Vintage Antique Engagement Rings: How and Where To Buy Them

Does Your Partner Love the Look of Vintage Engagement Rings?

Is she dreaming of receiving a beautiful ring that is uniquely detailed, intricately designed or perhaps representative of a certain era? Don’t have a family heirloom which may be passed down to you? Very few families now have antique jewelry which is passed down, but purchasing a genuine antique ring may be too costly.

It’s something every woman dreams about; something only antique engagement rings can provide: the classic glamour of old Hollywood – that red carpet sparkle that makes your girl feel like a star.

But finding the right antique engagement ring for sale – the one she’s wanted all her life – can often be hit or miss. You’re limited to what’s already out there, so either you find the perfect ring, or you don’t.

4 Reasons People Choose Antique Engagement Rings

1. It’s the details that count.

Many styles of antique rings have gorgeous, highly intricate details that you just can’t find in most jewelry stores anymore. These details are what separate beautiful antique looking engagement rings from the plain, characterless styles offered by most chain jewelry shops.

2. They tell a story.

Antique looking engagement rings have personalities, made unique by the distinctive details in the design. Those details put the ring at a certain time and place, reflecting the cherished styles of a period, yet showcasing a timeless beauty. Most modern-day style rings, while still beautiful, lack that extra personality.

3. They’re harder to find, which makes them special.

The major jewelry manufacturers rely heavily on overseas workers who churn out the same rings (or slight variations) in bulk, year after year. It costs them more money to craft detailed, antique style rings, and this hurts their profit margins. That’s one reason why these rings are much harder to find, which is also what makes them so special. Not every gal in town has them!

4. Because that’s what she wants!

Regardless of all the reasons above for buying antique looking engagement rings, ultimately the decision is up to your girl. If that’s the style she loves and wants, then you probably shouldn’t be trying to justify it yourself, right? And, if it’s NOT the style she wants, then you should probably keep looking. If she loves classic beauty and the detailed craftsmanship of older style jewelry, then she will absolutely LOVE it.

Choosing The Ring Setting

There are a few factors to consider when choosing the ring setting.

Choosing the Style

When choosing an antique engagement ring, pay close attention to the elements on the ring setting. Most settings make use of a pave-set diamonds. The band may be composed of small diamonds and these rings are typically made with white or yellow gold, or platinum. Rose gold can be used in some situations or you may choose to use a combination of metals to make the ring fancier.

Selecting the Cut And Color of the Diamond

loose diamonds

Antique jewelry often makes use of diamond cuts that aren’t common now. Choose a ring with the old mine cut, the old European cut or the rose cut. When combined with antique engagement ring settings, the ring looks more authentic.

During different time periods, different colors of diamonds were in fashion. Be sure to consider this along with the cut when choosing the perfect gem for your loved one’s engagement ring.

Choosing the Band

Look for filigree designs such as:

  • scrolls
  • wheat
  • flowers
  • bows
  • ribbons
  • hearts
  • birds

You may choose to go with a simple band, a highly detailed one or one which has diamonds which cover only a portion of the band. Bands are as important as the gem in determining the overall style of the ring.

Personalizing the Interior

AJ & Meredith – Antique Engagement Ring

Visit a store specializing in antique engagement rings (Learn More) and you will find that many of these rings come with a special message inside, or the initials of the couple being married.

To make your ring special, include a message of your own in the ring you are purchasing to add that unique touch. Find a word or phrase that is special to the two of you and have it engraved in the ring.

You may also wish to break the phrase up into three separate parts with:

1. The beginning of the phrase in the engagement ring

2. The middle portion of the phrase on the bride’s wedding ring

3. The end of the phrase in the groom’s wedding ring

The thing to remember when choosing an engagement ring is the person who will be wearing it. Her personality should always be the main consideration when choosing this jewelry as she will be wearing it for a lifetime.

If she is fascinated with a particular period in history, look at rings that were popular during that time period. This may be an ancient Egyptian ring or it may be one from Victorian times. By taking her taste and personality into consideration, you are sure to get a ring she loves.

Determining a Diamond Cut

Rose cut: Once you have a metal choice and band design in mind, the next component to tackle is the cut of the diamond in your ring. Antique engagement rings commonly feature rose-cut, old mine-cut and European-cut diamonds.

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Round cut: By contrast, the most common cut for new diamond rings today is the round brilliant cut. The European-cut is distinguished by its eight-point star design that quickly becomes visible when looking straight down on the stone.

Old mine cut: The old mine cut dates back to the seventeenth century and is similar in so many ways to the round brilliant cut that it is often called its predecessor. The old mine cut didn’t require a diamond saw so it, along with the European cut, were the standards of their day. Old mine cut diamonds are distinguished by their bezels, stars and pavilion mains and usually feature heavy, deep cuts.

Rose cut diamond: The last of the antique cuts, the rose cut diamond, debuted in the sixteenth century and remained popular into the late eighteenth century. Hallmarks of rose cut diamonds include flat bottoms rimmed with domed tops covered in triangular facets. Late eighteenth century rose cut diamonds commonly featured 18 facets; if your diamond has irregular cuts that resemble a rose in full bloom, your engagement ring will gain an antique look.

Size Matters

Selecting a size of diamond is the final step in replicating antique engagement rings. When it comes to engagement rings, big is not always better. Diamonds under 1ct. or around .70ct are often perfect. Frame a clear .70ct. rose, European or old mine cut diamond with smaller stones such as small diamonds, sapphires or even opals to give your engagement ring a truly antique look.

Chances are good that you may have a hard time finding an antique engagement ring that perfectly captures the look and style you want. Don’t waste your time hunting through every antique store in your state. Instead, have an antique engagement ring custom designed for you by Vanessa Nicole Jewels. Based in San Diego, Vanessa designs custom rings for clients all over the nation, and she has the experience, professionalism and service necessary to complete such a delicate project to your exact specifications.

But before you go looking for used rings on Craigslist or eBay, keep in mind that you don’t have to buy an “old” and worn piece of jewelry to capture the look of vintage engagement rings. By having your ring custom made by a skilled jewelry designer, you can create an antique-style ring that has all the details she loves, but is made new, just for her.

Consider A Custom-made Vintage Engagement Rings

An antique is great, but…

There’s no denying that when you buy antique engagement rings (Related), you’re purchasing a ring with a history. Many are even heirlooms that have been passed down for generations.

The big jewelry manufacturers simply don’t make rings like that anymore, because the intricate details are often too costly to produce on the same massive scale as their other jewelry.

But as beautiful and rare as an antique is, chances are it’s still not perfect for you or your girl. Maybe it was once perfect for someone else, but let’s face it: it’s probably been worn by many people, and its flaws will be clearly visible.

Why Custom-Made Engagement Rings Are a Better Alternative

A custom-made engagement ring enables you to recreate the look of virtually any style of ring, except you don’t have to sacrifice certain details like you do when searching for an antique. You design it however you choose. No settling for a ring that’s just “close enough” to what you were looking for. A custom-made ring ensures it’s perfect.

Beyond just beautiful, brilliant and new, a custom-made engagement ring is special. It’s the product of hard work by you and the designer you chose to ensure that the ring was perfect. It shows that you put in the extra time and commitment to giving her a truly one-of-a-kind ring, more stunning than anything she’s ever imagined.

Truly one of a kind

Custom rings are designed and produced individually, just for you and your partner. Even if you are trying to capture the exact look of a specific antique, the end product is still one of a kind – there are no others exactly like it, because it was made just for you.

This is what makes custom engagement rings so much more special than traditional jewelry. Most rings found in the franchise jewelry stores have thousands of copies all over the world. That means that the ring you’re buying is probably already worn by thousands of women. Doesn’t your girl deserve something more special?

Superior craftsmanship

The big-name jewelry shops typically get their rings from overseas factories, where rings are churned out in bulk along assembly lines. The workers there are known for cutting corners to keep expenses low, which results in poor-quality rings that often have imperfections and virtually no detailing.

By having your ring custom made, you’ll know exactly who the designer is. You can choose an expert who is known for superior skills and meticulous attention to detail. You are in total control over who makes your ring, and thus the quality of it too.

Exactly how you want it

Is there a certain style of vintage engagement rings you’re looking for, but you just can’t find it? Do you already know the details you want, but haven’t seen any used rings that incorporate them?

With a custom ring, you can ask the designer to create the exact design you have in mind. You simply provide your input and the designer will make that the finished product just like what you were envisioning. Even if you don’t know exactly what you want, an experienced designer will offer their expertise, go over your options and help you find the best fit.

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Experts in Custom, Vintage Engagement Rings

At Vanessa Nicole Jewels in San Diego, we custom-make vintage engagement rings for clients all over the United States. Award-winning designer Vanessa Nicole works with each client individually, listening to their needs, providing guidance, and designing each ring one at a time.

When you choose Vanessa Nicole Jewels for your engagement ring, you are guaranteed exceptional customer service and craftsmanship that you won’t find anywhere else. If you’re ready to surprise your special someone with the one-of-a-kind ring she’s been dreaming of, contact us to get started on your vintage design today.

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