Are you in Poway and looking for the perfect diamond engagement ring that she will love? If you’re like most of our clients, the process can be confusing, overwhelming and frustrating. One of the biggest challenges is finding the perfect style you know she’ll love.

There’s a reason we have hundreds of 5 star reviews and raving fans. Vanessa Nicole helps walk you through her process of creating the perfect engagement ring she will cherish for a lifetime.

Consider A Custom Diamond Engagement Ring

Many clients come to us thinking a custom designed ring will be more expensive than one from a jewelry store. But there are many advantages of going the custom design route.

First, you get an incredible value. Master diamond setter, Vanessa Nicole, sources the perfect, high quality diamond for you at a great price. Because traditional jewelry stores have high overhead, they need to charge high margins to get a good profit. And you’re limited to what they have available on hand.

You get unmatched quality craftsmanship over a mass produced product from a traditional retailer. Vanessa takes pride in details that are often overlooked by mass produced chain stores.

Most importantly, Vanessa walks you through her process where she gathers information from you to design a ring that will your soon-to-be fiance will love forever. It will mean so much more to her that you took the time to design something special, just for her.

ted and erika's custom engagement ring

Ted & Erika’s Diamond Ring

Ted & Erika’s Engagement Ring Experience

Ted described Erika as, “the kindest, most thoughtful human I know (aside from my mom…and I would tell Erika that). We met 4 1/2 years ago at a dive bar. She was the bartender and I was the guy who had enjoyed just enough to have the courage to ask her out for fish tacos. I don’t think either of us ever imagined the relationship would become what it has, but I love her more and more everyday and can’t wait to see what happens next as we continue to grow as partners. I want something that echoes her poise, grace, and groundedness (is that a word?!). Something simple and elegant, yet profound.”

We achieved “groundless” by creating a very gradual taper on the band so it gets larger as it reaches up to hug the main diamond. The simple elegance of the overall design is classic and beautiful, just like Erika is.

ted and erika

Ted & Erika

Ted’s Thoughts on the Vanessa Nicole Experience

Hey Vanessa!

We did it! The setting was perfect…I’ll show you photos…the ring is stunning. She can’t stop talking about it. I’m actually afraid for her to get behind the wheel today because she won’t take her eyes off her left hand!

Can’t wait for you to meet my FIANCE

–Ted Gibson

ted and erika engaged

Ted & Erika

ted and erika proposal

Ted & Erika’s Proposal

Erika’s Thoughts on the Vanessa Nicole Experience

“Hi Vanessa, I’ve been meaning to email you. It fits perfectly. I ams so in love!! Here is a picture of the proposal. Thank you again for creating such a beautiful ring.

–Erika Gibson

Meet Vanessa Nicole

√ She has educated over 1 million people about how to create their dream engagement ring via educational YouTube videos.

√ The #1 bestselling author of ‘The Perfect Custom Engagement Ring’.

√ A Master Diamond Setter who began as an apprentice to a Russian master jeweler.

√ She has earned a perfect 5 star online rating from past clients.

If you are in San Diego, contact us or make an appointment to visit us. We also work with out of town clients to help design the perfect ring.

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