Jewelry Stores In San Diego – Read This BEFORE You Shop!

If you’re looking for jewelry stores in San Diego, then there are a few important things you should know about the business practices and quality of the jewelry at some of these shops – especially if you’re buying a diamond ring.

There are vast differences between some of the jewelry stores in San Diego, which is why it’s critical to understand your options before you shop.

Chances are you are hoping to buy a dazzling piece of jewelry for your partner or yourself. But you may be surprised to learn that some of the biggest names in the business aren’t the best places to buy your jewelry.

If you want something that’s truly high-quality and beautiful, without the hassle of dealing with pushy salespeople, then here’s what you need to know…

What You Must Know About Jewelry Stores In San Diego

Most diamond rings sold from jewelry stores in San Diego are made overseas.

In fact, most rings sold in the entire United States are manufactured abroad! That’s because the manufacturers use cheap labor to produce their jewelry as inexpensively as possible. But don’t be fooled – that doesn’t mean those savings will be passed to customers like you. It means bigger profit margins for the manufacturers.

The quality of the jewelry may be less than perfect.

To an untrained eye, the jewelry at these stores may look fine. But in actuality, the quality could be very poor, because it was manufactured by unskilled workers along assembly lines. These workers are tasked with the arduous job of pumping out jewelry as fast and furiously as possible. That means the jewelry never receives the careful attention to detail or meticulous craftsmanship of an expert.

Jewelry is made in bulk – many women are wearing the same rings!

Most jewelry stores, especially the big-name stores at the mall, sell rings that are made in bulk (Related). That means that hundreds or even thousands of women around the world could be wearing the exact same ring. You may have thought your engagement ring was special, but in reality it’s probably extremely common.

Pushy salespeople want their commissions.

Most jewelry stores are staffed by aggressive salespeople who are motivated by the commissions they earn on each sale. This is why many people dread the experience of buying diamond rings. A savvy salesperson will immediately size you up and push you toward a piece of jewelry that may not be right for you. Plus, these stores typically have large inventories of diamonds, which they must sell as quickly as possible to maintain profitability. This increases the pressure for buyers even further!

Vanessa Nicole Jewels Is Unlike Other Jewelry Stores In San Diego


At Vanessa Nicole Jewels, we don’t have a large inventory of rings that were made months or years ago. Instead, we custom-make each ring, one at a time, exclusively for you.

Award-winning ring designer and master diamond-setter Vanessa Nicole makes it easy to get exactly what you want at the highest possible quality. Plus, we custom-design rings for clients all over the world, not just in San Diego!

Contact us to learn more about the process or take the first step to a beautiful custom ring today.

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