How to Store and Care for Diamond Jewelry |

How to Store and Care for Diamond Jewelry

How to Store Diamonds

Princess Cut Channel Set Wedding RingsDiamonds are precious, and there is little that is more romantic than the thought of your partner slipping that gorgeous engagement ring on your finger.


But what next? How can you ensure that your diamond remains as sparkly and beautiful as it looked when it first popped out of the box?

Although diamonds are one of the strongest substances on Earth, they are not indestructible, and neither are the metal or gold casings they’re held in. Diamond jewelry needs consistent care to prolong and preserve its beauty.

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Where to Store Your Diamonds

Diamonds may be one of the Earth’s hardest minerals, but it does not mean that they are resistant to harmful chemicals or chipping if rubbed against another diamond.  It is best to store in a separate jewelry box away from other jewels since the diamond may scratch other jewelry, including other diamonds.

You can also use a storage container that has separate compartments to keep your diamond away from other gems. Gold can scratch, especially in the presence of other hard stones, like diamonds. Other aspects of a diamond ring, like the setting, can also become loose over time, which puts you at more risk of losing your diamond.

 Soft, clean cloth bags are also ideal for storing your diamond ring.  White cloth bags are best since there are no dyes that could leak onto your diamond.

Diamonds and Other Jewelry

Diamonds are so sought after because of their strength. They are a perfect symbol to represent the bond you and your partner share after you are married.

But that means the diamond is also stronger than your other jewelry. Never store diamonds in the same case or same jewelry box section as your other jewelry.

Diamonds with Other Diamonds

Diamonds can also damage other diamonds. Keep your diamond jewelry in separate cases or in a jewelry box that has divided sections for each piece of jewelry. Many people don’t know that diamond can ship another diamond.

Men's wedding rings with a diamond

Other ways to keep your ring safe

If you choose to wear your ring, be sure to take it off in a secure spot.  Avoid putting it on an edge or anywhere near a sink or other drain. When using a jewelry box, it’s best to put it in an area other than the top of a dresser.  That is the first place a thief will look for jewels.

If you take it off when you’re on vacation, you may want to consider a hotel safe.

Keep your annual or bi-annual inspections with your jeweler to check the settings.  You don’t want to bring your beautiful ring out to wear and realize the stone is loose (or gone) after wearing it.

When to Wear Your Diamond Jewelry

Unfortunately the more you wear your ring, the more likely it is to become damaged.

I’m not suggesting you keep it locked up in a climate-controlled box forever, but you can protect your rings by avoiding excessive use.

When you get home for the night, consider taking off your ring. Do you need to wear it while cooking, washing the dishes, or while watching television?

When completing any task that involves water or chemicals, consider removing your ring to a safe location first. Chemicals will put extra and unnecessary strain on your jewelry.

Avoid wearing your rings while completing chores like:

  • Washing dishes
  • Gardening
  • House cleaning
  • Bathing
  • Applying moisturizer or hairspray
  • Giving your pet a bath
  • Home renovations

Sleeping With Your Diamond Jewelrysafe diamond ring storage

If you roll over and sleep on your hands, the weight and heat of your body can take a toll on your rings over time and cause them to lose their shape, which may lead to loosening of stones. Taking them off overnight while you sleep will increase the longevity of your rings. Prongs could snag on your bedding and hair, which can also loosen them.

How to Store Diamonds While Traveling

You may have that safe and special spot to store your diamond ring while at home, but what about while you’re away for work or play?

The TSA doesn’t recommend taking your weddings rings off at airport security checkpoints. It’s risky because they can be stolen or lost in the conveyor belt if the container falls.

When you travel, bring a jewelry box to keep your diamond rings in. Something that ensures your diamonds are kept apart from your other jewelry.

If you take your rings off to go swimming or go to the beach, lock them (in their case/box) inside your room safe.

Insure your ring to last a lifetime or two

Just because you don’t wear your ring doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have insurance.  You can add an endorsement or rider to your homeowners or renters policy.  Be sure to read your policy and talk to your agent about coverage and exclusions.  Some policies will only cover certain losses like theft but not if you lose your ring.  Your insurance policy may not cover repairs, so it is important to stay current on your ring inspections at your jeweler even if you don’t wear it.  They want to have a record of any wear and tear.

You will need to have a few details for your policy including:

  • Description of ring including cut, carat, and type of metal
  • Appraisal by a certified independent jeweler
  • Photo of your ring

You can save on insurance if you have a home security system.  You may even get a discount with an engraved ring since it is easier to identify.

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