Vanessa Nicole Jewels Receives “Talk of the Town” Award 

Vanessa Nicole Jewels, a custom jewelry studio in San Diego, has been awarded the “Talk of the Town” award for outstanding jewelry stores in 2011.

Talk Of The Town Award - Vanessa Nicole Jewels

The “Talk of the Town” Award

The “Talk of the Town” award recognizes outstanding local businesses that have generated buzz within their community for quality services and commitment to excellence. The award is based on analyzing all online ratings and feedback available on free user review websites such as Yelp, Google Places, and dozens more to calculate a fair and unbiased score. This “report card” gives a more accurate overview of customer satisfaction as the results are based on many resources. The “Talk of the Town” award is a nationally-based recognition that is awarded to local businesses across the United States in recognition for outstanding community feedback. Vanessa Nicole Jewels has met and exceeded the requirements to earn the award for jewelry stores.

Vanessa Nicole Jewels Specializes in Custom Diamond Rings and Jewelry

Vanessa Nicole, owner and master diamond setter at Vanessa Nicole Jewels, says, “I am deeply honored to receive the ‘Talk of the Town’ award. This reflects our commitment to delivering the best possible service. A lot of jewelry stores strive for excellence in service, but only a select few are able to strategically develop their business in a way that excels with only allowing a certain number of clients. Vanessa Nicole Jewels is not for everyone – in order to maintain the level of service I provide, I only create about 8 custom pieces per month. Vanessa Nicole Jewels is located inside the Jeweler’s Exchange downtown in the Gaslamp of San Diego, California. While it is in a large building of jewelry manufacturers and jewelry suppliers, rather than separating herself from the competition, Vanessa Nicole feeds off the creative energy inside the building. “We all do similar things but in our own way. I don’t really feel the competition because clients visit my studio specifically seeking my designs and technical craftsmanship.”

Vanessa Nicole Jewels Excels at Customer Service

In an economy where most business owners have their focus on offering the lowest price and less of an emphasis on service, Vanessa Nicole Jewels excels in the area of customer service. Vanessa Nicole says, “I meet new people all the time who need jewelry repairs – some jewelry stores say repairs are their bread and butter. While that’s great for them, it’s terribly frustrating for the customer. When people go for the cheapest price on the pieces they wear every day, they end up paying more in the end anyway. They have to deal with their sentimental jewelry falling apart (and possibly being lost) due to the lack of fine craftsmanship. Then they’re required to take time out of their busy day to drop off their personal pieces and simply hope that it comes out okay. It’s a horrible feeling to see this happen to engagement rings or wedding bands. This award symbolizes that Vanessa Nicole Jewels is succeeding in its mission to generate a solid presence in the community promoting true craftsmanship and personalized service.”

Ready to Get Started?

Feel the difference when you visit Vanessa Nicole Jewels. The award-winning designer can create a one-of-a-king engagement ring exclusively for YOU. Vanessa Nicole Jewels appreciates when each past client refers their friends.

The Artist’s Studio

Vanessa Nicole Jewels specializes in micro pavé engagement rings, bringing award winning talent to those who desire the highest quality engagement ring experience for their life partner. The benefits of a micro pavé engagement ring are obvious. However, such a stunning ring is only more breathtaking and built to last when it is custom made by a professional jewelry studio rather than a mass production wholesaler.

  • All our micro pavé engagement rings are created exclusively for you. No overseas workers, no duplicates!
  • You work directly with the designer to execute your vision. No pushy salespeople!
  • We meticulously select every diamond in-house to ensure that it meets our high standards for sparkle.
  • We use ONLY the most brilliant-looking diamonds.
  • All our custom micro pavé engagement rings include the option of the “Making Of Your Ring™” DVD service – a special video that shows her ring being made, which she’ll watch over and over!

Vanessa Nicole Jewels specializes in creating custom, one-of-a-kind engagement rings and wedding rings. Personalized Service & Happiness Guaranteed!

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