Diamond Engagement Ring Trends for 2023 

An engagement ring should be classic and timeless. After all, she is going to wear it for the rest of her life. However, it can still reflect her personal style and uniqueness. The diamond engagement ring trends for 2023 are distinctive enough to ensure that her ring won’t be like everyone else’s. However, they’re beautiful enough to last a lifetime. Below are the top engagement ring trends of 2023

1. Rose Gold

Ditch the yellow gold and platinum for this flattering warm tone. Rose gold complements any skin tone. It’s also just as classic as silver or gold. You can also layer rose gold with other metals. If you mix and match shades throughout your outfit, your rose gold ring will go with anything.

2. Color

Many women are wearing color on their rings. Fancy colored diamonds show off your fashion-forward style without going overboard. Natural colored diamonds are more expensive than those that have been treated with heat to achieve a particular color. However, they’re considered to be higher quality and more inimitable.

If you’re non-traditional, you may not want to stick with a diamond. Colored gemstones are an ideal way to showcase your personality and style. Emeralds and rubies have a vintage feel. Sapphires are sophisticated and timeless. Multidimensional stones like opal and alexandrite are interesting and unusual.

3. Botanicals

Go for something different than the solitaire with a botanical design. Scrolling, feminine settings are incorporating elements from nature, such as flowers, vines and leaves. The stones can be set in a shape that resembles a flower, or the metalwork can be intricate and winding. Botanical designs add whimsy to feminine settings.

4. Open Settings

If you love the simplicity of a solitaire, consider an open setting. The open setting allows you to view the stone from all angles, enhancing a particularly standout diamond. A four-prong setting lets more of the diamond shine through. A pavé band amps up the sparkle factor.

5. Halo

Surrounding the focal stone with smaller stones provides a halo effect and gives you a chance for more versatility in the ring style. If the stone in the center is smaller, you can amplify its impact by surrounding it with tiny, twinkling diamonds. You can offset a brightly colored stones with neutrals. You can also incorporate the botanical trend with a halo that’s shaped like a flower or leaves.

6. Marquise

Unusual cuts have been trending for a few years. In 2020, the marquise diamond is coming back into fashion. This football-shaped cut is said to have been designed by King Louis XIV of France for the Marquise of Pompadour to look like her perfectly shaped lips. Marquise diamonds are romantic and evoke a vintage feel.

They’re also flattering. The elongated shape makes the finger appear slimmer. The large surface area creates the impression that the diamond is larger than it actually is. If the diamond has inclusions, they are typically located toward the edges, where they can be covered by prongs.

7. Over-Under Styles

The flowing design of over-under styles is feminine yet modern. In this design, the band terminates by hugging the stone with a yin-yang type of effect. If you’re looking for something more contemporary than the solitaire but prefer simplicity, this style is perfect for you.

8. Embellished Bands

Vintage engagement rings are always stylish. You can up the design factor with an intricately embellished band. If the size of the diamond isn’t important to you or you prefer metalwork to the look of a stone, you can create a unique engagement ring by adding texture and interest to the band itself.

9. Princess Cut

This popular cut works wonderfully in almost any ring style. The four-sided pyramid shape gives you a chance to save money too. Princess cut diamonds are typically lower in price per carat than round cut diamonds, because two diamonds can be cut from one rough stone with less waste.

10. Multiple Bands

If you’re dressing up your band with smaller stones, you can make more of an impact by choosing a design that incorporates more than one band. It adds an architectural vibe to the ring that’s modern and fashionable.

These engagement ring trends for winter 2020 make it easy for you to impress her. The unique styles show that you put in some thought, which is really what is going to wow her in the end.

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