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Matt and Cynthia Client Review

Matt & Cynthia’s Engagement Ring


When Matt reached out to the studio he said, “I’m EXCITED to make a decision about the ring and then propose! I’ve been researching, planning and shopping for 2-3 months.” How lucky she is to have a man who loves her so much that he spends several months planning how to get her the PERFECT ring.


Matt’s Thoughts on the Vanessa Nicole Experience


Vanessa nailed every little detail and was super helpful throughout the process.
When I first came to Vanessa I had spent 2-3 months waffling between chain jewelers and online diamond stores, learning about diamonds and searching for the perfect stone (and value). I first came to Vanessa for only a custom setting, but she also showed me a few stones. I was shocked at what a great value the stones were (especially when compared to other jewelers), fell in love with one and never looked back.

Throughout the entire process Vanessa was very proactive in her communication and extremely responsive to questions. She really took the time to listen and understand what I wanted, and then exceeded my expectations (and most importantly my fiancées) with the final product. From the handwritten notes to cards and newsletters, the entire experience was perfect. If you’re looking to buy an engagement ring you would be doing yourself a major disservice if you don’t give Vanessa a chance to blow you away!

– Matt Colville