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[Client of the Week] Ryan & Jenna

Couple Image by She Wanders Photography - Ryan & Jenna

The Proposal of Ryan & Jenna…

“How he put a ring on it. I will start with the fact that I was totally and completely surprised. I could tell he was a little nervous as we hopped into the car heading to our favorite place in San Diego–Sunset Cliffs–where at any point you can sit at the edge of the cliff and all you see is endless water and the sun melting like butter into the Pacific Ocean. His hands were super clammy and he couldn’t sit still on the car ride over. I mean like dancing in the car…Ryan doesn’t dance. Sunset Cliffs is the place where we both knew this was it and we were each other’s forever. As our car rolled along the windy road of the cliffs, a V of birds floated in the sun-setting sky next to us as if they secretly knew. I yelled out, ‘Oh my gosh Ryan, its perfect! Look at how beautiful’. Ryan smiled really big inside. We pulled up and found a little nook in the crevice of the cliff. We chatted, talked about going on adventures and how much we loved each other. As we got up to leave, Ryan stopped and said, ‘Do you know how much I love you?’ (like he always does). And I exclaimed, ‘No! When are you going to tell me?’ (Like I always do). And he said, ‘How about now?’ And with the greatest look of terror, vulnerability, and sheer happiness, drops down on his knee, looks up at me and said, ‘I love you so much Jenna. Will you be with me for the rest of your life?” From there on out it was a blur of tears, hugs and a thousand ‘Yes’s!’ It was the best moment of my life so far, and I couldn’t have imagined it to be more perfect (honestly!). We then celebrated with our families at a restaurant called C-level, which looks out to all of downtown San Diego and Coronado. More hugging, crying and pure joy ensued as we soaked up the amazing support and love from the most important people in our life. I wished the night would never end. So it didn’t. We went to Little Italy, got pizza and strolled around grinning ear to ear restraining from screaming at the top of our lungs, ‘WE JUST GOT ENGAGED!’ This is where the story ends, but all of the new adventures begin!” Couple Image by She Wanders Photography - Ryan & Jenna

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