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Welcome journalists, bloggers and editors! Custom jeweler, Vanessa Nicole, is available for media appearances, interviews and as a diamond jewelry industry expert. Vanessa Nicole’s educational engagement ring videos have logged nearly a half million views on YouTube, and her audience keeps growing. Below you’ll find her bio and information about her company and artistry.

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Title: The Perfect Custom Engagement Ring

Author: Vanessa Nicole

Subtitle: How to Design a Custom Engagement Ring She’ll Be Excited to Wear for the Rest of Her Life



Short Author Bio

Vanessa Nicole, CEO and head designer at Vanessa Nicole Jewels in San Diego, has been creating custom jewelry for more than 13 years. After completing a diamond setting apprenticeship with a Russian master jeweler, she began creating custom engagement rings for clients worldwide.

Vanessa Nicole’s educational engagement ring videos have amassed nearly half a million views on YouTube, and for good reason: in order to stand out from other jewelers, Vanessa Nicole provides a personalized and intimate DVD to each engaged couple titled, The Making of the Ring™ featuring the actual crafting of their diamond engagement ring – a special touch that has enhanced her company’s popularity immensely.

She is the author of the book The Perfect Custom Engagement Ring, released in June 2015. To date, Vanessa Nicole Jewels has earned a perfect five-star rating on every online review site.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring

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People Are Talking About

Round Halo Engagement Ring - Media Room1. The best ideas for proposals (that aren’t cheesy).2. Vanessa Nicole’s favorite “shocking” story about how one of her couples met3. Seven engagement ring scams to avoid. (Vanessa Nicole has more than 79,000 YouTube views on this video’s topic!)4. Top three diamond shapes For engagement rings. (You can watch her video on this topic HERE)

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Book Specifications

Book - Media RoomAuthor: Vanessa NicoleTitle: The Perfect Custom Engagement RingSubtitle: How to Design a Custom Engagement Ring She’ll Be Excited to Wear for the Rest of Her LifePublish Date: June 11, 2015Available Versions: Hardcover & KindlePage Count: 200 pagesLanguage: EnglishISBN: 978-1631929359Retail Price Paperback: $52.99Shipping Weight: 1.7 poundsCategories: Jewelry, Engagement Proposals, Weddings, Wedding PlanningKeywords: Engagement Rings, Diamond Rings, Custom Engagement Ring, Wedding Rings, Diamonds, Antique Engagement Rings, Wedding BandsWebsite: 

Book Description

What other product is worn 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for 50 or more years? There isn’t any. This is why your choice needs to be spot on. The Perfect Custom Engagement Ring is an excellent guide for every man who wants to give his soon-to-be fiancé something to be truly proud of when showing off her ring to friends and family.

This educational and photo-rich book outlines step-by-step how to design the perfect engagement ring. It also covers the benefits of choosing to design your own custom ring rather than purchasing a pre-made, mass-produced engagement ring.

Men looking for the perfect ring often become overwhelmed by all the options. This book will allow you to become an educated buyer by providing knowledge about the four Cs of diamonds, descriptions of various ring settings, and 40 unique proposal ideas. As a bonus, this guide highlights successful custom engagement ring creations with photos and stories.

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Contact Information

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