How To Present Your Engagement Ring And Propose

By now, you already know that you want to spend the rest of your life with the woman you love. What began as a simple first date has become an unbreakable bond – perhaps stronger than you ever imagined. You’re more than just attracted to her. You love her. She’s your best friend.

You enjoy spending time with her, being in her company, and you wonder what you’d do without her. You’ve probably already begun thinking about engagement rings. But regardless of how big the diamond is, or where you buy the ring, you’ll want to start considering how you can make your proposal truly special.

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Asking for Her Hand in Marriage

Call me old-fashioned… but if you want to honor tradition, then you should consider asking her father first. If it’s possible, talk to her dad; tell him how much she means to you and ask him for her daughter’s hand in marriage. He’ll appreciate it beyond words – and so will your partner when you tell her you received her dad’s blessing! I understand this isn’t always possible depending on your unique situation, and only you know what would be meaningful for her, so simply think about what would be special for everything surrounding this important moment.

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Make the Moment Special

Some men plan a whole week around the proposal, choosing to do it during the middle of a dream vacation. Others do it at their favorite restaurant – as friends and family secretly hide in the back room. Some do it over a candle-lit meal at home.

Ensure that the ambiance and place where you propose to her is going to be memorable. Women love surprises, especially if they are romantically inclined. You could bring her to a quiet destination for the weekend and choose the moment to take out the engagement ring and pop the question. Opti to drive to a beach or take her on a nature trail hike if she likes a natural setting. Place the engagement ring on her finger – the PERFECT one you chose out of ALL the other engagement rings – and tell her that she is the most special person in the world to you.

It all depends on what’s special to you and your partner. If you know her really well, then you’ll know how to wow her in a way that only you can. 

Get Down on One Knee

When it’s time to pop the question, do it like a gentleman: give her the respect, admiration and attention she deserves by getting down on bended knee. 

The Proposal

Remember, this is a proposal for marriage – you need to lay out the “terms.” In other words, give her a reason to say “yes” – even if you already know the answer. Tell her how special she is, how much she means to you and why you want to be with her. This is your chance to declare your love. 

Place the Engagement Ring on Her Finger

This is when engagement rings make their most stunning entrances. During your proposal, you should reveal the engagement ring and carefully place on her finger. (If it’s not a perfect fit, don’t worry – you can address that later. Stay in the moment.) Continue holding her hands and look into her eyes as you ask her to marry you. Happily Ever After

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