Planning to Propose?

How Our Clients Find The PERFECT Engagement Ring She's Hoped For All Her Life!

Right now, most men looking to propose are:

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    Worried she’s going to be “fake happy” when asking her what she thinks of the ring when, secretly, it’s not what she would have chosen to wear on her finger forever. 
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    Fearful of getting ripped off – There are so many factors that go into buying a diamond, and being taken advantage of is something no one wants to fall prey to.
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    Worried that the quality won’t match what she deserves… she’ll end up being unhappy when diamonds start falling out or metal cracks.
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    Feeling like the salespeople just want to make a sale rather than listen to what they actually want.
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    Not going to be satisfied with the same ‘cookie-cutter ring’ design everyone else has.

Sound familiar?

We at Vanessa Nicole Jewels help men across the USA destroy their fear of getting the wrong engagement ring for their future wife (and overpaying for it).

We ensure each man presents their future wife with a sparkling custom engagement ring that she is EXCITED to show off to family & friends, can proudly wear forever, and pass down to future generations.

Here’s The Deal:

Each month we serve a max of 10 men who want to create an amazing engagement ring for the love of their life… who understand there’s a lot of money at stake and if they do it wrong, the ONE ring she’ll wear every day is ruined forever… who want to avoid the usual price traps most men fall for so they only spend the exact right amount on an excellent quality ring...... AND how to do all of this while enjoying the entire experience, without feeling frustrated and overwhelmed.

With our unique and personalized diamond ring expertise and master-level craftsmen, we want to work with the right people and help them get the best quality ring she deserves to wear forever.

The bad news? 

This opportunity is NOT for everyone!!

This opportunity is ONLY for men who:

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    ​Want to go above and beyond for their future wife
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    Want a center diamond between 1ct–3ct
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    Have a ring budget of $10,000 or More
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    Absolutely DON’T want to get ripped off, and want to find someone they can count on
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    Want a ring that’s MORE beautiful and MORE meaningful than any other ring she’s ever seen
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    Want to feel proud when she shows her ring to family & friends (We have special ways to customize the ring to make you look REALLY good, without any extra effort on your part)
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    Are planning to get engaged this year

​​​​Note: This is NOT for men who:

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    Have resolved to get a mass-manufactured, cheapest ring possible
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    Are only getting a ring because she’s pressuring for a proposal… Lasting relationships only, please
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    Are bargain shoppers who don’t understand that stunning diamond rings require superior craftsmanship and high quality materials
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    Want a ring in the next 2 weeks… custom diamond rings take 4-6 weeks. (Sometimes we can accommodate rush jobs, but it’s on a case-by-case basis)

Here’s What To Do Next:

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    Step 1. Click the button below to get in touch with Vanessa Nicole's team.  
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    Step 2. Fill out the brief form so we know how best to serve you.
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    Step 3. Vanessa will personally reach out to you to discuss this ONE important ring, and identify any potential blinds spots you might have stopping you from reaching that next level in quality.
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    Step 4. If we feel like we’re a good fit to work together, Vanessa will send you GORGEOUS diamond options. If not, that’s totally fine too and you’ll still get massive educational value…

Either way this will be the best time you’ve ever spent on her ring!

So what’s the catch?  

We can only take on 10 new clients each month in order to focus 100% of our efforts on you and your success.   

We won’t be accepting any new clients once we hit our 10.

This Opportunity Is Designed To Allow You To:

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    Ensure that you only spend the exact right amount on an excellent quality ring without falling for the usual traps.
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    Get a ring she is proud to show off to family & friends… A ring YOU’RE proud to show off.
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    Receive a ring that no one else will have.  Nothing is duplicated, no “cookie-cutter” rings.
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    Understand lesser-known diamond price secrets so you don’t end up spending a lot more money than you need to.
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    Design a ring with an expert who ONLY creates custom diamond rings, rather than a traditional store that sells all types of jewelry.
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    And most importantly, get a ring that is personalized and one-of-a-kind to make your future wife feel like you really care about making this special for her.

If you’re struggling with finding the perfect engagement ring, then this is the perfect chance for you to do it right!

This is only for men who are committed to finding the perfect ring.
If you’re not committed to getting the most sparkling ring she’ll ever see, please don’t inquire.
If this DOES sound exactly like what you’re looking for…

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What Our Clients Say...

Let's Get You Results Like These!

“I instantly felt like I was working with a close friend”

Within a few hours of emailing Vanessa about a custom ring, she wrote right back to me and I instantly felt like I was working with a close friend. She was very professional and made me feel extremely comfortable. We corresponded at least once a day and she was very quick to answer any questions almost instantly.
The service she provides is one-of-a-kind, and the final result of the custom engagement ring was beyond my expectations; as well as my fiance’s. I would recommend her to anyone wanting a beautifully crafted custom ring and the best customer service you could ask for. I will be coming back to her for my wedding bands in the near future!

~Tim & Allie M
Alexandria, VA

“I’ve already had so many compliments!”

I got engaged a month ago & my fiancé proposed with the most beautiful ring I have ever seen – made by Vanessa Nicole!!!

As I’m writing this I cannot stop looking at my ring. I literally stop and look down at my hand numerous times a day. It is hard to come up with enough synonymous words with ‘beautiful’ to describe it. I’ve already had so many compliments! I love being able to tell people my fiancé helped to design the ring!

My fiancé said the whole process was so great – he had fun & he even learned about diamonds ?? My ring came with a DVD of making the ring along with some cute pictures of us & sweet things he said about me. I obviously cried the minute we started watching it! My ring also came with a sweet note from Vanessa Nicole!

Seriously , this is THE place to get an engagement ring. I can’t wait to go visit her in person to start designing my wedding bands!!!

~Stefanie D.
San Diego, CA

“It is a personalized experience, not a retail experience.”

If you want a stunning engagement ring for the love of your life, you have found the perfect artist to create it and to fulfill her dream.

Since this review is going to be read by guys – for the most part – my husband-to-be asked me to be very concise and to address important aspects that guys would like to know.

So here I go:
1) You can totally trust in Vanessa and her knowledge. From the minute that you contact her, she is very responsive and communicative. She will walk you through the process. She will ask you to fill a questionnaire to get a sense of who you are, and who your fiancé is. She will provide ample materials, and she will meet you in person (if you are local).

2) She is an expert on picking diamonds! You can totally rely on her expertise. It is a personalized experience, not a retail experience. This is not a retail transaction, this is a creative experience with a true artist. The information that she gathers from the questionnaire plus the interview will give her background in what to pick according to what you desire. She went out and selected several diamonds for us to look at and to choose the perfect one. Having pre-selected diamonds was one of my fiancé critical steps in the process.

3) You get great value, compared with regular retail jewelers… and with exceptional service. You are not paying overhead like you will in Tiffany stores.

4) The CAD drawing stage is an amazing opportunity for you to see the ring before it gets made and it will give you the opportunity to change, adjust or modify whatever you want. Very impressive! You can play with the design, and Vanessa was very attentive to my requests changing the mockups, and ready to accommodate whatever I wanted to see. One more time, at this stage Vanessa shows how much she values the relationship with the client.

5) Finally, Vanessa’s customer service, work ethic, and time-sensitive sense is priceless! She understands, respects and values your time and the emotion behind the entire process. She sent us weekly updates letting us know where in the process the ring was.

Lastly, I have to say that having worked with Vanessa was a wonderful experience, and I am head over heels looking at every detail on my ring. I can’t keep my eyes away from it, and of course everyone that sees it make special remarks about how gorgeous my engagement ring is. Thanks, Vanessa, for giving me not only a precious treasure, but also an unforgettable experience.

~Gary & Lina O’Neil
San Diego, CA

“We’re a bit older then the average newlywed and wanted something of high quality.”

“We were already married when getting these rings, and have been together for 15 years.

We’re a bit older then the average newlywed and wanted something of high quality, that is custom made to commemorate our love and be a constant reminder of our commitment.”

~John & Judy O.
San Diego, CA

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