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Unique Custom Engagement Rings

Unique Custom Engagement Rings

Designed Just For You

If you’re looking for unique custom engagement rings, then you’re probably already frustrated with the options available at most jewelry stores.

Unique Custom Engagement RingsMost engagement rings sold in the United States are relatively plain, mass-produced designs that are resold, over and over again, all around the world. These rings have no personality, no story and nothing special about them.

Sure, some of them may look stunning on the surface. Let’s face it; a pristine diamond will always look beautiful, no matter how poor the setting. But the simple fact is many of these store-bought rings are made with very low-quality standards.

The major jewelry manufacturers skimp on labor costs by producing diamond rings overseas. What this means for YOU is that unskilled workers are churning out these rings as quickly as possible, often sacrificing quality and detail. More detailed rings cost the manufacturers more money to produce, which is why there are so few unique options available. Yellow Gold Wedding Ring - Unique Custom Engagement Rings

And even if you do pay for one of the overpriced, heavily marked-up, so-called “special” rings, you have to live with the fact that hundreds, perhaps thousands, of women may be wearing an identical ring.

Is it any wonder that more guys are looking for unique custom engagement rings for when they pop the big question?


What Makes Unique Custom Engagement Rings So Special?

Unique custom engagement rings are truly special – but not simply because they’re “unique” from traditionally made jewelry. Let’s look at some of the other reason why custom-made rings are so extraordinary and cherished.

Created just for her

No cheap replicas. No mass productions. No chance of hundreds of women wearing the same ring. When you have an engagement ring custom-made for your girl, it’s truly one of a kind – just like her!

Your involvement is key for unique custom engagement rings

Pretend someone is proposing to you, instead of the other way around. Would you prefer to hear that your ring was purchased randomly out of a jewelry case or that your partner played a central role in the design so that you could receive the ring you’ve been dreaming about? Putting in the extra time and attention goes a long way!

Virtually no limit to the possibilities

The beauty of having a ring custom-made is that you’re not limited to just a handful of styles, like you are when window-shopping at traditional jewelry stores. You can make the ring as stunning, detailed and magnificent as you want. You have total control over the design and the results are sure to be beyond her wildest expectations.

Unique Custom Engagement Rings Are The ONLY Rings We Sell!

Vanessa Nicole - Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement RingsAt Vanessa Nicole Jewels in San Diego, we design brilliant, custom engagement rings for clients around the world. Each ring is crafted individually by award-winning designer and master diamond-setter Vanessa Nicole.

Unlike traditional jewelry stores, we don’t carry a large inventory of rings that were made months or years ago. Each ring is created one at a time, exclusively for you, from scratch (Related News). Vanessa even handpicks the diamonds, giving clients a range of stunning options to choose from, so that every part of the process is individualized and incorporates your input.

Contact Vanessa today to learn about options for unique custom engagement rings!

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