What is a Seamless Halo Ring? Everything You Need to Know! 

Halos are a popular feature in jewelry, with small side stones surrounding the main center stone. They can appear on everything from earrings to pendants, but they’re particularly popular on engagement rings.

When many people are searching for halo engagement rings, however, they struggle to find one that meets their expectations.


They aren’t happy with the gap between the center stone and halo that you often see when you’re browsing in chain stores with mass-produced rings. That’s common because custom work is really the only way to get that gorgeous, "all-sparkles" look that you’ve seen on Pinterest.

Don’t love the space between the center stone and its surrounding side stones? What you’re looking for is a "seamless halo ring."

What Is a Seamless Halo Ring?

Seamless halo rings are also known as “no-gap halos,” and both are pretty spot-on names. With this design, the center diamond sits completely flush against the halo, instead of having a dark air gap between the center stone and the side stones/metal surrounding it.

You can see the difference here:

traditional halo ring vs. seamless halo ring

In these two images, the center stone and halo are comparable in size, but the seamless halo looks more delicate without the dark gap and has significantly more of that eye-catching sparkle. The one on the Right actually makes the center stone look larger because your eye doesn't stop at the gap – it creates an effect of seamless sparkle where the halo simply enhances the size of the center diamond.

The Benefits of a Seamless Halo

Seamless halo engagement rings have several advantages that mass-produced halos won’t.

The first, of course, is that undeniable, seamless sparkle that helps the whole ring to look bright and beautiful. It enhances the beauty of the center stone you choose instead of taking away from it, which the gap in mass-produced rings can sometimes cause.

While the design is aesthetically beautiful, it also offers the benefit of better protecting your valuable center stone, too. Having no space between the halo and your diamond will better protect it from life’s wear and tear, especially if the diamond is set low.

seamless halo engagement ring
Seamless Halo Ring

A Seamless Halo Ring Custom Created By Vanessa Nicole 

This style of ring can still be easily cleaned, so you don’t have to worry about ever losing any of that gorgeous sparkle.

Why Is It Hard To Find Seamless Halos In Stores?

When you look at chain stores online or even at rings in most jewelry stores, you’ll notice that true seamless halos are relatively hard to find. If you want to choose your center stone separate from a pre-made setting, it’s pretty much impossible to align the measurements perfectly. Most especially with shapes such as Cushion cut diamonds, Oval cut diamonds, Princess cut diamonds, Radiant cut diamonds, etc.

True custom rings that are built from scratch are the only way you can get that perfect seamless halo – a specialty of mine – because the setting is built to the exact measurements of the center diamond.

This is partially due to the fact that even diamonds of the same carat weight won’t be the exact same shape. Some carry more of their weight on the bottom, while others will be shallower and have wider surfaces, making the stones look bigger. This is true even amongst symmetrical round stones, but it becomes even more prevalent in cuts of diamonds that may have unique dimensions with more variation, like cushions, ovals, and pears.

Seamless Halo Engagement Ring

Custom settings will perfectly match the exact dimensions of your specific center stone, guaranteeing a perfect fit.

Custom work also ensures that the halo is proportional to your chosen center stone and is exactly what you’re looking for. Some clients may want larger side stones in the halo, while others may want to go much smaller. It will also allow you to match the color and quality of center stones with its surrounding stones, which isn’t an option when you opt for mass-produced; in those cases, you get what you pay for and hope it all works out.

This Video Explains Everything You Should Know About Seamless Halos:

Feedback From One of Vanessa's YouTube Viewers:

"I want to say that I love love love your youtube videos...and you helped me answer a huge lingering question that I had about halo rings... I couldn't figure out why I absolutely LOVED some and hated others. And it all made sense when I watched your video about building the halo to fit the exact shape of the diamond, and setting the diamond low so that there can be 'seamless bling'... Yay!"

– Teckla C. (Los Angeles, CA)

Seamless Halo Ring

A Seamless Halo Ring Custom Created By Vanessa Nicole

What If I Want a High-Set Center Stone?

Many seamless halos will have a halo around a low-set stone, keeping the halo itself inline with the surface of the center stone.

Some clients prefer to have the center stone raised, set slightly higher than the halo itself for a more dramatic look.

The gap in these high-set halos is even more apparent in rings coming from chain stores, affecting the appearance of the ring and even minimizing the center stone’s appearance.

Typical Chain-Store Halo Ring

A custom setting can help with this diamond height preference. Even though it’s not possible to have a truly seamless halo ring with a high-set center stone, my rings can minimize the gaps and ensure that they can’t been seen from as many angles, reducing the appearance of gaps at the ¾ angle. This can be seen in one of my custom designs here:

Note that this ring is not considered a true seamless halo rings, but it's still beautiful in its own right if this is the look that you’re going for.

So How Can I Get Started?

If you’re ready to get that seamless halo ring you’ve been searching for, we can help! Seamless halos are a particular specialty of mine, and we can design the ring of your dreams so that you have a custom-for-you piece that you’ll love wearing every day.

Here’s how it works:

Once you get in touch, we’ll listen to what you want and offer honest suggestions for how to make it happen for the budget you have available. If you don’t know much about rings, that’s ok-- most of our clients don’t when they come to us! We’ll collaborate on a design that you’ll love, help you find that special diamond for your special someone, and then create a CAD rendering of what your ring will look like.

Example of a CAD rendering we create for clients

Once this is approved, we get to work, and then you get that beautiful engagement ring that’s a perfect representation of your relationship.

Want to learn more? Let’s talk! Send me a message here and I’ll be in touch!

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