Interested in Re-Designing Your Diamond Ring?

Vanessa specializes in re-designing your original diamond ring into your new DREAM ring setting. With such an important and cherished piece of jewelry, you really do need to trust whoever you're working with. 

We honor the enduring beauty of diamonds and provide an exquisite way to rejuvenate these timeless treasures.

Joan R | Happy Client

Dear Vanessa,
I am giddy with excitement! Thank you for making the process so easy AND so much fun!

I am just now able to stop staring at my ring long enough to type. I cannot believe this is my ring, and that it is the same center diamond I’ve always had. It literally looks twice as big. And 100 times more sparkly! The halo truly is seamless perfection.

I am so glad that I found you on Instagram and I chose you to craft my beautiful new ring. 

Thank you for making the whole process so easy, for your patience with me, and for creating this beautiful work of art I now have the pleasure of wearing every day.

Joan R

(Buffalo Grove, IL)

ReDesign Ring | Original Ring

Joan's Original Ring Setting

Round Diamond Cushion Halo Ring | Double-Edge Halo

New Custom Ring Setting For Joan's Original Diamond

We LOVE to Re-Design Rings Using Your Heirloom Diamond

We have many out-of-town clients and make it just as easy (or even easier) than going to a local jeweler. We have never had a dissatisfied client, and we are happy to provide many testimonials including the ones below.

I’ve wanted to change my diamond and princess cut stones from a yellow gold to a white gold setting for many years. Vanessa made my wish come true! Her design was beautiful. 

She emailed me lots to keep me updated on what she was doing.

Her customer service is one of her unique talents, along with her wonderful qualities as a designer.

I’m so proud to show off my new ring. I’m sorry I waited so long! Thank you Vanessa! 

~ Sherry P

(San Diego, CA)

Tanya F | Happy Client


I love everything about it! I’ve never seen a more seamless halo, you truly are amazing at what you do! It’s so comfortable.

I can’t stop looking at it. I’m so happy! 

Not only are you amazing at what you do, but you are also an incredibly humble, gracious and thoughtful person.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, I will be recommending you to everyone!

– Tanya F

(Spring, TX)

In this video, we reset this diamond solitaire ring by pairing their gorgeous heirloom center diamond with one of my custom seamless halo settings… LOTS of sparkle

emerald cut diamond with platinum halo micropave setting

New Custom Ring Setting By Vanessa Nicole

oval cut diamond in micropave halo setting

New Custom Ring Setting By Vanessa Nicole

round brilliant diamond in micro pave eternity band setting

New Custom Ring Setting By Vanessa Nicole


Are you nervous about making sure the design is perfect?
After we have discussed the design and payment is submitted, we'll create a photorealistic CAD rendering of the design prior to actually making your ring.  

No one has ever wanted to turn back after this step. It allows your vision for your dream ring to come to life! This way you can be 100% confident in what we'll be creating for you. While a real ring does not compare to what’s shown on the rendering since it doesn't show sparkle, it does come very close and it indicates the overall proportions.

The GREAT news is that you will be working one-on-one with the artist who will be setting your diamond (Vanessa), so there will be no disconnect with regard to exactly what you want for your ring.

Traditionally with jewelry stores you would be working with a salesperson who then has a jeweler make it, which can lead to communication issues. You won't deal with that extra step here.

Are you nervous about shipping your diamond across the country?
Direct Message From Vanessa:

"FedEx successfully handles all our shipments and we've never had an issue to date. We can easily help you ship your ring fully insured to our studio. Outside of the logistics though, the most important thing I want to say here is that you have to feel incredibly comfortable with wherever you choose to create your ring. 

There is not one single ring I create that is more valuable to me than the value of the reputation I have built over 20 years in this business. Trust is very important and I consider it an honor every time someone provides me with their trust.

If a GIA report # is inscribed on the diamond, I will set it so that the report # is still visible with a loupe once it is set.

If you're still hesitant about sending your diamond to our studio after our time messaging together, respectfully, I recommend you don't move forward.

Once a client decides to work with me, I need 100% of your trust. You can always get insurance for your ring ahead of time for peace of mind, although if we need to manage hesitations and anxiety throughout the creation process, that will minimize your joy in this experience. It should be fun and stress-free!

I am not a traditional salesperson, I’m an artist who is very detail oriented and wants the best for people. It’s important that I be able to “do what I do best”, which is making incredible custom rings for people who are kind and easy to work with.  🙂

While it’s perfectly normal to have concerns initially, if you do decide to move forward, please know that I will be treating your diamond as though it were my own. Nobody touches it besides me, and it will be in the studio's safe at all other times.

You’ll also receive weekly updates on where we're at with creating your ring (clients love this!)

You’re not the first or the last person to express concern about shipping their diamond across the country, but gratefully, those who trust me to create their ring have all been very, very happy.

Don’t just take my word for it though - If you read my online reviews, hopefully it will allow you to understand that we both have the same goal which is for you to absolutely adore your ring." 

In this video, we reset this diamond solitaire ring by pairing her gorgeous heirloom center diamond with one of our custom settings… LOTS of sparkle

What Makes Our Re-Design Rings So Extraordinary

Vanessa Nicole Jewels is a jewelry studio in San Diego, CA, where each ring is custom created for our clients WORLDWIDE.  80% of our clients are not local to San Diego and we have a 100% Happy Client rating.  All our re-designed rings are custom created exclusively for you. No overseas workers! You work one-on-one directly with the designer, Vanessa Nicole, create the ring of your dreams.

Want Vanessa to create your diamond ring?

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