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Three-Stone Engagement Rings – Why They’re the Perfect Choice

When it’s time to go shopping for an engagement ring, the sheer number of options can be overwhelming. Although diamond solitaire engagement rings and halo engagement rings are the most popular type of engagement ring, more people are selecting engagement rings designed with three stones in the setting. Here are some of the reasons a three-stone ring may be the perfect choice for your beloved.

Significance of Three-Stone Rings
Trilogy Ring

A three-stone ring, often referred to as a trilogy ring, is becoming more popular for what it represents. The three stones, whether they are diamonds or other gemstones, are said to represent the past, present, and future, filled with love, laughter and creating memories together. Most designs have a larger center diamond, which is said to represent the present, with two smaller gems on either side of it for the past and future.

Instead of standing for the past, present, and future, some believe the three stones symbolize friendship, love, and fidelity. If the couple is religious, then the three stones may represent their belief in the Holy Trinity; the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Whichever meaning you assign to it, these rings are a great choice for engagement rings.

Designing a Trilogy Engagement Ring
Diamond Shapes

With the three-stone engagement ring, there are almost endless possibilities for creating its unique design. The three stones can be the same shape and the same color, or you can select side gemstones in a different color and cut. One of the reasons this ring is becoming more popular is it allows the buyer to be more creative in its design than diamond solitaire engagement rings.

Choosing the Stones

Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring

While most trilogy rings are designed with diamonds, some are created with a diamond in the center with other gemstones on either side of it. Depending on your beloved’s favorite color or her birthstone, you can choose blue or pink sapphires for the smaller stones, emeralds, aquamarines or any other gemstones which may have a significant meaning for your bride-to-be. You should also consider the type of jewelry she normally wears when choosing the stones.

If she is not an extrovert, but someone who is more subdued in their clothing style and personality, then she might prefer having more subdued gemstones place in the ring instead of diamonds. However, if she is someone who likes to show off and wears expensive clothing when going out for the evening, then a diamond trilogy ring would be a great choice for her.

Selecting Cuts


The three stones in the ring do not have to be the same shape. While many people will choose all round or all square gemstones, many others want a combination of cuts. For instance, you could pick a princess cut center diamond and have two pear shaped gemstones for either side of it. When it comes to cuts, you have a wide array of options.

To help you decide which cuts to select, look at your intended’s jewelry to find out which shapes she likes. If she has diamond earrings, notice the shape and select the ring’s cut to match.

Choosing a Setting


Many three-stone settings already have the side stones set in them, and you only need to select the center stone. However, you can choose all three stones if you want to create a unique ring for your significant other. Prong settings are the most popular for trilogy rings as they allow the center stone to be elevated above the two smaller ones. 

The settings come in a variety of metals, but if you’re buying diamonds or precious gems like emeralds or rubies, then you should stick with gold, white gold, platinum or titanium setting. Precious metal settings will help retain the value of the gemstones. A prong setting also allows you to choose different cuts for the two smaller stones, but if all the stones have the same cut, then you could consider a channel or bezel setting instead.

A three-stone engagement ring can be higher priced than a solitaire diamond ring. However, the significance of its meaning makes trilogy rings a popular choice for couples looking toward their future together.

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