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Vintage Engagement Rings

Does She Love Vintage Engagement Rings?


Does Your Partner Love the Look of Vintage Engagement Rings?

Man Putting On Her Vintage Engagement RingsIs she dreaming of receiving a beautiful ring that is uniquely detailed, intricately designed or perhaps representative of a certain era?

Vintage-style rings are a great option for when you decide to propose your lifelong commitment to the one you love. The classic styling and gorgeous details easily set this jewelry apart from more modern designs. And if your special girl loves the vintage look, then this is absolutely the way to go.

But before you go looking for used rings on Craigslist or eBay, keep in mind that you don’t have to buy an “old” and worn piece of jewelry to capture the look of vintage engagement rings. By having your ring custom made by a skilled jewelry designer, you can create an antique-style ring that has all the details she loves, but is made new, just for her.

Why Custom-made Vintage Engagement Rings?

Truly one of a kind

Custom rings are designed and produced individually, just for you and your partner. Even if you are trying to capture the exact look of a specific antique, the end product is still one of a kind – there are no others exactly like it, because it was made just for you.

This is what makes custom engagement rings so much more special than traditional jewelry. Most rings found in the franchise jewelry stores have thousands of copies all over the world. That means that the ring you’re buying is probably already worn by thousands of women. Doesn’t your girl deserve something more special?

Superior craftsmanship

The big-name jewelry shops typically get their rings from overseas factories, where rings are churned out in bulk along assembly lines. The workers there are known for cutting corners to keep expenses low, which results in poor-quality rings that often have imperfections and virtually no detailing.

By having your ring custom made, you’ll know exactly who the designer is. You can choose an expert who is known for superior skills and meticulous attention to detail. You are in total control over who makes your ring, and thus the quality of it too.

Exactly how you want it

Is there a certain style of vintage engagement rings you’re looking for, but you just can’t find it? Do you already know the details you want, but haven’t seen any used rings that incorporate them?

With a custom ring, you can ask the designer to create the exact design you have in mind. You simply provide your input and the designer will make that the finished product just like what you were envisioning. Even if you don’t know exactly what you want, an experienced designer will offer their expertise, go over your options and help you find the best fit.

Get One-of-a-kind Antique Engagement Rings Today!Experts in Custom, Vintage Engagement Rings


At Vanessa Nicole Jewels in San Diego, we custom-make vintage engagement rings for clients all over the United States. Award-winning designer Vanessa Nicole works with each client individually, listening to their needs, providing guidance, and designing each ring one at a time.

When you choose Vanessa Nicole Jewels for your engagement ring, you are guaranteed exceptional customer service and craftsmanship that you won’t find anywhere else. If you’re ready to surprise your special someone with the one-of-a-kind ring she’s been dreaming of, contact us to get started on your vintage design today.

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