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Are High-End Jewelry Stores REALLY High-End? These 4 Facts May Shock You…

When shopping for engagement rings, a lot of guys search for “high-end jewelry stores” with the assumption that bigger price tags mean better jewelry. But what they don’t realize is that this is often far from the truth.

While there’s no denying that a diamond ring’s price is correlated with the size of the diamond (larger rocks are more rare, after all), there are numerous other factors involved. And unfortunately, in many cases, a steep price tag is often less representative of the quality of the ring, and more representative of the huge markup that retailers use to increase their profits! Does that mean you should never spend more to give your girl a truly special and stunning engagement ring? No – it’s just a matter of knowing where your money is going and ensuring that the quality is truly exceptional. Chances are, you won’t find such a ring at any of the so-called high-end jewelry stores.

What You Need To Know About “High-End Jewelry Stores”

1. Most engagement rings sold in the U.S. are made overseas.

Don’t be fooled by the well known names of high-end jewelry stores in the United States. Most of the engagement rings they carry are actually made overseas. Why does this matter? The major manufacturers make this jewelry as CHEAPLY as possible. Overseas, they can save tremendously on labor costs, which brings us to the next important fact…

2. Chances are those “high-end” rings are made by unskilled workers.

Very little time, attention to detail or skill is being put into most rings at these stores, despite their high price tags. Rings manufactured overseas are often made by poorly paid, unskilled workers whose #1 priority is simply churning out as much jewelry as possible. As a result…

3. The quality may be much lower than you think.

What happens when you make thousands of identical engagement rings along assembly lines overseas for as little money as possible? The quality suffers greatly. Don’t let the high price fool you …

4. The rings are significantly marked up.

You may be asking, “So, if the quality isn’t as great as you thought, then where is all my money going?” Into the pockets of the retailer and the manufacturer – and their profits are often staggering. Keep in mind, when you buy from most high-end jewelry stores (Related News), a sizable percentage of the sale price is going right to the salesperson via a commission. Then, the jewelry store itself has to take a profit; so does the manufacturer and others along the distribution chain. As a result, the rings in these stores are typically way overpriced.

Avoid The High-End Jewelry Stores – Give Her A Truly Valuable Ring That’s Custom-Made, Just For Her

At Vanessa Nicole Jewels in San Diego, we don’t carry an inventory of rings that were made months or years ago. Each ring is created one at a time, exclusively for you and your girl, by awarding-winning designer and master diamond setter Vanessa Nicole. Vanessa Nicole custom-designs gorgeous rings for clients around the world who want to go above and beyond for their partners. Contact Vanessa today to learn more about your options and take the first step to giving your girl the ring of her dreams!

The Artist’s Studio

Vanessa Nicole Jewels specializes in micro pavé engagement rings, bringing award winning talent to those who desire the highest quality engagement ring experience for their life partner. The benefits of a micro pavé engagement ring are obvious. However, such a stunning ring is only more breathtaking and built to last when it is custom made by a professional jewelry studio rather than a mass production wholesaler.

  • All our micro pavé engagement rings are created exclusively for you. No overseas workers, no duplicates!
  • You work directly with the designer to execute your vision. No pushy salespeople!
  • We meticulously select every diamond in-house to ensure that it meets our high standards for sparkle.
  • We use ONLY the most brilliant-looking diamonds.
  • All our custom micro pavé engagement rings include the option of the “Making Of Your Ring™” DVD service – a special video that shows her ring being made, which she’ll watch over and over!

Vanessa Nicole Jewels specializes in creating custom, one-of-a-kind engagement rings and wedding rings. Personalized Service & Happiness Guaranteed!

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