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[Client of the Week] Ken & Vivien

Happy Clients of Vanessa Nicole Jewels- Ken & Vivien

The Proposal of Ken & Vivien…

“Kenny, Vivien & their friend Gloria met at the Oakland Zoo. Viv was cluelessly exploring the animals while Kenny and Gloria schemed for a proposal location. Finding a walkway ending in a gazebo and no one around, Gloria cued Kenny by saying, “Let’s take a photo”. Right then, a random family interrupted the photo by planting themselves in the gazebo with no signs of moving. After awkwardly waiting a few minutes and Viv getting suspicious, Kenny and Gloria decided to move on. When they rounded the corner and found an area with beautiful pink and red flowers, they quickly moved forward with the plan. Kenny said only four words before Viv realized what was happening and started bawling. She didn’t hear the rest of the story, or even hear the question, and barely saw the shiny red box in Kenny’s hands. Through blurry eyes, she grabbed the shiny ring to put it on, to which Kenny had to confirm, ‘So I guess that’s a Yes?’ Yes indeed.” Happy Clients of Vanessa Nicole Jewels - Ken & Vivien

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The Artist’s Studio

Vanessa Nicole Jewels specializes in micro pavé engagement rings, bringing award winning talent to those who desire the highest quality engagement ring experience for their life partner. The benefits of a micro pavé engagement ring are obvious. However, such a stunning ring is only more breathtaking and built to last when it is custom made by a professional jewelry studio rather than a mass production wholesaler.

  • All our micro pavé engagement rings are created exclusively for you. No overseas workers, no duplicates!
  • You work directly with the designer to execute your vision. No pushy salespeople!
  • We meticulously select every diamond in-house to ensure that it meets our high standards for sparkle.
  • We use ONLY the most brilliant-looking diamonds.
  • All our custom micro pavé engagement rings include the option of the “Making Of Your Ring™” DVD service – a special video that shows her ring being made, which she’ll watch over and over!


Vanessa Nicole Jewels is renowned for their exclusive classic micro pavé engagement rings. Visit their studio in person or online and enjoy the personal attention that you’ll receive: VNJ works with client worldwide!

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