5 Tips To Choosing the Perfect Wedding Band

Wedding bands represent a pact between a husband and wife to remain devoted to each other for as long as they live. Even decades after your wedding day, your wedding bands will serve as a daily reminder of this special bond. You will likely wear them every day for the rest of your life, so it’s important to choose rings that match your individual style and will look great for many years to come.

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Now, here are some helpful tips and ideas on choosing the perfect wedding bands for you and your partner.

1. Choose A Style That’s Timeless

The traditional thin, plain band will always stand the test of time. To add a little more bling, consider having diamonds pave set into it. Below is a video describing the four most popular wedding ring styles.

Plain Gold or Platinum Wedding Rings: Traditional will never go out of style.

Thin Wedding Bands

Diamonds Set Only On The Top: This is popular for wedding rings because it doesn’t experience as much wear and tear on the diamonds like an eternity ring would, however it gives the illusion that the diamonds go all the way around because they are set just below in between your fingers.

diamonds on top of wedding band

Shadow Wedding Rings: This design fits flush against your engagement ring so there is no gap between the two rings. The only downside to this ring style is that it doesn’t look quite right on it’s own without the engagement ring next to it. Some women like the ability to wear the wedding ring alone if they need to take off the engagement ring for safety purposes.

Matching Flush Set Wedding Band

Eternity Ring (Diamonds Set All The Way Around): Eternity rings are meant to symbolize the eternal love between you and your husband. There are generally two disadvantages of an eternity wedding ring. First, it typically cannot be re-sized. Second, it will undergo more wear and tear every time to grab something or smack your hand, so it will most likely require a repair or two over the years. Eternity bands are popular as Anniversary Bands because you don’t have to wear it every day, which cuts down the chance of necessary repairs.

Emerald Cut Eternity Band Custom Made By Vanessa Nicole

Round diamonds are the traditional cut for wedding rings, but there are also princess cut diamonds as well as emerald cut diamonds. Typically, the diamond cut on the band matches the diamond cut on the engagement ring. A prong setting (“floating”) allows more light into the diamond for maximum brilliance. A channel setting protects diamonds from abrasions and offers a smoother look.

2. How Thick Should Wedding Rings Be?

This depends on several factors:

  • Your overall height/weight: If you are taller, a thin ring OR a thicker wedding ring will work nicely. If you are petite, thinner wedding rings are more popular.
  • Your budget: Thinner wedding rings will cost a lot less than thick rings simply because there is less gold/platinum.
  • How it matches with your engagement ring: Some wedding rings fit flush against your engagement ring while others don’t match the design at all. This is your personal preference. If engagement rings are thin, it makes sense to match the thickness on the wedding rings. If your engagement ring is thick, it is generally a good idea to keep the wedding rings thin otherwise it might be uncomfortable on your finger to have so much metal underneath your finger. Most people can tolerate up to 7mm of metal under their finger. Keep in mind that many women prefer a symmetrical look, which requires two thin wedding rings on either side of the engagement ring (Vanessa’s personal favorite) – you’ll need to make sure that the wedding rings are thin so they don’t add too much bulk under your finger.

3. What Diamond Cut Do I Choose for Wedding Rings?

Round diamonds are the traditional cut for wedding rings, but there are also princess cut diamonds as well as emerald cut diamonds. Typically, the diamond cut on the band matches the diamond cut on the engagement ring. A prong setting shows the diamonds going all the way to the edge and allows more light into the diamond for maximum brilliance. A channel setting protects diamonds from abrasions and offers a smoother, more contemporary  look.

Diamond Cut Options for Wedding Rings

4. There Are So Many Wedding Ring Styles – How Do I Choose?

One way to narrow the selection down is by seeing what will look most appropriate with your engagement ring. Some styles simply won’t look right, which will cross a few off the list of options. Also ask yourself how thick your want the wedding ring to be against the engagement ring. If your engagement ring is thin, some women prefer that the wedding ring not overshadow the engagement ring.

Many ultimately go with a thin, plain band so it doesn’t take your eye away from the stunning center diamond on the engagement ring. If you design your custom wedding ring with Vanessa Nicole Jewels, you will be offered to add special surprises on the inside of the ring that only you and your fiancé know about such as a secret diamond or birthstone, or a sweet engraving.

Also remember to consider your lifestyle. If you have a job that requires your hands to be in constant action, or you get your hands dirty a lot, it makes more sense to have a wedding ring on the plain side so you don’t risk losing/chipping diamonds or getting them dirty underneath.

5. What Type of Metal Do I Choose for Wedding Rings?

Yellow Gold: The most traditional of precious metals for wedding rings.

White Gold: 
Looks like platinum, but less expensive. Enhances the diamonds since it blends in with the white sparkle.

The most durable precious metal – for many it’s a symbol of enduring love. It’s the best precious metal for wedding rings for people with allergies because its not mixed with the lesser metals like gold is.

Many couples choose wedding bands that are made of 14k and 18k white or yellow gold, or platinum. Selecting one of these precious metals is simply a matter of personal choice and budget – there’s virtually no limit to the styles available in each.

An 18k white gold ring, for example, is a popular choice since it enhances the whiteness and sparkle of any diamonds that are incorporated.

Platinum is another popular option because it’s an even stronger metal and thus a symbol of enduring love.

Yellow gold rings are the most traditional and will never go out of style.

The shape and construction of your wedding bands is another important factor to consider. For example, traditionally, plain wedding bands are curved on the outside and flat inside. However, your ring can also be designed with a curve on the inside of the band too, which generally enhances the comfort. These also tend to be more durable, though sometimes a bit heavier. You can also enhance the value and beauty of your wedding bands by incorporating a diamond (or several).

Gold Content

As you compare precious metals, it may be helpful to understand the physical properties of gold wedding rings, since they are generally not 100% pure gold. Because gold is soft and pliable, in contrast to a metal like platinum, it is usually mixed with other metals to make it more durable. For example, 18k gold consists of about 75% pure gold, while 14k gold has just under 60% gold content. The rest usually consists of a mixture of copper, nickel and zinc, in varying amounts.

When it comes to choosing wedding bands, we all have our own personal tastes and preferences. While engagement rings are often made solely by the fiancé, wedding bands should be a mutual decision. Set aside a time to talk to your partner about your options and look at different jewelry styles. Make it a fun and enjoyable experience in the weeks leading up to your big day!

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