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We Re-Design Rings Better Than Any Other Store

Would you like to tell your wife that her ring was re-created, exclusively for her, using the existing materials she already has sentimental value with? There would be no other ring like it in the world. One-of-a-kind and created by an award-winning design. Vanessa Nicole Jewels re-designs rings in a way that allows you to keep the sentimental qualities she loves, while creating something fresh and new for her. That’s what makes our re-designed rings so special. It shows you’ve put thought into making this a truly important moment for her – a moment she’ll be excited to tell all her friends about! A lot of women find us directly and then point their husbands in the right direction for where to find us.

We have many out-of-town clients and make it just as easy (or even easier) than going to a local jeweler. We have never had a dissatisfied client and we are happy to provide many testimonials including the one below.

“Vanessa Made My Wish Come True!”

“I’ve wanted to change my diamond and princess cut stones from a yellow gold to a white gold setting for many years. Vanessa made my wish come true! Her design was beautiful. She emailed me lots to keep me updated on what she was doing. Her customer service is one of her unique talents along with her wonderful qualities as a designer. I’m so proud to show off my new ring. I’m sorry I waited so long! Thank you Vanessa” ~ Sherry, 7/13/10

What Makes Our Re-Design Rings So Extraordinary

Vanessa Nicole Jewels is a jewelry studio in San Diego, CA, where each ring is custom created from scratch for our clients nationwide. All our re-design rings are custom designed and created exclusively for you. No overseas workers! You work directly with the designer, Vanessa Nicole, to provide your desires for the best ring of your dreams.

Re-Design Rings in the best way possible by creating a new custom Ring here.

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