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IMPORTANT NOTE: Some people have inquired if we actually do have all 5 star online reviews. Yes, we honestly do. Vanessa works with 8-10 clients per month in order to ensure each client is 100% excited by their one-of-a-kind custom ring. Vanessa often receives thank you gifts, holiday cards, & wedding invitations from clients because that is how much each bride loves their ring & overall experience here...

All of the reviews and testimonials below are from Yelp, Google Places & Client Emails and have NOT been selectively chosen for our site – we simply copy & paste reviews here as they get posted elsewhere online.

“I instantly felt like I was working with a close friend”

Within a few hours of emailing Vanessa about a custom ring, she wrote right back to me and I instantly felt like I was working with a close friend. She was very professional and made me feel extremely comfortable. We corresponded at least once a day and she was very quick to answer any questions almost instantly.

The service she provides is one-of-a-kind, and the final result of the custom engagement ring was beyond my expectations; as well as my fiance’s.

I would recommend her to anyone wanting a beautifully crafted custom ring and the best customer service you could ask for. I will be coming back to her for my wedding bands in the near future!

~Tim & Allie M

Alexandria, VA

Tim & Allie – Client Review - Vanessa Nicole Jewels

“I’ve already had so many compliments!”

I got engaged a month ago & my fiancé proposed with the most beautiful ring I have ever seen – made by Vanessa Nicole!!!

As I’m writing this I cannot stop looking at my ring. I literally stop and look down at my hand numerous times a day. It is hard to come up with enough synonymous words with ‘beautiful’ to describe it. I’ve already had so many compliments! I love being able to tell people my fiancé helped to design the ring!

My fiancé said the whole process was so great – he had fun & he even learned about diamonds. My ring came with a DVD of making the ring along with some cute pictures of us & sweet things he said about me. I obviously cried the minute we started watching it! My ring also came with a sweet note from Vanessa Nicole!

Seriously , this is THE place to get an engagement ring. I can’t wait to go visit her in person to start designing my wedding bands!!!

~Stefanie D.

San Diego, CA

“It's a personalized experience, not a retail experience."

If you want a stunning engagement ring for the love of your life, you have found the perfect artist to create it and to fulfill her dream.

Since this review is going to be read by guys – for the most part – my husband-to-be asked me to be very concise and to address important aspects that guys would like to know.

So here I go:

1) You can totally trust in Vanessa and her knowledge. From the minute that you contact her, she is very responsive and communicative. She will walk you through the process. She will ask you to fill a questionnaire to get a sense of who you are, and who your fiancé is. She will provide ample materials, and she will meet you in person (if you are local).

2) She is an expert on picking diamonds! You can totally rely on her expertise. It is a personalized experience, not a retail experience. This is not a retail transaction, this is a creative experience with a true artist. The information that she gathers from the questionnaire plus the interview will give her background in what to pick according to what you desire. She went out and selected several diamonds for us to look at and to choose the perfect one. Having pre-selected diamonds was one of my fiancé critical steps in the process.

3) You get great value, compared with regular retail jewelers… and with exceptional service. You are not paying overhead like you will in Tiffany stores.

4) The CAD drawing stage is an amazing opportunity for you to see the ring before it gets made and it will give you the opportunity to change, adjust or modify whatever you want. Very impressive! You can play with the design, and Vanessa was very attentive to my requests changing the mockups, and ready to accommodate whatever I wanted to see. One more time, at this stage Vanessa shows how much she values the relationship with the client.

5) Finally, Vanessa’s customer service, work ethic, and time-sensitive sense is priceless! She understands, respects and values your time and the emotion behind the entire process. She sent us weekly updates letting us know where in the process the ring was.

Lastly, I have to say that having worked with Vanessa was a wonderful experience, and I am head over heels looking at every detail on my ring. I can’t keep my eyes away from it, and of course everyone that sees it make special remarks about how gorgeous my engagement ring is. Thanks, Vanessa, for giving me not only a precious treasure, but also an unforgettable experience.

~Gary & Lina O’Neil

San Diego, CA

"My fiance is always asked where this perfect ring comes from."

When I felt it was time to start searching for rings, I did the usual rounds with my mom, of course. We visited Tiffany, DeBeers, Cartier and several high end stores. Many of them had gorgeous rings, but they were either far over priced, or not “exactly” what I wanted. A friend of mine had suggested contacting Vanessa so I called and made an appointment. Just from our first phone call I knew that I was going to get the ring from her. Vanessa made me feel so comfortable. I provided her with my idea of the perfect ring, and she told me she’d have several stones and designs to choose from when I arrived.

When I arrived, she took her time, explaining each diamond and what the creation process entailed. We spent hours with her, and she gave us her undivided attention throughout the entire process. When I finally chose the diamond, it was time to build ring. As the process unfolded, I realized that I was creating my own unique vision, my own dream, rather than buying someone else’s, and that alone was priceless.

Another huge thing to point out was that I was in a huge rush. My “now fiance” lived abroad yet Vanessa was still willing to take the challenge and create the ring in time. All in all, Vanessa created the perfect ring, it is absolutely stunning. Her craftsmanship, etiquette, patience, flexibility and natural warmth made buying the ring such a joyous process. Vanessa poured everything she had into making our ring and to this day, my wife is always asked where this perfect ring comes from.

~Danny A.

Encino, CA

Solitaire Engagement Ring - Vanessa Nicole Jewels

"This is the most beautiful ring I've ever seen in my life!"

“Wow, it’s simply stunning and fits perfectly. I cannot thank you enough. I am probably biased, but this is the most beautiful ring I’ve ever seen in my life – your care and attention to your work is remarkable!

LOVING the ring more everyday… if that is even possible! Chris said to me last night, “so do you just stare at it all the time, because I would!”

It’s just gorgeous and perfect. THANK YOU cannot be said enough!

We are happy to provide referrals and recommendations to any interested future clients. You are simply the best!!!!!

Thanks for everything!

Kindest regards, Alana”

Chicago, IL

“You run an absolute first class business, Ms.Vanessa.”

You run an absolute first class business, Ms. Vanessa. You do everything to take care of the customer from beginning to end.

Thank you so much for what you have done for me and this ring for Hannah. It is absolutely amazing, and more than I would have ever dreamed of had I not found you. I can’t thank you enough.

~Steve H.

Centralia, IL

“I literally couldn’t have been more happy with the way this entire process went.”

Hey Vanessa,

I just wanted to let you know that I finally gave Anna the ring last weekend and she ABSOLUTELY LOVES IT!!!!

Seriously, she cannot stop looking at it and smiling and giggling about how perfect it is. Thank you again so, so much for helping me to create this ring…we are just so happy right now.

Honestly I can’t think of any review I could ever write that would be more genuine than for this. I literally couldn’t have been more happy with the way this entire process went, from the design, to the cost, to the final product…it was just magnificent.

I’m not sure if you planned on using any pictures of our ring on the website or anything like that, but certainly feel free to if you would like. I think it would actually make Anna feel really good to see it up there, haha. But anyway, I just wanted to say thank you again for this.

~ Dustin T.

Raleigh, North Carolina

Dustin & Anna – Client Review - Vanessa Nicole Jewels

"It sparkles like crazy!!!!!!"

I mean Omg!!!!!!! We just LOVE it!!!!!!! It’s even better than we imagined!!!!! It is the most gorgeous ring we have ever seen and we couldn’t be more happy!!!!

Our friends are also amazed. They gave great feedback after meeting you – they also fell in love with you, hehe. We are so excited about the video, too! I am so happy I cannot even think right now! My bride is going to pass out from happiness. Best regards and warm hugs from us!!!

~Dragan & Elizabeta M.

Stockholm, Sweden

Hi Vanessa, This is Elizabeta writing.

I am speechless. Oh my God you have created such a beauty!!!!!! I cannot believe that it is mine!!!! You & Dragan have such good taste. He really nailed it – he knows me too well. You created my dream ring. It sparkles like crazy!!!!!!!! I really am speechless! Can’t wait for everyone to see it. Thank you so much for the greeting card too – I melted when I read it! It’s so personal and I really appreciate it. Dragan is also very very very happy. You will always have a special place in my life although we haven’t met, but I am sure we will visit you. Many thanks again!

~All the best, Elizabeta and Dragan

Stockholm, Sweden

Double Halo Cushion Cut Engagement Ring - Dragan & Elizabeta - Vanessa Nicole Jewels

“That’s what you call customer service!”

Hello Yelpers! I’m quite excited about writing this review because I feel that VNJ deserves more than 5 stars! It is somewhat scary to purchase something valuable over the internet (I live in London and she is based in San Diego) but Vanessa will keep you very informed all throughout the process. As a customer I felt comfortable. She answered all my questions promptly; she was never too busy for me. That’s what you call customer service! I felt that she definitely looked after me.

Her craftsmanship is second to none, I know that there various ways to do custom design rings from complete hand forge and CAD designs. With Vanessa we used CADs to design my blue oval sapphire/halo/platinum ring and it’s absolutely GORGEOUS.

The mushroom pavé work is just perfect! I’m one of those people that would look at pave work under a loupe! It’s crazy but hey, that’s how you know that your jeweler has created a quality ring for you and Vanessa has! 

Vanessa often advertises VNJ as custom engagement studio, but I have to say, I would not only recommend her for engagement rings, I WOULD recommend her for any custom made jewelry that you fancy! I’m already thinking of my 1 year anniversary present What is amazing about Vanessa is that she goes above and beyond for every client and she completely surprised me with the making of the ring video, It was just amazing my partner and I have watched this video 100 times (no kidding!).

My advice is for people to look no further. Trust Vanessa, let her take care of you – she’ll understand exactly what you want and does amazing job making it happen. I am so thankful that I found her, and hope to past the good experience a long!

~Kathleen Javalla

London, England

Kathleen & Lloyd – Client Review - Vanessa Nicole Jewels

“No doubt it is the most beautiful ring I have ever seen.”

When the ring was in my possession, I couldn’t help myself from taking it out to look at it time and time again. In my mind, I was in no hurry to give it to Myong. I’m not usually impulsive, but I went in to the bedroom, brought it out from it’s hiding place, dropped to my knee and asked her right at the foot of the bed – no fancy speech, no funny wrapping – I just asked her. She said yes!

The ring is beautiful in its box, but even more so on her finger. No doubt it is the most beautiful ring I have ever seen. It appears more “white”, brilliant, and sparkly than any diamond I remember seeing. She has gotten compliments from all who have seen it.

Looking back at how I found you, I feel very lucky indeed. After seeing your creation on her finger, I can’t imagine any other ring, type, or style that would seem right for her. Such is the magic you perform!

I look forward to the day when Myong gets to meet the artist who created her perfect ring. One of the best parts of this process with you has been the realization that I just didn’t buy this ring from a jewelry store or jeweler, I created it with someone I now call a friend. I am looking forward to meeting with you again when the time comes to make the wedding band.

~Bryan & Myong Murphy

Windermere, FL

“I cannot begin to describe how breathtakingly beautiful my engagement ring is”


Vanessa was really easy to work with. I needed it early and she pulled a rabbit out of her hat and got it to me a week before we had agreed. My fiancée loves her ring and video too!! I would highly recommend her.

~John Young

Waxahachie, TX


I cannot begin to describe how breathtakingly beautiful my engagement ring is. My fiancé John worked with Vanessa to create a one of a kind ring representative of our love. Vanessa also made a video of my ring being created. The video shows photos of us while John provides a narrative. This video is priceless to us. We look forward to watching this video for years to come.

~Heather Young

Waxahachie, TX

“Vanessa has mastered her craft.”

Vanessa was a pleasure to work with from start to finish and her work is amazing. My ring is just stunning! I feel like she had a better understanding of what I wanted than I did. Vanessa has mastered her craft, I’m so glad my fiancé came across her website. I can’t wait to design our wedding bands!

~Keith & Alyssa

San Diego, CA

Alyssa's ring

“We're a bit older then the average newlywed and wanted something high quality."

“We were already married when getting these rings, and have been together for 15 years.

We’re a bit older then the average newlywed and wanted something of high quality, that is custom made to commemorate our love and be a constant reminder of our commitment.”

~John & Judy O.

San Diego, CA

Or Call Vanessa At (619) 800-0134

“Her customer service is fantastic and the speed at which she responded to my many emails was amazing.”


Hi Vanessa, She said yes!

I just wanted to say a big thank you for everything you’ve done. You have been an absolute pleasure to work with from start to finish. The ring is stunning and Tess is thrilled with it, she can’t stop looking at it. I’ll be recommending you to all my friends in the future.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

~ James C

Mid-Levels, Hong Kong


Working with Vanessa from start to finish was an absolute pleasure. Her customer service is fantastic and the speed at which she responded to my many emails was amazing. She helps remove the fear of making such a special purchase and her honesty is something I really appreciated and found helpful through the whole process. The ring itself is simply stunning and my wife to be is thrilled! It is beautiful and the craftsmanship is second to none and the attention to detail is perfect. To be able to make something that you could only see in your mind is something very special. If you are looking for someone to design your perfect ring then you don’t need to look any further.

~ James C.

Mid-Levels, Hong Kong

James & Tess – Client Review - Vanessa Nicole Jewels

“5 enthusiastic stars from me!!”

Simply put, Vanessa rocks. I went to her to design a replacement for my wife’s ring which was unfortunately destroyed (by me).

She explained the entire process in a pressure-free way and immediately instilled a sense of confidence that I would get a beautiful ring. And she certainly did not disappoint. 5 enthusiastic stars from me!!

~Matt Luxton

San Diego, CA

“I have my perfect ring now”

I don’t even know where to begin!!! Vanessa Nicole is just amazing. Her work is brilliant (literally!) and impeccable. Her eye for diamonds and a beautiful engagement ring is natural! I just got engaged last night and not only was I blessed with the honor to say YES! to my future husband, I was also honored and blessed with a custom designed engagement ring from Vanessa! It was the most amazing moment of my life and when he put my ring on my finger, I swear I gasped as my breath was literally taken away. I couldn’t believe how beautiful it is. It’s TOO perfect and no words or pictures could ever do my ring any justice!

I had been looking around mall jewelry shops, specialty ring shopped around San Diego and on the internet when my Fiance asked me what my ideal ring would be. I had a vision and an idea but never had it occurred to me that I could design it myself!

A few of her designs would pop up on Google images and couldn’t forget her work. I was so drawn to her pictures, her artistry and I had a really good feeling after browsing her website, gallery, YouTube videos and testimonials. I emailed her with my situation and it was so crazy at how prompt she emailed me back! Usually places take a while to write or call back. I could tell right away that she was genuinely interested in helping us and how sweet and passionate she was about the whole process just shined through! I instantly felt a connection to work with her and felt so comfortable knowing that I could trust her with my once in a lifetime ring and knowing she would get me and exactly what I wanted!

I finally made an appointment after telling her via email and what design, cut, etc that I wanted all within our budget. I was able to see her a week after we had started talking! I was so excited and right when I saw her working away through her office door, I see her smile at me and looking so forward to meeting me. Too sweet, Vanessa is. I had so many questions but she guided me clearly along the way, steering me in the right direction without being overbearing, opinionated or pushy, like most other places. I just knew she was it, my new jeweler! I told my then-Boyfriend about her and after I had designed my ring, they started working together. He was just as happy and fond of her too! She is just purely amazing all around! We both even got teary eyed when I picked out my center stone – she understood how much it meant to me and knowing that I wasn’t just another client getting engaged made me feel all the more special and excited to work with her. I truly felt a connection with her!

My ring was made in the time frame as she said it would, listened to everything I wanted and now as I’m typing and staring at my GORGEOUS ring, she did more than I could have ever dreamed of. I have my perfect ring now and it is the most beautiful ring I have ever seen in my life.

I LOVE how she also provides the service of The Making of Your Ring DVD. It made it that much more special and it brought me to tears. Such an amazing, beautiful experience we’ve had with Vanessa!!! I will recommend anyone to her from now on because all girls deserve the very best and the same experience we got to share with her. I’m so glad we found you Vanessa!

I can’t wait to work with her and see her again for our wedding bands!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!!! You’re truly amazing, Vanessa and that is still an understatement! I’m so proud and honored to share my ring with the world!!!

~Marie & Josh

San Diego, CA

Marie & Josh – Client Review – Vanessa Nicole Jewels

Or Call Vanessa At (619) 800-0134

“Your craftsmanship is really superb.”

I could not let another second go by without thanking you from the bottom of my heart for all of your help! I really could not be more thrilled with how the ring turned out. It’s absolutely stunning – and just exactly what I wanted! Your craftsmanship is really superb.

Working with you has been such a special experience, and I really appreciate you walking us through this whole process. It took so much stress out of our lives, knowing we were in such good hands.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

With warm regards, and many thanks,

Shannon and Chris

Emerald Cut Engagement Ring - Vanessa Nicole Jewels

“My ring is absolutely stunning and everybody who sees it says so!”

Vanessa was amazing to work with. I knew nothing about engagement rings and diamonds and only had a slight idea of what I might want.

We had several informative appointments. She was so patient and got me to exactly what I wanted and love so much. And it is truly one of a kind and it shows. Several people have immediately asked if it is a custom ring, because they know they’ve never seen any one like it. I love that about it.

Last and most importantly, she made it ever so easy on my fiance who is not a big fan of shopping or selecting such things as little very expensive stones. Actually it’s pretty big and I like that too.

~Amber Ellis

Del Mar, CA

“Stephanie has received countless compliments on the ring and she comments all the time how much she loves it.”

Hi Vanessa!

I just picked up the ring and it is AMAZING!!! You nailed every detail I asked for. Words cannot describe how grateful I am that I found you to create this gorgeous ring. Stephanie is going to absolutely love it!!! Thank you so much for making this process so smooth!


Hi Vanessa,

I just wanted to thank you once again for creating Stephanie’s beautiful engagement ring. I had planned to propose to Stephanie while we were in Venice before we got on our cruise but that plan didn’t quite work out. The movies and TV make it look so easy but hiding an engagement ring in the box takes work. I was so paranoid she was going to accidentally feel it on me. Eventually, I found the perfect moment on the cruise ship when we were all alone at the front of the ship late one evening.

I am happy to share that she said ‘Yes.’ She adores the ring. I don’t think she made eye contact with me for the rest of the cruise because she couldn’t take her eyes off of it. The couple across from us at dinner noticed the ring immediately. I don’t even think Stephanie got a chance to sit down before the young lady pointed it out. Stephanie has since received countless compliments on the ring and she comments all the time how much she loves it. She says you nailed every detail. We are so incredibly excited and we both look forward to the possibility of meeting you in person the next time we are both in San Diego.

~ Gustavo & Stephanie R.

Woodland, CA

Gustavo & Stephanie - Client Review - Vanessa Nicole Jewels

“Thank you so much for being so incredible to work with.”

Hi Vanessa,

They arrived!!! I LOVE THEM!!!!!! The engagement ring is absolutely stunning and exactly what I was hoping for – in fact, it’s better!

Thank you so much for being so incredible to work with – its been an absolute pleasure and I will definitely be recommending you to my friends. I now know why you have so many amazing reviews on your website.

Thank you again for the amazing rings.


Melbourne, Australia

Anna & Antony – Client Review - Vanessa Nicole Jewels

“Even though we were communicating via email, I had better communication with Vanessa than with the owner of the local jewelry store.”

The process of buying an engagement ring started with going to a local, family-owned jewelry store here in Michigan. Even though it was local and family-owned, I was still disappointed. The owner of the store was nice and knowledgeable, but in the end, I just felt like he was trying to sell me a ring…I felt just like any other customer.

I continued my search and found Vanessa Nicole Jewels after seeing one of her videos on YouTube. I decided to contact her and get more information. In my initial contact I let Vanessa know that I had a specific design in mind and a specific budget and was hoping she could accommodate what I was looking for. Right away, Vanessa was very accommodating. Rather than just trying to sell a ring, she took time to find out more about what I was looking for.

Even though we were communicating via email, I had better communication with her than with the owner of the local jewelry store. Through the entire process Vanessa was quick to respond to my questions, she kept me updated on every step, and went above and beyond with her service.

In the end, she created a BEAUTIFUL ring. My fiancee loves it and she gets tons of compliments on it. We cannot be more happy! If you are considering a custom engagement ring, contact Vanessa Nicole Jewels. You will not be disappointed!

Vanessa – thank you, thank you, thank you!! Great job!!!

~ Luke & Ali P.

Ann Arbor, MI

Luke & Ali – Client Review - Vanessa Nicole Jewels

“Vanessa is a real pro, and will make you a gorgeous ring!”

She has the process down pat and thinks of all the little special steps along the way to make the process memorable and special.

She is very professional and has a great designers eye. You will not be disappointed!

~Dave & Tiffany Dowling

San Diego, CA

Dear Vanessa,

I wear it and it is just a piece of art. I still think I am dreaming wearing it, not only the “value” but the meaning. I did a lot of research for this piece and I know that Cartier would have created it and a few others too, but I was not interested in them after I read about you and we met you.

Here is the picture of us when Kevin give it to me. It’s not a ” posing” picture but very in the moment.


“I LOVEEEEEE my ring!!!”

When my fiance proposed, he wanted me to pick the ring When we started ring shopping we found Vanessa Nicole Jewels!!! We are both beyond grateful we did! The entire experience was AMAZING!

It was SO fun designing the ring with Vanessa. She is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about what she does!
 We never felt stressed or pressured like we did at other jewelry stores. She was very patient with all my questions and answered my many emails literally within 20 minutes!

I LOVEEEEEE my ring!!! It is PERFECT and even better than I imagined! You can tell Vanessa truly cares about the quality of her rings and she offers amazing value! We are SO impressed by everything and can’t even imagine having gone anywhere else! SO happy we found Vanessa Nicole Jewels! THANK YOU VANESSA!!

~ Erin B.

San Diego, CA

Erin & Jeff Wilson - Client Review - Vanessa Nicole Jewels

“Her craftsmanship and attention to detail is just spectacular!!”

If there were 100 stars here Vanessa would get every single last one! I have been married for 22.5 years and my husband and I decided this year that it was time to get the ring of my dreams! We happily walked into a local well-known jewelry store and started the process. I ended up with a beautiful diamond in what turned out to be a not so great setting. After numerous visits back and forth to the jewelry store to try and have them “fix” the ring and make it perfect, we finally gave up! There were numerous issues with the ring that I will spare you on here. Long and very sad story short, we were able to get our money back for the setting but I was devastated.

I had originally started the process with Vanessa but ultimately decided to go with the local guy – obviously that was a BIG mistake. So, I took a leap of faith and shipped my beautiful diamond all the way from New Hampshire to San Diego, CA in the hopes that my dreams of owning the perfect ring wouldn’t be shattered once again. And this folks, was the best decision my husband and I ever made!Not only did she created the most gorgeous engagement ring on the planet, we decided to have her create a matching wedding band as well.

The whole process was just so incredibly non-stressful. Everything from shipping the diamond, helping us decide on a style/setting, the computer generated pictures to help us visualize, everything was just perfect!! My rings arrived way ahead of schedule in a beautiful red box. When I opened the box, I gasped and then of course I cried like a baby! The rings are just absolutely stunning, Vanessa answered every email (and believe me, there were many as I am admittedly as my husband would say “a pain in the posterior”), she answered every call – day and night. And people, she delivered a beautiful product that I will cherish for the rest of my life!

Her craftsmanship and attention to detail is just spectacular!! My husband is so incredibly relieved and happy that after 22.5 years I am in receipt of my dream ring that I have waited so long for! I have and continue to recommend Vanessa Nicole Jewels to everyone I know! In fact, I have already decided I want a “right hand ring” (which I haven’t told her about yet) for my next anniversary. It is such a pleasure to write a review for such a great business and incredible person! Thank you Vanessa! You have made us so so so happy!!

~Michi and Mike Rives

Amherst, NH

Michi & Mike - Client Review - Vanessa Nicole Jewels

Or Call Vanessa At (619) 800-0134

“I still think I am dreaming wearing it.”

Dear Vanessa,

I wanted to express gratitude for talent in designing and producing what is an absolutely stunning end-product for Karin’s ring. Without your expertise and vision this could have turned out as just another piece, but the delicate balance of stones of simply perfect size & distribution gloriously complements the center diamond.

Clichés aside – a diamond in the “rough” became a masterpiece with your artistry. You certainly have the touch, and it was manifested in the ultimate expression: Karin’s radiant smile whenever she wears it. Thank you so very much. Once again, we love it.

Best Regards,


Custom Engagement Ring | Vanessa Nicole Jewels

“Vanessa made the entire process very accessible and not daunting at all”

Vanessa Nicole Jewels has been the best experience I could have ever imagined when it comes to purchasing an engagement ring, so much so that my fiancé and I will be purchasing our wedding rings from Vanessa as well.

What makes her so great? A lot of things. For one, the rings are custom-made by Vanessa, and she does beautiful work. I worked with her one-on-one designing the ring for my fiancé until we figured out the perfect design. I did not know very much about diamond rings when I began this process, but Vanessa made the entire process very accessible and not daunting at all.

Also, Vanessa Nicole Jewels rocks because Vanessa herself rocks. She knows a ton about diamonds and jewelry in general, she works with you to figure out what you want. It is not about what she is trying to sell, and you don’t leave her place feeling like you’re just a number. In fact, she only takes a limited number of people each month to ensure that everyone has a very welcoming, personal experience.

She takes all the time you need to make your decisions, and she goes out of her way to ensure you’re happy with what you’re buying before you swipe that credit card or write the check. I think it is probably impossible to buy something from Vanessa Nicole Jewels and be unhappy with it, because she’s not going to consider her work done until she’s absolutely sure you’re going to love it (and your significant other is going to love it).

Additionally, Vanessa Nicole Jewels is very reasonable in terms of price. Vanessa will go out of her way to ensure the ring you’re buying is the best and most beautiful ring possible for what you are paying, and she knows ways to maximize your dollars for what you are getting.

Lastly, and this could be the most important reason why Vanessa Nicole Jewels is the best, is the “Making the Ring” video she creates for you and your significant other. Basically, the video shows the making of the ring that you designed with her, and a voice over of the person who purchased the ring is played while the video shows the ring being made as well as pictures of you and your significant other that you send to Vanessa. The video quality is really top-notch, too.

Vanessa knows what she’s doing here. My fiancé knew this would be something we would have when I bought the ring, but she was not prepared for how awesome the video would be. I think she has probably watched it 30 times – no joke! – and she’s cried in maybe half of those viewings. It scored some serious points. Bottom line, if you decide to work with Vanessa Nicole, you will be very happy with your decision. Guaranteed!

~Pat & Lauren

Monterey, CA

Pat & Lauren – Client Review - Vanessa Nicole Jewels

“Wow, what an experience!”

If you’re reading this review you may be considering going to Vanessa Nicole Jewels…consider no longer, and make that call!

Being the careful type I went into this experience with some caution (having visited over a dozen conventional jewelry stores), but I came out a true believer in having my finance’s ring custom made.

Wow, what an experience!

Vanessa puts her own personal touch in each phase of the process; she’s attentive, extremely friendly, and trustworthy.

And the look on my finance’s face when she watched the video of her ring being made…priceless.

Thank you Vanessa for your personal touch throughout, we will be back shortly for the wedding band!

~Kurt Fabrizio

San Diego, CA

“The rings are absolutely spectacular.”

Hi, Vanessa,

Wow. I feel like I’m still in shock. A simple typed email can’t properly convey my feelings.

The rings are absolutely spectacular, and more than I ever dreamed. Finding an artist and person of your caliber to create our custom wedding rings has been such a great experience. Your hand-written notes, appraisal, the amazing (!) DVD, and all the attention to detail has made this process so special and real.

You’ve created something I will treasure every day of my life. How do I say ‘thank you’ for that?? : )



Josh & Dana - Client Review - Vanessa Nicole Jewels

“This is who you want to do business with!!!”

As an extremely picky customer, I found Vanessa Nicole by accident. My girlfriend and I were looking at engagement rings, and I was researching the technical aspects of making jewelry. I saw her video on how she was setting a center stone in a ring, and loved her personality.

We were in constant contact several times a week, and the final product was so much better than I imagined.

This is the first time in my life that I was absolutely completely satisfied and happy to pay the money for the ring and associated costs ( And I’m cheap!).

The ring is absolutely exquisite, and she has my highest recommendation. Look no further, this is who you want to do business with!!!

My email to her after I picked up the ring:

Hi Vanessa!

First of all, the ring is absolutely GORGEOUS! I knew in my mind how it was going to look, but the final product was so much better than I could have ever hoped… every other ring in traditional jewelry stores look like cheap toys in comparison! The detail and craftsmanship you provided just make it a piece of art that will be cherished forever.

Thank you for the entire process… I have never been more happy to spend that much money, lol. Not only are you an artist and a good businesswoman, but you treated me like a close friend during the whole process, and made it so much more personal. We will DEFINITELY work with you for wedding rings, and recommend you to our friends. Thank you again!

Most warmly and sincerely,


US Marine Corps

From His Fiancé:

I LOVE my rings from Vanessa Nicole. My husband got my custom engagement ring made by Vanessa and it the most beautiful ring I could imagine. She even gave him a video showing how the ring was made, with my then-fiancé talking about how we met, etc. We’ve watched it over and over again. My family still gets choked up watching it.

Anyway, we picked up our wedding rings a few days ago and they were beautiful! My wedding ring looks amazing with my engagement ring, and my husband’s ring looks so fantastic on his finger. Vanessa does great work and is a true professional! We really fell in love with Vanessa at the time she made my engagement ring. Having her make our wedding rings was a no brainer.

It was such a wonderful experience working her that we invited Vanessa and her husband to our wedding. We had so much fun with them, they are a wonderful couple. The symbol of our love and commitment to each other are the beautiful rings made by Vanessa Nicole Jewels! We love you Vanessa!

~Meredith W.

AJ & Meredith – Antique Engagement Ring

“I wholeheartedly recommend Vanessa to anyone who may shopping for an engagement ring.”

Overall, the ring buying experience with Vanessa was seamless and enjoyable.

Obviously it can be unsettling for guys to deal with this process because of the costs involved, the decisions to be made, and the sheer gravity of the event. But Vanessa reassured me, never pressured me into any purchasing decision and made things simple from beginning to end.

Maybe more impressive, I conducted the whole process with Vanessa while out-of-town. We communicated via text, phone call, and mostly email.

She sent videos, gave honest assessments, and was in constant contact with me. Vanessa did all of the heavy lifting and gave me great options within my budget and I did not have to step foot into a store. I wholeheartedly recommend Vanessa to anyone who may shopping for an engagement ring.

~Sam Berrin

San Francisco, CA

“It’s so much more than I could ever have dreamed!”

A huge thank you to Vanessa and my wonderful fiance Christopher for creating such a stunning ring. Words can’t express how much I appreciate the thought, time, and effort that went into its making. When Chris proposed and pulled the ring out, before it was even on my finger, I heard a random person who was passing by say, “OH MY GOD! LOOK AT THAT RING!” They were correct. Its just so beautiful, and I can’t express how much it means to me.

Thank you so much Vanessa, it’s so much more than I could ever have dreamed!”

~ Cori & Christopher Rae

San Diego, CA

Christopher & Cori - Vanessa Nicole Jewels

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“I love love love my ring!!!!”

Michael found out about Vanessa through a work associate, we had been looking for a jewelry designer for a while. After speaking with Vanessa on the phone I just knew that our search was over.

She immediately made us feel comfortable and gave us that feeling that she cared. We went to see her and talked about what we were looking to do, she understood what we wanted and accommodated our request for a speedy delivery. I saw my ring Christmas Eve when my hubby presented it to me. I was in awe.

Words cannot begin to express how Mike and I feel about this ring. Every time I look at it, I’m in awe – that here I am staring at our life together interpreted in one ring. Never thought it possible… but Vanessa made it happen. When she made this ring she made more than gold and diamonds put together. She made an heirloom that will be passed on with the story of our love…thank you, Vanessa, from the bottom of my heart and with tears of joy in my eyes.

Vanessa not only delivers a beautiful product, she delivers what was once in your thoughts and in your heart. I cannot say enough about our experience with her, and the addition of the video just adds that final touch. Thank you, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

I love love love my ring!!!!

~Alma C.

Alma & Michael – Client Review - Vanessa Nicole Jewels

“Just spectacular.”


Holy crap the ring is AMAZING!!!!!

It was delivered about 30 minutes ago. I have a group of women that have overrun my office to look at it. I may need an armed escort to get out of here and get the ring home!!

Just spectacular. Can’t thank you enough. The ring has exceeded my expectations, Sabrina will love it.

I’m going to have a hard time waiting to propose!

~Joe & Sabrina

Joe & Sabrina – Vanessa Nicole Jewels - Engagement Rings

“Working with Vanessa changed my whole engagement experience”

I spent months looking for the perfect engagement ring. I went to a number of jewelers, and simply wasn’t having a good experience. I felt these old men were just trying to sell me something – anything. Working with Vanessa changed my whole engagement experience. I cannot say enough about her and her work! Very professional, but yet extremely laid back. Her customer service is TOP NOTCH.

At first, I was intimidated at the thought of designing my own engagement ring. But looking back, I can’t imagine it any other way. What better way to say I love you than thinking deep-down and coming up with a ring design that is one-of-a-kind, just for her?

The entire process was extremely laid back; no pressure what so ever. If the design wasn’t exactly what I wanted, it was changed, no problem. I made changes to the design the day before the ring was cast to metal. The process was very transparent and there were no surprises. Vanessa was very upfront and honest about everything, including pricing. We were in constant communication and I knew exactly what was going on the entire time.

I could not be happier with the finished product; excellent quality and truly amazing!! My fiancé receives constant compliments and doesn’t hesitate to tell the story of how the ring is just for her. Vanessa’s downtown location is kind of far for us North County folk; but honestly, don’t let the location deter you. We met at her studio for an initial appointment, but after that, most of the process was done over phone/email. I actually did a lot of this while working out of town. I highly recommend Vanessa Nicole Jewels to create your engagement ring. My fiancé and I are so excited to work with her to design our weddings bands. Customers for life!

~Joe & Suzie N.

Carlsbad, CA

Joe & Suzie - Vanessa Nicole Jewels - Happy Client

“When my fiancé first looked at the ring she was absolutely stunned”

I just proposed to my fiancé with a custom engagement ring designed and built by Vanessa Nicole. I could not have been more ecstatic with the entire process. I live in Seattle and my fiancé lives in Oakland so I thought planning everything, designing the ring, figuring out the size, etc was all going to be a challenge. Vanessa Nicole walked me through every step of the process from helping me pick a diamond to getting a rough idea of what I wanted the ring to look like to designing a great CAD mockup and lastly building an absolutely stunning ring. My fiancé LOVES it, which is what I cared about most.

The process can be very overwhelming but when I found Vanessa Nicole, she coached me through it all. She respected the budget I had set, made everything very clear as we went along and above all, made it feel like a very personalized experience. It went from being a difficult process to a really enjoyable one and when my fiancé first looked at the ring she was absolutely stunned. It was unique, like nothing I’d ever seen and it felt great to have a hand in personalizing this very important reflection of my love.

Lastly, being from out of town, Vanessa Nicole made the process so easy for me. She went out of her way to be accommodating, worked around some specific timing requests I made and didn’t compromise the quality in the least. I couldn’t be happier and I would recommend to any of my good friends or family to work with her regardless of where they live. I’m sure my fiancé would agree…. her work is unparalleled. Thanks again!!!

~Blake & Melissa B.

Seattle, Washington

Blake & Melissa - Vanessa Nicole Jewels

Or Call Vanessa At (619) 800-0134

“She made the whole experience so personal”

My fiancé wanted to make our engagement very special, he went to see Vanessa and was blown away by how much help she was. From the beginning he wanted to give me a solitaire so we could design the setting together. Vanessa helped him pick out the most beautiful diamond!!

We were getting engaged out of town and my fiancé did not want to travel with the ring, Vanessa set it up so that the ring would be waiting at the proposal spot when we arrived…he didn’t have to worry about a thing. She made the whole experience so personal by writing a note to “The Bride To Be” congratulating me & letting me know how much thought my fiancé had put into our special day. She also let me know that we were going to come in and design the ring together & that I was welcome to come in and see her whenever I wanted.

Vanessa has made the whole process so enjoyable & personal. I have been in to see her a few times since getting engaged and she has been nothing but helpful. I cannot wait to have her design my ring, I honestly would not trust anyone else to do it!!!!

~Kelli & Daniel N.

San Diego, CA

“Out of every single yelp review I’ve ever written, her company receives my highest recommendation.”

I got married in 2009 and at the altar my husband surprised me with a beautiful diamond and sapphire ring (I had not wanted a traditional “engagement ring” until after I was married). The ring was beautiful but he mentioned he had been a victim of a lot of the diamond shaming and gemstone drama that is rampant in wedding ring sales. 3 years later, I dropped the ring by accident on the floor and shattered the diamond. I never knew this was possible until I took it into Vanessa and she told me that yes, diamonds if struck on the right edge, at the right angle, will chip or, in my case, shatter. I was devastated though my husband assured me that only the diamond broke, not our marriage!

Vanessa helped with writing a report to get the home owners insurance that I could claim, and then helped design a new ring with added safety features (e.g. a halo around the diamond). She was able to reuse the sapphires and some of the original platinum for sentimentality reasons. We also chose a ring setting that looked similar to the original one my husband had designed. After a few weeks I was able to say “yes!” again and I couldn’t be happier!

One huge thing I appreciate about Vanessa is that we never felt like she was trying to swindle, milk, up-sell or shame us. She wanted us to be happy but also made clear what her cost for the setting would be. She is an artist and she and we know what her skills are worth. Every single penny was well spent on my ring. She probably should have charged more with the back-and-forth changes I requested on the CAD file. She recommended a jewelry insurance company as I mentioned I intended to get a floater policy on my ring. I got 2 other quotes and they were more expensive and had huge deductibles tacked onto them. I used the policy she had recommended (she uses it for her own rings) since they would also let me choose my jeweler if anything were to happen to my ring…and why would I go to anyone else but Vanessa!?

You can tell she wants what’s best for you and your loved one as that’s how she’ll get more clients, through happy customers. She knows a LOT about the industry and out of every single yelp review I’ve ever written, her company receives my highest recommendation.

~Allison & Tk

Allison & Tk - Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring

“Definitely different than going to a jewelry store”

I was so excited to find out that my fiance arranged for me to sit down and have my engagement ring custom made. WOW!! That meant so much to me and it also meant that no one would have the same ring in the world!! How sweet is that?!! Definitely different than going to a jewelry store and picking one out.

Of course, I had my reservations because I live so far away (across the country) from Vanessa and did not know what to expect from the whole process, BUT Vanessa was unbelievable!!! I cannot begin to tell you how easy it was from beginning to end. She worked with me on every detail. I had a lot of questions, and she happily answered all of them. I received my ring right before Christmas and it was the best gift ever! It is just STUNNING!!!!!! Everyone tells me it looks BEAUTIFUL…I would definitely have to agree! If you are considering having your ring custom made, I would not hesitate to call Vanessa. She will make your dream ring come true and you will enjoy the process! Thank you, Vanessa, for my lovely ring and for being incredible to work with…you are a joy & blessing! God bless you!

~Vanessa & Robert V.


Robert & Vanessa Vargas - Vanessa Nicole Jewels

“She really exceeded my expectations”

Vanessa really took one of the most stressful things of proposing, finding the perfect ring, and made it as painless as possible.

I’m pretty OCD, but she took all my wants & concerns and made the most beautiful ring.

Like I’ve told her on many occasions, she really exceeded my expectations. I’ll sure be going to Vanessa for the wedding bands.

~Roger Cristobal

“It is EXACTLY to a “T” what I have always dreamt of!!!!”

VANESSA!!!!!!!!!! ALL I CAN SAY IS THANK YOU AND I KNOW THAT’S NOT EVEN ENOUGH!!!! You have an amazing talent and I am so pleased and impressed and completely in love with the masterpiece you created!!! It is EXACTLY to a “T” what I have always dreamt of!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

VNJ is an amazing way to go!!! My fiance worked directly with the jeweler Vanessa and was able to take my breath away when he proposed with a gorgeous ring that I didn’t imagine possible!! The ring is exactly what I had pictured in my mind that I always wanted but hadn’t seen really until it was on my finger shining like crazy!!!

And if that were not enough….there was a video which accompanied the ring that made my heart melt!! Tyler, my fiance, had the opportunity to explain exactly why he wanted this type of custom ring for our custom one of a kind love and relationship. Vanessa is an amazing person and jeweler and I highly recommend her……….so all you men out there contemplating going with someone else…………….you should think again!!! VNJ is the ONLY WAY!!! And this is coming from a pretty picky girl ;p

~Megan M.

Moncks Corner, SC

Woman With Her Fiancee Showing Her Antique Style Engagement Ring Settings!

“The Customer Service And Craftsmanship Are Top Notch”

When I first went looking for engagement rings, I didn’t know where to start. I had gotten pictures of a few rings from my fiance’s sister, and some advice, but I didn’t know the first thing about jewelry shopping. Lucky for me, I’d met Vanessa previously, so I figured I’d give her a call to see if she could help out.

Vanessa was fantastic! She gave me a crash course on how to evaluate diamonds, met with me several times to answer questions, and put together a great 3D preview of the prospective ring design for me to check out before she began work. 

In the end, I got a custom, one of a kind ring that was perfect for my fiancé. She absolutely loves it, and I don’t think any other ring would have been as good. The customer service and craftsmanship are top notch, and I highly recommend Vanessa Nicole Jewels to anyone who needs an engagement ring.

~Evan Scalzo

Evan Scalzo - Google Voice Text Message
Evan & Kate – Vanessa Nicole Jewels

“She Will Make Everything Perfect And Your Bride Extremely Happy!”

Wow! Vanessa is awesome! I first met her when planning my fiance’s engagement ring. I had done a TON of research, been into all the stores, spoke with stores around the country, but couldn’t find the perfect ring. I had something very specific in mind (a vintage feel with a cushion cut stone and a few other specifics), so I decided explore the custom route.

After the first meeting with Vanessa, I knew it would be a good fit. She was very easy to work with, spent time understanding exactly what I (and my fiance) wanted, explained the process etc.

Actually working with her was great! Everything on time (or ahead of schedule) and she went the extra mile to make sure everything was perfect. I was probably more of a hassle to work with, but she never complained and helped make everything run smooth.

So my fiance (of course) said yes, and constantly gets complimented on her ring! We have now gone back to Vanessa for her wedding band so it can be perfectly matched with the engagement ring. We’re getting married a week from tomorrow (July 16th), and are thrilled about everything including the rings!

If you’re looking for stellar service and truly custom work, you MUST have a conversation with Vanessa. She will make everything perfect and your bride extremely happy!

~Forest B.

Forest & Laura Bronzan

“He loves your energy and passion!”


“My husband agreed with me that you are the best person to design my dream diamond anniversary ring. I have received lower quotes, but my gut didn’t feel good about the others and they don’t even come close to your craftsmanship, attention to detail & enthusiasm. I showed my husband your website & videos and he loves your energy and passion!”


“Dear Vanessa,

Words cannot express my appreciation for you! This process has been absolutely wonderful – from our initial contact and conversations, to passing the torch to Karl & harassing him for details while he teased and tortured me until I received my beautiful ring!

Thank you for your genuine interest in us as a couple, exceeding my expectations, and for your attention to detail. My hope is that you’ll still be doing this in 20+ years so that my children can have this wonderful experience with you when they find the right person. Thank you for the special DVD!”

~Megan S.

Oakland, CA

Custom Engagement Ring | Vanessa Nicole Jewels

Or Call Vanessa At (619) 800-0134

“My fiancé loves her & you can tell by her other reviews that every single woman that has worked with Vanessa adores her”

I recently had a custom ring made by Vanessa. My experience was awesome, and even more important my fiance’s experience was even better.

I had decided that buying a ring from Harry Winston or Tiffany’s was not as personal or rewarding as having a custom ring made. If you have the means to buy a nice ring from the name brand companies you quickly realize that once they make the sale that’s as far as their effort goes. I did their selection process, ordered samples and did a lot of research at Tiffany’s. One afternoon after doing a viewing of samples I felt similar to if I was just buying another car. For me, a ring is symbolic of one of the most important decisions in my life and deserving of my personal attention.

From a pure price perspective you can expect to pay 40-50% less for exactly what you want vs. at Tiffany’s and H.W. 

Once you have decided to make a custom ring with Vanessa, one of the most important things is her open communication and ability to work within any budget/ideas and design.

The process I followed to narrow down the selection of the center stone was very meticulous. I picked a diamond from an online store and brought it with me to Vanessa Nicole Jewels. She is very open to the process of using your own diamond, but she will also present her picks from her wholesalers. So she brought 3 other diamonds that were similar to the one I picked online to compare against. We did fire/color comparisons between them, and low and behold after all that pre-work I did, I actually chose one of hers! In reality, she really didn’t care where the diamond came from… for her its about the ring. So I sent the other diamond back the next day to the online company.

So after all that we got to the fun part. I presented Vanessa with a design that I liked and we worked through the amazing process of making it. She does a first pass 3D render of the ring and you can make small changes as many times as you like until its perfect, I only had one pass as the first one was amazing. Her client list is competitive, so don’t procrastinate if she is someone your interested in working with. However the attention to detail, her consistent and persistent communication allows you to work with her at any schedule and pace you may need to.

One of her differentiators is the custom video production she does of your ring making process; this was probably the single thing that will impress your fiance afterward and definitely worth doing. My fiancé loves her and you can tell by her other reviews and people on her website that every single woman that has worked with Vanessa adores her and most are extremely jealous of her ‘perfect’ job, LOL.

~Dan & Colbi F.

San Diego, CA

Dan & Colbi - Vanessa Nicole Jewels

“Definitely exceeded all our expectations”

Hi Vanessa,

I just wanted to thank you again for creating the most amazing ring I have ever seen. It is everything I ever thought it would be and more – definitely exceeded all our expectations.

I will happily be referring you to all our family and friends, your work and craftsmanship is beyond incredible and I will be forever grateful. We’re already looking forward to designing our wedding bands!

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for all your hard work and dedication.

~Semir and Larisa

(Brisbane, Australia)

Larisa & Semir - Vanessa Nicole Jewels

“My ring came out perfect and exactly how I wanted it to.”

I saw it in my mind…I knew what i wanted it to speak to anyone who saw it.. Vanessa Nicole helped put it into form and make it a reality:) It was a truly amazing experience to work 1 on 1 with Vanessa and her passion, joy, and desire to help me create what i wanted my ring to say to my bride to be. It was truly a customer service extraordinary experience. My ring came out perfect and exactly how I wanted it to. Every guy needs to have an experience like this to help set the stage for a wonderful marriage!

Amazing job, Vanessa….and Thank You!!!!

~Landon L.

San Diego, CA

Landon & Nichole - Client Review - Vanessa Nicole Jewels

“I only wish I found her to make my engagement ring!”

I stumbled upon Vanessa’s website when I was looking for a jeweler to make my custom wedding band. I only wish I found her to make my engagement ring! She is incredible. My ring’s center stone makes it so I couldn’t just get a straight band. Vanessa was able to match my rings band exactly including all of the micro diamonds and made a gap in it so it sits flush with my engagement ring. We were also able to pick out my fiance’s stainless steel band the same day. I would recommend Vanessa to everyone.

~Sam & Dallas M.

Julian, CA

Sam & Dallas - Vanessa Nicole Jewels

“I just can’t say enough good things about my whole experience working with you”

Hi Vanessa!

I just wanted to write a quick review to thank you SO much for such a wonderful experience in working with you to create Kari’s ring. She absolutely LOVES the ring, and has been very proud of it ever since I proposed a little over a week ago. I must admit, I feel pretty proud of it too! And really its all because of the amazing work you do! We have even watched the “Making of the Ring” DVD a few times now, and we love that too! I just can’t say enough good things about my whole experience working with you to create this amazing ring that Kari now wears so proudly. Thank you, thank you, thank you! We look forward to working with you soon to create our wedding bands!

~Ken & Kari C.

San Diego, CA

Ken & Kari - Client Review - Vanessa Nicole Jewels

“Too bad you’re not a wedding planner, I would have hired you ;)”

Hi Vanessa!

The proposal was a great success, my fiancé was really surprised and broke down into to tears of excitement. The whole immediate family was there and everyone enjoyed themselves. She really loves her ring and for that, I thank you for meticulously creating it. We thank you for all your hard work and dedication and for making August 11 a more than special day with such a beautiful ring and DVD to help us remember the proposal – and hopefully share with our children one day.

Now it’s time to start planning the wedding!! Too bad you’re not a wedding planner too, I would have hired you Once again, thank you for dedicating your time, and catering to all my proposal needs. I will keep in contact with you and get the wedding band soon.

~Ruben & Vanessa C.

Irvine, CA

Ruben & Vanessa - Vanessa Nicole Jewels

“He Got MAJOR Bonus Points With This Ring!”

First off, I need to just flat out say: VANESSA IS THE BEST! Oh my gosh I cannot stop looking at my ring. Eeeeeeek! It’s just so incredibly perfect – I could go on and on about it. (And trust me, I have to my fiancé) He got MAJOR bonus points with this ring! I wasn’t there for the process since it was a total surprise, but the design is EXACTLY what I would have wanted if I had met with her myself. She must have really done some digging for information from my fiancé because I don’t wear much jewelry so I don’t know how he would have known what would be perfect for me. But THIS IS!

Anyway, I just wanted to write this review because I think Vanessa is so genuine in her approach to making engagement rings and when I met her, she made me feel so excited about being engaged – didn’t even know that would be possible! (she got married last summer so she knows how to relate to new brides). Check her out – she’ll take really good care of you!

~Laura Fuller

Laura Fuller – Client review – Vanessa Nicole Jewels

“Vanessa Nicole Jewels Is Top Notch”

We were visiting other jewelry stores in San Diego, but ultimately chose Vanessa Nicole Jewels because we loved the idea of working directly with the designer who would be making my girlfriend’s engagement ring rather than a salesperson at a store who puts in an order with someone like her and then adds an additional markup.

Vanessa Nicole even put a picture of my girlfriend on her bench while making the ring. My girlfriend is just loving her rings. Thank You Vanessa!

Or Call Vanessa At (619) 800-0134

“Why Can’t All Wedding Vendors Be Like Vanessa?!”

My fiance proposed to me in December 2009. By the time our wedding year rolled around in January 2011, we still hadn’t found exactly what we wanted for our wedding bands. (I tried big box stores, Tiffany’s, high end retailers, antique jewelry shops, and more.) Enter Vanessa Nicole Jewels. I live in San Francisco, but am getting married in San Diego– this was no problem at all. Vanessa was responsive and accommodating from the very beginning.

When I emailed Vanessa and tried to explain (in extremely vague terms) what we were hoping to find for our wedding rings, she wrote back and it was like she could read my mind. Vanessa rephrased what I had said in to terms that made sense. Any clarification questions that she had, she would include pictures with the various options, so that it was as clear as possible for us. I sent her a photo of my engagement ring, and she worked with that to help me figure out the best wedding ring design for me.

She answered every question I had in a way that was thorough, and even educational. (I learned a lot from her!) She worked with both of us to ensure the best value for the money we could spend, and gave us her professional opinion when we asked for it. She mocked up both of our rings, and even helped me do something special as a surprise for my fiance on the inside of his ring.

The design process was easy with Vanessa. Then, once we approved the designs, it got even easier (if that’s possible). Vanessa would check in with us at every step of the way to let us know where things were. She confirmed when she would charge our credit card, and when she was polishing, shipping, etc. It was exciting– and you can feel her excitement in creating these pieces, too!

The end product is perfect. We got the rings and can’t stop trying them on. We’ll be wearing them for the rest of our lives, and I couldn’t be happier that we chose Vanessa Nicole Jewels to help us create them.

One day, my fiance was emailing with Vanessa about shipping options and exclaimed– “Why can’t all wedding vendors be like Vanessa?!” That sums up how appreciative we are of Vanessa, her professionalism, her honesty, and her quality. She genuinely cares about her customers. (She even helped me brainstorm gift ideas for my maid of honor!) I’ll be recommending Vanessa to all of my closest friends and family.


“I will be sure to refer anyone and everyone to you”

Hey Vanessa,

Amanda loves it!! I gave it to her yesterday and she was soooo surprised and happy!

Thank you very much for all your hard work, you are an angel. Thank you for getting it done on time – it looks amazing. Perfect size and perfect for Amanda! I will be sure to refer anyone and everyone to you Thanks again!

~Mark L.

Bloomfield Hills, MI

Mark & Amanda – Client Review – Vanessa Nicole Jewels

“It suits me perfectly…”

Hi Vanessa!

I love my ring! Everyone who sees it says it suits me perfectly, and I agree! I have enthusiastically referred you to a couple of people already, and I am sure that is just the beginning! Thank you so much for helping Eagle to create the perfect ring for me!

Mary-Kay Butler

Mary Kay & Eagle – Client Review - Vanessa Nicole Jewels

“Vanessa Made Us Feel Like Family!”

As soon as Rob (my fiancé) and I walked in the door, Vanessa made us feel like family! She guided us through the process with such ease and grace and probed us with all the right questions to figure out exactly what suited our needs! It turned out we were looking for a classic, elegant, timeless, yet unique ring… the usual, right?? haha Within days of our initial meeting, Vanessa sent us 3D images of her top three suggestions. We, of course, chose to blend all three! It was so refreshing to work with someone as dedicated to her craft and as genuine as Vanessa.

My ring is absolutely stunning and I can’t even imagine what a different experience this entire process (let alone ring) would have been if we had gone to a name-brand jewelry store. I think there’s something really special about wearing a ring you built together and I’ll cherish that memory forever! Working with Vanessa was such a treat! Thank you Vanessa!!

~Christine Landis


THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!!! The video was soooo beautiful, the rings are just perfect, and the opportunity to surprise Christine with them was fantastic!

Thanks again, the moment and the ring and the video were all just so precious!

~Rob Landis

Rob & Christine Testimonial

“I Can, Without Hesitation, Recommend Her To Anyone”

Vanessa Nicole Jewels was recommended to me through my brother, who was a classmate of Vanessa’s and knew of her jewelry business. My fiance and I have been engaged far longer than average and even though we’ve had ample time to sort out all sorts of details about our wedding, we had not been able to find wedding rings that suited our fancies.

My fiance’s engagement ring has a unique geometry that requires something a bit offbeat and different than a normal wedding band. I wanted a wedding band, but something with a certain, hard to define, custom aspect that would make it uniquely mine. We first went to the jeweler that my family has used for decades, but they were unwilling or unable to really put in the effort to help us find what we were looking for.

We ordered my wedding band first. Vanessa took the time to understand what I was looking for and she actively listened throughout the process. She made sure that what she produced was in perfect keeping with my desires. Throughout the forging and finishing of my ring, Vanessa kept me informed.

After my fiance saw the results, which were impressive and lovely to behold, we started talking to Vanessa about the problems we have encountered in finding a matching ring for my fiance’s engagement setting. Vanessa again provided a thoughtful and attentive ear and again proved herself to be a partner in the process. After some mock-ups, my fiance was presented with a design she loves – a design she feels fully confident “in wearing for the rest of my life.”

Vanessa has proved herself to be an engaging businesswoman, equally adept at customer service and artistry – Vanessa is that, an artisan, and her work is as exceptional as she is engaging. We will continue to patronize Vanessa’s talents for years to come and I can, without hesitation, recommend her to anyone who is looking to own (or give) something as unique and personal as jewelry.

~Aaron Butler

Aaron & Keri B.

“I Could Not Have Been Happier With This Experience”

So I lost my wedding band in the ocean. And that’s not just a story I made up to cover up for a night of crude debauchery… my wife was there so I am in the clear!

To replace my ring, my wife chose Vanessa because she works with Vanessa’s husband and liked the work on her website. Vanessa was friendly and professional. She helped us look at different ring designs and helped us choose one not as a jeweler looking to pitch a product but as a person who was fully invested in making sure we were happy with our choice. She even steered us away from a particular design because the constant wear would have eventually ruined it.

The replacement ring is simple, clean, and awesome. Throughout the process, Vanessa was accommodating, knowledgeable, and, most importantly, attentive to what I wanted. I could not have been happier with this experience.

~Jeff Quon

“You Just Can’t Beat Getting A Ring Custom Made From A Local Engagement Ring Guru”

Overall a great experience…I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when buying an engagement ring. I did the typical approach. Went to Jared’s and just didn’t get that warm and fuzzy feeling I was looking for. A friend had recommended Vanessa so I figured it couldn’t hurt to hear what she had to say. When I met Vanessa, immediately I felt like this woman actually cares! Even better, I see all her equipment, which tells me I’m getting a ring made locally right here in San Diego. Vanessa created a very nice ring to my exact specifications. I couldn’t be more happier with the end result. You just can’t beat getting a ring custom made from a local engagement ring guru.

~Josh Grillo

“I sincerely could not be happier”

I think Vanessa is an angel from above! She and my fiance designed my engagement ring, and I sincerely could not be happier. My ring is perfectly me; I could not have done any better. Vanessa is so sweet and completely empathetic towards budget. The quality is there ten fold. I would recommend her to anyone! I was blessed to meet her when I got the ring re-sized. She is super helpful, knowledgeable, and a joy to encounter.

~Alicia Rasmussen

“Vanessa Made My Wish Come True!”

I’ve wanted to change my diamond and princess cut stones from a yellow gold to a white gold setting for many years. Vanessa made my wish come true! Her design was beautiful. She emailed me lots to keep me updated on what she was doing. Her customer service is one of her unique talents along with her wonderful qualities as a designer. I’m so proud to show off my new ring. I’m sorry I waited so long!

Thank you Vanessa, Sherry

“It Was Perfect”

This is right after my fiancé proposed. Because I make engagement rings for a living, he knew I would want to make my own, but the tricky part was how to make it a surprise. He called one of my colleagues and put in an order for a ring design I had fallen in love with.

One random afternoon, he called me into my room – the shutters where closed even though it was still daytime. He gave me a handmade book, and deep inside the carved pages was the gorgeous ring I had made. I swear I had no idea it was coming! After he got down on one knee – knowing I had always wanted our families to be there for this moment – he said “let’s let some light in here” and opened the shutters. Both our families were jumping up and down, cheering and taking pictures from outside. He had flown his family in from Michigan, so we could celebrate the joining of our families. It was perfect.

~Vanessa Nicole

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