Our Exclusive Making Of The Ring™ Film

The Making of the Ring™ film is an additional service to help you go above and beyond for the love of your life.


Something we all know: Women love romance and men likely don’t give them enough of it. One of the most common complaints by women is that their man doesn’t share with them their romantic feelings. Even if you think you do by saying “I love you” every day, that isn’t going to sweep her off her feet.

With this in mind, Vanessa Nicole Jewels created the perfect solution! The best way to ensure you’ll make this the most *amazing* experience possible is by surprising her with a Making Of The Ring™ film.

What Is It?

This special video documents the entire creation of her custom diamond ring. We briefly interview you saying wonderful things about the love of your life, then layer that voiceover on to the footage of creating her one-of-a-kind ring, exclusively for her.

You won’t find this service in any other jewelry store and women LOVE it. Our purpose is to make the moment where you present her with this gorgeous ring the most amazing memory ever. Based on how women react to the film, it really makes each piece a cherished work of art. This film will make you look VERY romantic.

It’s not a requirement to do the film, but it’s a service that is offered if you’re interested.

**Let us know before we begin creating her ring if this is something you’re interested in so we can be sure to document every step.

Why Should You Want It For Her?

The Obvious Reason:

Without seeing step-by-step how her special ring was created, she’ll never know how much time & thought went into the creation of it being made exclusively for her. My job is to show her that she chose the most romantic and thoughtful man she’s ever met.  YOU.  Your love story is the star of the film, not the ring. That’s the purpose of creating this one-of-a-kind ring from scratch – Without your love story, this ring would never exist.

The Not-So-Obvious Reason:

Years into your marriage, as kids have taken over half her brain, laundry piled up, date nights fewer than they once were, she will be able to watch this DVD where you says all these amazing things about her. It will take her back to a time when you were heart-beating-fast in love. It will soften her and remind you both of why you got married to begin with. Awakening the butterfly within that may have been resting under a leaf for a few weeks too long.

Additional Details

If you live outside San Diego, we will do your interview via Zoom and your DVD will be shipped with your completed ring.

Local to San Diego:  If we film your video interview prior to you picking up your finished ring, it will be ready once your ring is complete. If we film on the pickup day, it will be ready to ship to you approximately 1-2 weeks after. 

The Investment

This service is $1,200 – It includes filming behind the scenes of making her custom ring, your interview  one-on-one with Vanessa Nicole where she will guide you to say 'all the right things', and editing the footage together to make you look and sound AMAZING as the love of your life watches her custom ring being created exclusively for her.  

Your one-of-a-kind film will be professionally packaged in a DVD case, and we can also upload it online for viewing digitally.

Examples of Client Films

Creating Lauren’s Diamond Ring

Creating Kimiko’s Diamond Ring

Creating Cynthia’s Diamond Ring

Creating Sasha’s Diamond Ring

Creating Megan’s Diamond Ring

Creating Maria’s Diamond Ring

The Process

During your time at the studio, we have the camera running while asking a few questions such as, “What do you love about her?” “Why do you like the idea of a custom diamond ring for her?” etc. Then your voice is edited into footage of her one-of-a kind ring being created from scratch, just for her. (**If you live outside of San Diego, your film will be a voice over via Zoom rather than footage of you in the studio.

A couple weeks into making her ring, we will do the video interview. Don’t worry if you’re nervous about being on camera, most men are and every single one of them does great! If she is the romantic type, she will LOVE this and it will make you look really good. Our goal is to completely WOW her with your thoughtfulness and sweet words. Plus it’s a nice tool in the future, if necessary, to get you out of the dog house.

Client Reviews

“She has watched it 30 times – no joke!”

“…Lastly, and this could be the most important reason why Vanessa Nicole Jewels is the best, is the “Making the Ring” video she creates for you and your significant other. The video quality is really top-notch, too. Vanessa knows what she’s doing here.

My fiancé knew this would be something we would have when I bought the ring, but she was not prepared for how awesome the video would be. I think she has probably watched it 30 times – no joke! – and she’s cried in maybe half of those viewings. It scored some serious points.

Bottom line, if you decide to work with Vanessa Nicole, you will be very happy with your decision. Guaranteed!” ~Pat & Lauren D. Monterey, CA

Ruben & Vanessa - Vanessa Nicole Jewels

“We'll Share It With Our Children One Day"

“Hi Vanessa! The proposal was a great success, my fiancé was really surprised and broke down into to tears of excitement. The whole immediate family was there and everyone enjoyed themselves.

We thank you for all your hard work and dedication for making August 11 a more than special day with such a beautiful ring and DVD to help us remember the proposal that we’ll share with our children one day. Now it’s time to start planning the wedding!!

Too bad you’re not a wedding planner too, I would have hired you. Once again, thank you for dedicating your time, and catering to all my proposal needs.” ~Ruben & Vanessa C. Irvine, CA

Marie & Josh – Client Review – Vanessa Nicole Jewels

"It Brought Me To Tears..."

“I LOVE how she also provides the service of The Making of Your Ring DVD. It made it that much more special and it brought me to tears. Such an amazing, beautiful experience we’ve had with Vanessa!!!

I will recommend anyone to her from now on because all girls deserve the very best and the same experience we got to share with her. I’m so glad we found you Vanessa!


You’re truly amazing, Vanessa and that is still an understatement!
 I’m so proud and honored to share my ring with the world!!!” ~Marie & Josh San Diego, CA

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