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Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings – 5 Questions To Ask When Shopping

Princess cut diamond engagement rings are popular for their brilliant sparkle and typically square shape. But if you’re new to shopping for engagement rings, it’s important to remember that the diamond’s cut is only one characteristic you need to consider when shopping for rings.

Like any other cut, the beauty of princess cut diamond engagement rings isn’t determined by its cut alone. A lot of other factors contribute to its brilliance, radiance, beauty and quality – not just the other “3 Cs” (although those are very important, as you’ll read below), but also how and where the ring is made.

Let’s look at some additional considerations you should make as you begin your search for the perfect ring.


Finding The Most Beautiful Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

What is the diamond cut grade?

Princess Cut Diamond Engagement RingsPeople often mistake the term “cut” to mean “shape” when selecting a diamond. Although the way in which a diamond is cut can affect its shape, the cut is the diamond’s most important characteristic affecting its brilliance.

Diamonds that are cut either too deep or shallow can lose light through the sides/bottom and will be less brilliant. Well cut diamonds, on the other hand, with brilliant and fiery radiance, reflect light like a mirror from one facet to another and through the top of the diamond.

Don’t assume that all princess cut diamond engagement rings are cut the same. When comparing princess cut diamond engagement rings, find out what the diamond’s cut grade is, which typically ranges on a scale of Poor, Fair, Good, Very Good and Excellent.

What is its clarity?

The clarity rating of a diamond is based on its flaws and blemishes. A well cut diamond can indeed have many flaws that are detrimental to its beauty. The ratings for clarity are as follows, from best to worst: FL (flawless), IF (internally flawless), VVS1 & VVS2 (very, very slight inclusions), VS1 & VS2 (very slight inclusions), SI1, SI2, SI3 (slight inclusions) and I1, I2 & I3 (Inclusions visible to naked eye).

How much color?

Color refers to how colorless or yellow the diamond is. A colorless diamond, like a clear window, allows more light to pass through and emits more sparkle and fire. Color is rated by a letter system, from D E F (for colorless) all the way to S T U V Q W (having a light yellow to yellow color).

How many carats?

Sherry - Princess Cut Diamond Engagement RingsYes, carats dictate how large the diamond is and, essentially, how expensive it is. But you could have an extremely large diamond that is poorly cut, very flawed and yellow in color. So don’t get too wrapped up in choosing a specific carat until you’ve considered all the other factors affecting its beauty.

Who made the ring?

This is somewhat of a trick question, because when you buy from most jewelry stores, you’ll never know the answer.

But what most people don’t realize is that most engagement rings sold in the U.S. are produced overseas by the major jewelry manufacturers who put their profits before quality. These companies churn out the same ring designs, over and over, which ultimately means that any particular style is worn by thousands of different women around the world.

If you’d rather have a ring that is more beautiful, higher quality and truly one of a kind, then it’s best to have your ring custom-made…


Custom Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

At Vanessa Nicole Jewels in San Diego, every ring we make is custom-designed according to the wishes of our clients across the globe. Award-winning designer and master diamond setter Vanessa Nicole makes it easy to give your partner the perfect ring – whether you prefer the look of princess cut diamond engagement rings or any other style (Related News).

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