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How Do I Choose the Right Engagement Ring Jewelers?

How Do I Choose The Right Jeweler for My Engagement Ring?

It’s important to ask yourself these two important questions when comparing engagement ring jewelers:

>> 1.  Can they help me find a design that will meet my shape, size, and style needs?
>> 2.  How do I find engagement ring jewelers that produce a quality product and stand behind their products with excellent customer service?

Let’s talk about finding the right jeweler.

Comparing Engagement Ring Jewelers

If you’re not familiar with our approach here at Vanessa Nicole Jewels, we try to be transparent in all that we do. We share everything we know about engagement rings with the world because we believe it helps engagement ring owners make informed decisions and also helps engagement rings jewelers build better engagement rings.

With that in mind here are 4 things you should consider when comparing jewelers:

1. The Way The Engagement Rings Are Created

Cushion Cut Solitaire - Vanessa Nicole Jewels - Engagement Ring JewelersThe fact is, not all engagement rings are created equal.  To understand the differences between jewelers, you really need a base understanding of how engagement rings are made.

When purchasing an engagement ring over $10,000, it’s always best to go to a jeweler who specializes in engagement rings. Most fine jewelers make bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings but don’t actually specialize in engagement rings. Also, most fine jewelry stores don’t even make the jewelry themselves. They either outsource it to a local jeweler or order it from a brand name.

If you’re investing $10,000 or more on your engagement ring, doesn’t it make more sense to go to someone who specializes in engagement rings? This will ensure they really know what they’re talking about since that’s all they make! At Vanessa Nicole Jewels, we only create engagement rings because that’s what we love most. You get to work directly with the master diamond setter who will be making your ring – Vanessa Nicole – rather than going through a sales person who has never actually made a ring.

2. The Quality Of Their Materials

Engagement Ring JewelersTraditionally, mass-manufacturers need to make the ring as light and thin as possible in order to keep the metal costs down. The problem with this is if you need to resize the ring at some point, the ring will already be so thin on the bottom, which will compromise the integrity of the ring if you have to cut into it for resizing.

Also, mass-manufacturers use the smallest diamonds possible on the ring setting and since they sell based on volume, they need to set those diamonds as fast as possible. This means sacrificing then precision necessary to achieve maximum brilliance. And women really just want a ring that sparkles with fire & brilliance, right?

Any ring looks amazing under those hundred thousand dollar lighting systems typically seen at jewelry stores. But what really counts is how it’s going to look every day at home and work.

3. Are You Just a Number?

Pat & Annie - Happy VNJ Clients - Engagement Ring JewelersOne thing I bet you hate is feeling like you’re just a number. You’re spending a significant amount of your savings on this purchase, and it would be frustrating to deal with a salesperson who can’t remember your name, the style of ring you want, or even cares about who you are as a person.  

When you work directly with a jeweler like Vanessa Nicole, YOUR STORY MATTERS. And we know how important it is for this experience to be amazing for you and your future fiancé.

We have developed a unique service called the Making of the Ring™ DVD, which documents the creation of her engagement ring. We briefly interview you saying wonderful things about your girlfriend and then layer that voiceover onto the footage of creating her one-of-a-kind ring, exclusively for her. You won’t find this service in any other jewelry store and women LOVE it. You can learn more about it HERE.

4. Your Gut Feeling

As crazy as it sounds, we’ve talked with literally thousands of people about engagement rings over the years and there have been many occasions when people who chose to go with someone else called us back and said something like, “You know, I just should have followed my gut to go with you.”  Here is an example of someone who made her choice solely based on price and ended up “paying a price for it”:

Tianas Regretful Email - Engagement Ring Jewelers

Hopefully the 4 tips above are helpful for your decision of which type of jeweler will be best for getting your engagement ring. Need inspiration to find the right engagement ring for you? Check out our Engagement Ring Designs Gallery Page. We create custom rings for clients all over the world.

**Click HERE to view our custom engagement ring gallery

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