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Top 4 Myths about Engagement Rings

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There is a lot of pressure on guys when they are shopping for engagement rings. But the truth is, there shouldn’t be. Engagement ring shopping should be a happy, relatively stress-free time. To help your ring shopping experience to be exactly that, we have developed a list of myths people believe about shopping for engagement rings and debunked them.

MYTH 1: The Jewelers Know Best
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Most “jewelers” are sales representatives. Even the most reputable jewelers are there to make the store money and earn their share on commission. However, when you work directly with an artisan to create a custom ring, their goal is to truly make her something your fiancé will love.  There is usually a longer conversation so the artist can learn more about your fiancé and what her tastes are. It’s better to create a design practical & suitable for her lifestyle.

Never go into a chain jewelry store looking for an engagement ring and believing that the jeweler knows best, even if the store is reputable. Always trust what you know about your girl’s preferences. Or just bring her with you, which brings us to the next myth.

MYTH 2: It Needs to be a Surprise
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We’ve all seen the stereotypical marriage proposal depicted in movies and TV shows. The guy plans the perfect romantic night, gets down on one knee, offers the perfect ring, and pops the question, all while completely blindsiding the girl with all of it. Realistically, however, keeping all those things secret is a very hard task.

Our culture has fallen prey to the idea that not just marriage proposals, but the ring-shopping itself must be kept secret for it to be ideal. This is the probably the biggest myth of engagement ring shopping. It doesn’t only set unrealistic expectations but also puts heavy pressure on the guy’s shoulder’s, who is probably already nervous enough without trying to fit the mold of a perfect proposal.

My brother and his fiancée shopped for a ring together. She picked it out online, he ordered it, and that was that. It is not ideal to most people because what bride-to-be wants to know that a proposal is coming? However, this method is growing in popularity today, because all women have different tastes when it comes to rings. Why wait until the proposal to find out that the ring you got is not what she wanted?

Don’t fall prey to the myth that everything about the ring must be a surprise. Yes, you know a proposal is coming, but you don’t know when.

MYTH 3: The Bigger the Diamond, the Better

"The Bigger the Diamond, the Better" Myth

Our culture puts a lot of emphasis on “the bigger, the better.” Children always look for the biggest gift and the largest toys. Similarly, some girls grow up thinking that if they don’t get the biggest diamond out there, then the guy must be cheap. But in reality, the size of the diamond is not synonymous with its quality.

The value of a diamond comes from the 4 C’s, that is, carat, color, clarity, and cut. A diamond could be huge but have reduced clarity or color, which would make it worth a lot less than a smaller diamond without any flaws. And I guarantee that a smaller, diamond that passes the 4 C’s will always be better than a bigger diamond that fails the 4 C’s.

When you are shopping for your ring, look at the highest quality diamonds within your price and size range. Also, be sure to read up on the 4 C’s beforehand and ask the jeweler for a quality-proving certificate for your chosen diamond.

MYTH 4: You Must Spend a Lot of Money


The last myth that we are going to debunk ties all the other ones together. A lot of men think that they need to spend a lot of money on an engagement ring, “two months’ wages,” as the saying goes. But I will start off by saying that this notion is ridiculous for two reasons. One, two months’ wages is different for everyone, and two, not every girl is looking for an expensive ring.

Am I saying that you should buy the cheapest ring you can find? No, but buying that perfect ring doesn’t have to break the bank. Start with a max budget, set at what you truly and realistically can afford. The best jewelers will work with and respect your price range.

There is no right or wrong price to spend on a ring because it is not the price of the ring that counts. Rather, what counts is what the ring symbolizes. Proposing is a romantic gesture that shows the amount of love between two people. It is this amount of love that the ring embodies.

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