Engagement Rings for a Cause 

Selecting and purchasing an engagement ring is one of the most exciting and intimidating purchases you will ever make. One way to increase the unique specialness of the ring you select is by choosing a ring that gives something back to someone in need or that has stones that were mined in an ethical and humanitarian way. Selecting a ring for a cause is a great way to celebrate your exciting life event through giving.

What does it mean to say Engagement Rings for a Cause?

An engagement ring for a cause is a ring purchase that provides someone else in the world with something that they need, such as fresh drinking water, food, and clothing, anything that is considered a charitable donation. Several companies have begun to attach donations to the rings that they sell which allow the purchaser to flex their philanthropic muscle while purchasing the most important and quite possibly the most expensive piece of jewelry that they will ever buy

Humanistic Concerns

Diamonds in addition to being the traditional engagement ring center piece, are considered one of the most precious stones on earth. They have also become the center of lots of conflict in the world. Both because of the manner in which they are mined, and the poor treatment and compensation that is given to those who do the mining in some areas of the world.

Most people who are even slightly familiar with diamonds have heard of conflict or blood diamonds and know that they are illegal for having been mined through incredibly inhumane methods. Although some of these diamonds are among the most beautiful in the world, they are also a blight on the diamond community. This makes knowing where your diamonds come from and how they were harvested even more vital when it comes to choosing and designing an engagement ring.

Avoiding Conflict Diamonds

Choosing diamonds and gemstones that have been responsibly mined is one way in which all consumers can help someone else through their purchase of a jewelry or engagement ring items. By eliminating the demand for conflict or blood diamonds, you eliminate the need to harvest them and in turn help those individuals who would be mistreated in the mining process of these gems. You also decrease the amount of money being made by warlords that fund inhumane war practices and terrorism that stems directly from the sale of these illegal gemstones.

Environmental Concerns

In addition to concerns over the treatment of those who harvest conflict diamonds, are also the environmental concerns attached to diamond mining. Diamonds are one of the most common gemstones on earth. What makes them so valued is the size and cut associated with them. As such some diamond mines have opted for mining methods that are devastating to the environment in order to quickly unearth the larger stones and cut overhead costs before the competition can get theirs to market.

This practice diminishes the diamond industry as a whole devaluing those diamonds that are produced in such an irresponsible way. When choosing an engagement ring, you do not want there to be a gray cloud hanging over it, simply because it was harvested in an unethical method. Verifying where the gemstones were mined, and the circumstance surrounding the treatment of those involved in the harvesting process will ensure that your ring retains its value. As well as the happiness that an engagement ring is meant to represent.

Celebrate your Moment by Helping Others

Our diamonds at Vanessa Nicole Jewels are guaranteed to be conflict-free based on personal knowledge and/or written guarantees with partners who are known to us and share a kindred commitment to humanitarian rights. Our diamonds are produced in accordance with the United Nations Kimberley Process in cooperation with legitimate sources NOT involved in funding conflict.

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