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Tim and Courtney Client Review

Tim & Courtney’s Engagement Ring


I love so many things about her.  She’s got the biggest heart in the world and always is trying to volunteer when she can, be there for friends or family in tough situations, and generally cares so much for her whole network of friends and family. 

She’s very much like me in a lot of ways – we have very similar outlooks on life, same life goals, same type of thoughts on politics and religion, but she’s also different than me in some great ways.  She’s much more creative than I am, she’s isn’t afraid to speak her mind more than I am, and she does a better job of sticking up for herself than I do – qualities I admire and seeing how she’s different has changed me for the better.  She’s got a lot of spunk but a lot of heart and she’s always there for me when I’m feeling down or frustrated and just knows what to say. 

This sounds so cliché but I feel like I’ve known her my whole life and our friendship is something that I’ve never really had in a relationship and it’s what I value the most.  She understands me more than anyone I know and knows what to say to motivate me or make me feel better.  And lastly, she’s adventuresome like me and gets along great with my friends.

– Tim Parent