Why Invest In Our Sparkle Restoration™ Service?

Cushion Diamond Rings

Do you remember how perfect your ring looked the very first moment you saw it? With daily wear, your ring may have lost that “super-sparkle” it had when you first saw it. You probably don’t even realize how much it needs freshening up until you see it cleaned.

professional ring cleaning

The importance of investing in our Sparkle Restoration™ Service:

Many clients think they can get it cleaned at a mall chain store for free. While you CAN get a “quickie clean” at a mall store, once they do our Sparkle Restoration™ service, they always come back for it year after year since the difference between this and the chain store’s “quickie clean” is DRAMATIC!

You could go to a jewelry repair shop. But their typical business model is based on volume & speed. This means your ring would be worked on as quickly as possible with customers distracting them as they work. Plus if their service is free, they are NOT going to perform all the many necessary steps to making it look new again.

Isn’t it worth more to know that your ring is being cared for by the jeweler who knows your ring and who cares about you personally?

Details About the Sparkle Restoration™ Service



It involves:

  • Deep ultrasonic cleaning up to 25 minutes
  • Careful inspection of every diamond
  • 4 step sanding process to remove scratches + laser-work on any deep scratches
  • Tightening of all prongs
  • 2-4 step polishing sequence to make it look SUPER shiny
  • Another ultrasonic cleaning up to 25 minutes
  • Rhodium plating (If it’s white gold)
  • A final steam clean
Platinum halo round brilliant diamond engagement ring

Additional Details

  • In most cases, your ring(s) will be completed within 3 hours if you drop it off on a weekday between 12pm-2pm
  • The Sparkle Restoration™ service includes a full cleaning of your VNJ engagement ring & wedding band(s)
  • It doesn’t include any major repairs such as cracked metal or chipped diamonds outside of the 1 yr warranty, etc. While these are rare occurrences, we can discuss your options if necessary.

What Our Clients Say

Dana - Happy Client

“Oh my goodness, yes! I don’t even know how you DO that! I come in thinking it’s just a good idea to make sure the settings are all secure and get it shined up and I walk out just wow’d over how bright and clean the platinum is when I thought it looked great already! The diamonds all look so beautiful and sparkly. We are very happy with the service and the time frame (and the twice annually schedule encourages us to have a date night downtown and take a lovely stroll to your studio : ) I couldn’t ask for anything additional. We love your service, your creativity and you!” Blessings, Dana K.

Erin - Happy Client

“Everything was perfect! The ring looks amazing and so sparkly- it looks new again, no scratches either! The 2 hour time was so quick and convenient so I didn’t have to drive back another day or be without my ring long!! Everything was great! Thank you SO much!!”

– Erin B.

Christine L happy client

“The ring looks amazing and your Sparkle Restoration service was worth every penny. I’m always so impressed with the quality of your work!”

– Christine L.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How often should I get the Sparkle Restoration™ service?

A: Most clients have us perform this service every 12 months – everyone’s situation is different based on their ring design & lifestyle, so you’ll simply have to keep an eye on your ring(s) to see what will work best for you. A routine professional cleaning is guaranteed to keep your *gorgeous* custom ring in its prime. Definitely not the “quickie 2 minute cleaning” you’ll find offered at most stores. The VNJ Sparkle Restoration™ service is like taking your Maserati to the dealer for a complete detailing.

Q. I live outside of San Diego – is it possible to still do this service?

A: Absolutely! There will be an additional cost of insured shipping, but it is definitely worth it once you see the final result! If we receive your ring Mon-Thurs, we’ll likely perform the service on the same day we receive your ring so you are only without your ring during transit times. Depending on your ring, most shipping fees are $125 each way, so allot for $250 shipping R/T and $199 for the Sparkle Restoration™ service.

Q: I’ve gotten my ring cleaned at other stores and it never looks as good as the Sparkle Restoration™ service. WHY??

A: Because this service is completely different than what you’ll receive for free at most stores. The reason they even offer the free service is so you’ll browse in their store and hopefully buy something while you wait. They don’t invest all the steps we do into cleaning your ring.

Q: I’m very careful with my ring, but it seems to have lost its sparkle. What causes this?

A: Your diamond ring is just getting dirty from every day use. COMPLETELY NORMAL! During ordinary wear, exposure to the following products may cause them to accumulate on the surface of a diamond and dull its natural shine:

  • Lotions
  • Soaps
  • Natural skin oils
  • Perspiration
  • Chemicals such as chlorine and hair products

During the Sparkle Restoration™ service, we will get rid of all that grime so it sparkles like new again!

Q: Diamonds are supposed to be so strong–can they be damaged, and what can I do about it?

A: Yes! Although diamonds are the hardest known natural substance on earth, they are susceptible to cracking or chipping. This is why you want to make sure that your diamond has proper prong coverage so the prongs take the beating, not your diamond. If a prong gets weak over time, it will not protect your precious diamond. Don’t worry, we check every single prong during the Sparkle Restoration™ service.

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