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The Ring Book

​#1 Amazon Bestseller - 'The Perfect Custom Engagement Ring'

This educational and photo-rich book outlines step-by-step how to design the perfect engagement ring. It also covers the benefits of choosing to design your own custom ring rather than purchasing a pre-made, mass-produced engagement ring.

What other product is worn 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for 50 or more years? There isn’t any. This is why your choice needs to be spot on. The Perfect Custom Engagement Ring is an excellent guide for every man who wants to give his soon-to-be fiancé something to be truly proud of when showing off her ring to friends and family.

Men looking for the perfect ring often become overwhelmed by all the options. This book will allow you to become an educated buyer by providing knowledge about the four C’s of diamonds, descriptions of various ring settings, and 40 unique proposal ideas. As a bonus, this guide highlights successful custom engagement ring creations with photos and stories.  

Top Three Reasons To Consider A Custom Ring

 1 – It’s one of a kind.
When you get a ring from a traditional jewelry store—especially one of the big chains—you’re giving your partner a piece of jewelry that thousands of other women already own.

 2 – It’s perfect.
Finding the perfect ring can be overwhelming even if you know the style you’re looking for. But when you have your engagement ring custom made, you don’t have to worry about settling for something that’s merely close to what you had in mind because you control how the final design looks.

 3 – Pre-made jewelry doesn’t compare.
Most engagement rings sold in the U.S. are made overseas in bulk, where the focus is on fast paced manufacturing and lower quality materials. For this special ring that will be worn every day, it should be something your wife can proudly hand down to your son or daughter one day in excellent condition.

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