How to Store and Care for Diamond Jewelry

How to store diamonds

Diamonds are precious, and there is little that is more romantic than the thought of your partner slipping that gorgeous engagement ring on your finger.

But what next? How can you ensure that your diamond remains as sparkly and beautiful as it looked when you first saw it in the ring box?

Although diamonds are one of the strongest substances on Earth, they are not indestructible, and neither are the platinum or gold setting they’re held in. Diamond jewelry needs consistent care to prolong and preserve its beauty.

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Where to Store Your Diamonds

Diamonds are one of the hardest known substances on Earth, but that doesn’t mean your wedding rings or other diamond jewelry can’t get damaged. The diamond is only one part of your jewelry. Gold can scratch, especially in the presence of other hard stones, like diamonds. Other aspects of a diamond ring, like the setting, can also become loose over time, which puts you at more risk of losing your diamond.

Diamonds Rubbing Against Diamonds

Diamonds can also damage other diamonds. Keep your diamond jewelry in separate cases or in a jewelry box that has divided sections for each piece of jewelry.

Also don't wear two diamond bands side by side if the diamonds will be rubbing against each other since this can chip the girdles (the outside edge).

Keep your rings in the same safe place

Humans are forgetful. If you put your ring in a new “safe” spot every time you take it off, you’re bound to forget where it is at some point. Save yourself that panic by keeping it in the same place whenever you’re not wearing it.

Cleaning Diamond Jewelry

First off, diamonds love oil, dirt, and dust, so avoid touching your diamonds directly as much as possible. But as much as you try to resist, your diamond jewelry will get dirty, usually due to hairspray or perfume applied while still wearing your ring (which is not recommend.)

Getting a professional to clean your diamond is recommended. However, you probably aren’t thinking about doing that every month!

If your diamond ring could use more sparkle, let your ring sit for a half hour in a small bowl of warm water mixed with mild dish soap. Anything harsh (like bleach or ammonia) or anything with too many chemicals can damage your diamond, and the metal around your diamond, especially gold.

Afterward, use a soft brush or toothbrush to gently brush the diamond. Do not use a paper towel to dry it, as paper towel can scratch your jewelry. Let your ring sit and air dry on a soft, lintless cloth.

Never wash your ring over an unplugged sink! Many wedding rings have been lost down the DRAIN!

Routine Cleaning by a Jeweler

On occasion, (every six months to a year is recommended), take your diamond jewelry to a jeweler for a routine cleaning and evaluation. It’s like going to the dentist or getting your car’s oil changed!

A routine professional cleaning and inspection will increase the longevity of your ring. A Jeweler can make sure nothing is coming loose and inspect your ring for any weak areas that have developed. It’s preventative care. Knowing a stone is coming loose before it falls out can save you a lot of time, money, and heartbreak.

When to Wear Your Diamond Jewelry

Unfortunately the more you wear your ring, the more likely it is to become damaged.

I’m not suggesting you keep it locked up in a climate-controlled box forever, but you can protect your rings by avoiding excessive use.

When you get home for the night, consider taking off your ring. Do you need to wear it while cooking, washing the dishes, or moving heavy boxes?

When completing any task that involves hair dye, lotions or chemicals, consider removing your ring to a safe location first. 

Avoid wearing your rings while completing chores like:

  • Washing dishes
  • Gardening
  • House cleaning
  • Bathing
  • Applying moisturizer or hairspray
  • Giving your pet a bath
  • Home renovations

Sleeping With Your Diamond Jewelry

You may want to keep your rings on at every moment—because they are beautiful!—but you must not be tempted.

The extra heat and increased pressure when sleeping with them on can take a toll on your rings over time. Taking them off overnight while you sleep will increase their longevity.

How to Store Diamonds While Traveling

You may have that safe and special spot to store your diamond ring while at home, but what about while you’re away for work or play?

The TSA doesn’t recommend taking your weddings rings off at airport security checkpoints. It’s risky because they can be stolen or lost in the conveyor belt if the container falls.

When you travel, bring a jewelry box to keep your diamond rings in. Something that ensures your diamonds are kept apart from your other jewelry.

If you take your rings off to go swimming or go to the beach, lock them (in their case/box) inside your room safe.

Enjoy wearing your beautiful ring(s)!

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