Unique Antique Engagement Ring

Can’t Find Unique Antique Engagement Rings?


These Rings Are Even More Special…

A unique antique engagement ring is highly sought-after by guys who want to give their girls a beautiful ring. But as you might expect, the huge demand for such rings makes them increasingly hard to find.

Ambitious guys (and, often, their soon-to-be fiancees) search far and wide for the right ring, but finding something truly perfect is virtually impossible. Most of the big-name jewelry shops only carry brand new inventory, generally produced along assembly lines overseas as cheaply as possible. And as a result, the rings in these stores tend to have far less detail, personality and quality than that of an antique.

Even if you’ve tried some antique jewelry shops, you’ve probably discovered how difficult it is to find the exact style you’re looking for.

But don’t lose hope yet…

There’s a simpler way to give your partner a ring that’s even more special and more stunning – without having to spend months searching for a unique antique engagement ring.


Better Than A Unique Antique Engagement Ring?

What do you do when you can’t find a unique antique engagement ring in the style your girl really wants?

Vanessa Nicole's Unique Antique Engagement RingSimple: have her ring custom-made, just for her!

A skilled ring designer can replicate virtually any style of ring and incorporate all the intricate, unique details you’ve been looking for in an antique. But instead of giving her a ring that was already special to someone else (or perhaps even worn by several other people), your ring will be made exclusively for her.

Better than an antique?

Besides the fact that a custom-made ring has not been worn by anyone else, is it designed according to YOUR own wishes and specifications. YOU and/or your partner have total control over the design, which is what makes it truly special.

Not only that, putting the extra thought and effort into the ring goes a long way. She’ll love that you went the extra mile to give her her dream ring, and it will make the “YES!” moment that much more powerful. Just imagine the look on her face when you tell her the ring has been made just for her – that you cared so much about finding a true symbol of the unique love you share; that you wanted the ring to be absolutely perfect.

Simple, enjoyable, hassle-free process

guy-proposing-to-girl - Unique Antique Engagement RingIn many ways, having her engagement ring custom-made is a lot easier than searching endlessly for an antique you will probably never find. Instead of dealing with often pushy jewelry salespeople, you’ll work with a designer who truly cares about you, your woman and about creating the perfect ring.

At Vanessa Nicole Jewels, for example, we use a simple 6-step process that makes it extremely easy for every customer to get their dream ring in as little as 6 weeks. You’ll communicate directly with Vanessa by phone, email or in-person to describe your wishes and ensure your ring is absolutely perfect.


Stop Searching Endlessly For Unique Antique Engagement Rings – Give Her A Stunning Custom-Made Ring!

Contact Vanessa today to see how easy it is to get a beautiful, custom-made engagement ring in the style of virtually any unique – but even more special and stunning (Related News). Based in San Diego, we create gorgeous custom rings, one at a time, for clients worldwide!

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