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Vanessa Nicole Jewels is Not Like Typical Jewelry Stores


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It is a Working Studio So Everything is Custom Made On-Site

At most stores when you order a custom engagement ring with a salesperson, it means they are most likely going to outsource the ring to a jeweler like Vanessa Nicole. You’re never able to truly guarantee the quality of the work because they rely on someone else’s standard of quality.

But when you work directly with the jeweler – not salesmen from jewelry stores– we set our own standards and can guarantee the quality you receive will fall within same high standards every time. Vanessa Nicole examines every part of the ring because she’s involved in every stage of the process.

– Have you ever walked into a jewelry store and felt completely overwhelmed?

– Have you ever walked into stores and felt as if you were “being sold to”?

– Have you ever walked into stores and felt like the salespeople were either too old to understand your style, or simply didn’t take the time to really listen to what you are looking for?

Those fears will be GONE when you walk into Vanessa Nicole Jewels. She has created an atmosphere unlike most other jewelry stores.

Custom Made Diamond Jewelry

Aside from custom engagement rings and wedding bands, we also offer a variety of custom made diamond jewelry you would find at most stores. Our clients tell us what style they’re looking for and we provide options.

Here are the popular jewelry categories our clients request:CLASSIC EARRINGS - Vanessa Nicole Jewels - Jewelry Stores

DIAMOND HOOPS - Vanessa Nicole Jewels - Jewelry Stores

COLORED STONES - Vanessa Nicole Jewels - Jewelry Stores

FANCY DROPS - Vanessa Nicole Jewels - Jewelry Stores

Vanessa Nicole Jewels is NOT like Average Jewelry Stores

Imagine dining in a restaurant where you enjoyed the most delicious, mouthwatering meal of your life and afterwards wanted to compliment the chef on the exquisite dish?

Now imagine if you had the opportunity to actually meet with that chef a few weeks prior to your visit where the two of you would sit together and design the meal of your life. He would do an in-depth analysis of your culinary delights and over the course of a few weeks, create the most AMAZING dinner you’ll ever eat – a dinner you’d want to enjoy every day for the rest of your life.

This is what your experience will be like with Vanessa Nicole Jewels. You will sit one-on-one with the designer to create the engagement ring of your dreams. Vanessa Nicole will guide you through a process different from other jewelry stores and you are GUARANTEED to love your ring.

Whether you’re a man preparing to propose, or a woman who wants to be involved in the process, your experience with Vanessa Nicole is GUARANTEED to be like no other.


When you get your car fixed at the auto shop or buy a new watch at the mall, how often do you “facebook friend” the salesperson??? Probably not very often. The reason is because you aren’t being “sold to” at Vanessa Nicole Jewels. This is how we are different from other jewelry stores. You are choosing to work one-on-one with an artist to create the most important piece of jewelry you’ll ever own.

Vanessa: “My clients not only “Like” my business on facebook, they “friend” my personal page as well. WHY? Because we become friends – We bond over this important time in their life. My clients and I get to know each other and know they’ve been a part of something special when they come to Vanessa Nicole Jewels to create their engagement ring. Stores can’t compete with that”

“She Will Make Everything Perfect And Your Bride Extremely Happy!”

Forest & Laura Bronzan - Vanessa Nicole Jewels“Wow! Vanessa is awesome! I first met her when planning my fiance’s engagement ring.I had done a TON of research, been into all the stores, spoke with stores around the country, but couldn’t find the perfect ring. I had something very specific in mind (vintage feel with a cushion cut stone and a few other specifics), so I decided explore the custom route.

After the first meeting with Vanessa, I knew it would be a good fit. She was very easy to work with, spent time understanding exactly what I (and my fiance wanted), explained the process etc.

Actually working with her was great! Everything on time (or ahead of schedule) and she went the extra mile to make sure everything was perfect. I was probably more of a hassle to work with, but she never complained and helped make everything run smooth.

So my fiancé (of course) said yes, and constantly gets complimented on her ring! We have now gone back to Vanessa for her wedding band so it can be perfectly matched with the engagement ring. We’re getting married a week from tomorrow (July 16th), and are thrilled about everything including the rings!

If you’re looking for stellar service and truly custom work, you MUST have a conversation with Vanessa. She will make everything perfect and your bride extremely happy!”

-Forest Bronzan 7/8/11

Scams To Watch Out For At Other Jewelry Stores

One major problem with some jewelry stores is when they incorrectly mark the karat of the metal. It is very easy for them to stamp 14k gold as 18k gold and charge the higher price. Unless you completely trust specific stores, you wouldn’t know it’s true karat amount. The Federal Trade Commission has shut down jewelry stores for scamming people like this, but it can be hard to regulate.

Vanessa personally finds it disheartening when people bring in gold to sell that they previously bought from other stores when after testing the metal in front of the client, it turns out they had previously paid an untrustworthy store for 18k gold when it was only 14k or 10k gold.

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