the Engagement Ring

Some brides choose to simply wear the engagement ring on their ring finger at the ceremony, which would require your partner to place your wedding band overtop of your engagement ring. However, tradition states that your wedding band should be the ring closest to your heart, so the engagement ring should be placed on the outside of your wedding ring. This can be fixed with a simple adjustment after the ceremony. If tradition is your thing, that is!

Move the Engagement Ring

You can also move your engagement ring over to your right hand on your index finger for safekeeping during the ceremony, and replace it overtop your wedding ring afterward. What’s risky about this option is the fact you’re not accustomed to wearing your engagement ring on your right hand, so the chances of it falling off are increased.

Leave the Engagement Ring at Home

Another practical option is to simply leave it at home in the safe place you normally keep it. This way your wedding photos can highlight your new wedding band, and not be overshadowed by your sparkling diamond engagement ring.

Continued Wedding Ring Care

Diamonds are very durable, but that doesn’t mean they are indestructible. Diamonds can get hurt, especially if you don’t store them correctly.

  • Avoid wearing your rings to locations that are known for ring loss like the gym, the beach, and swimming pools.
  • When you’re not wearing your rings, keep them in the same consistent spot so you always remember where they are.
  • Take your ring off in the evening at home and when you go to bed to avoid unneeded wear.
  • If your ring starts to get loose on your finger, make sure to have it resized so that it doesn’t fall off in unexpected places.
  • Get your wedding ring insured so that you’re protected and have the ability to replace it. Play it safe as you have spent a considerable sum on these wedding rings.

Learn more about how to store your wedding rings and other diamond jewelry.

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