Why Buy a Custom Designed Engagement Ring?

What makes a custom designed engagement ring so special? If you’re shopping for your girl and want to give her a ring that’s even more spectacular than the one she’s been dreaming about, then this is an important question you need to consider. Before you potentially waste thousands of dollars on a mass-produced, lesser-quality ring from your local jewelry shop, it’s time to seriously consider a custom designed engagement ring.

A custom designed engagement ring is unique from ordinary jewelry in that it’s designed exclusively for you. But that’s only part of the picture. A custom-made ring has so many advantages over ordinary store-bought rings. Let’s take a look at just a few and what they mean for you and your girl.

Reasons To Consider A Custom Designed Engagement Ring

1) It’s perfect.

Finding the perfect ring can be extremely difficult, even if you know the styles you’re looking for. But when you have your engagement ring custom made, you don’t have to worry about settling for something that’s merely “close” to what you had in mind. You decide exactly how the ring will be designed, so you know it’ll be perfect.

2) It’s easy.

When you’re working with a skilled designer like Vanessa Nicole, getting a custom designed engagement ring is super simple. Even if you aren’t sure what style you want, Vanessa can help ensure your girl is absolutely floored by her ring, and the whole process is easy from start to finish.

3) A little effort goes a long way.

Even the though process is easy, your girl will LOVE that you went the extra mile to give her a truly special ring. You put in the extra time and effort. You chose the design. You got her the ring of her dreams. This is how sweep her off her feet all over again!

4) Store-bought jewelry doesn’t compare.

Most engagement rings sold in the U.S. are made overseas, where the cost of assembly-line labor are dirt-cheap. These cost-cutting methods hurt the quality tremendously, because the rings are made by poorly skilled workers who don’t care at all about the people who are buying the jewelry thousands of miles away.

Sure, the price tag might be hefty, but that’s because the rings have been marked up tremendously to increase profits even further and to ensure the salesperson gets a fat commission. Wouldn’t you rather pay for real quality and meticulous attention to detail?

5) It’s one of a kind.

If your ring comes from a traditional jewelry, then chances are that hundreds or thousands of other women around the world already have that same ring. Doesn’t your partner deserve something more special? A custom engagement ring ensures that her ring is truly one of a kind.

Get A Beautiful, Custom Designed Engagement Ring From Vanessa Nicole Jewels

Vanessa Nicole is an award-winning ring designer and master diamond setter who creates beautiful, custom engagement rings (Related News) for clients around the world. We don’t carry an inventory rings that were made months or years ago. Every ring made in our San Diego studio is created one at a time, exclusively for each client. Contact her today to get started on your perfect ring.

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